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Jan. 1st, 2020 12:00 am
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Welcome weary traveller,

You seem to have stumbled upon my journal and you are welcome to stay and have a look around. Here are some things that you may be wondering about:

What/how often do you post? A mixture of things. The journal consists of fandom and real life posts; fics, photos, ramblings, memes etc. I try to tag things so you can use them to find posts and get a general flavour. LJ remains my main presence on the web and I update on average once a week, sometimes more often, sometimes less, depending on RL.

Can/should I friend you? If you want. All fandom-related posts, including fics, are public so there is no need to friend me if you just want to check those out. However, all RL-related entries are flocked so if you want access to those then friend and please drop me a comment here to let me know if you'd like me to friend you back. If you don't, I assume you're not fussed and won't. Note that I won't friend anyone under 18-years-old although surely that's not an issue any more, aren't all the kids on Tumblr? :D

I just want to find your fics, where are those? All my posted fanfic can be found via the Writing Masterlists, which are updated regularly. Fics are grouped by fandom and crossover/fusion fics are listed under every fandom they include. You can also find most of my fanfics on AO3 where I go by MistressKat. Note, however, that [livejournal.com profile] anywhere_road and [livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place fics are not posted on AO3.

 Writing Masterlist A-KWriting Masterlist L-NWriting Masterlist O-Z
FandomsActor RPF
American Idol
Angel: The Series
Being Human (UK)
Doctor Who & Torchwood
due South
Good Omens
(The) Great British Bake Off
Green Wing
Harry Potter
Hawaii Five-0
(The) Hobbit
House M.D.

(The) Librarians
Life on Mars
Lord of the Rings
Marvel 'verse
Masterchef (UK)

Original Fiction
Person of Interest
(The) Professionals
Robin Hood
Stargate Atlantis
Star Trek
Strictly Come Dancing
Telephone (Music Video)
(The) X-Files

I still have questions. In that case... ask away!

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Title: Uber Mood Board
Artist: MistressKat / [personal profile] kat_lair
Author: [personal profile] rokhal 
Fandom: All-New Ghost Rider
Characters: Robbie Reyes, Eli Morrow, Gabe Reyes
Rating/Category: PG-13 for the art (NC-17 for the fic)
Warnings: For art: some blood splatter, some rude words. For fic: way more than that!

Story Summary:
Last year, eighteen-year-old legal guardian Robbie Reyes made a deal with the ghost of the serial killer possessing his body: together they will unleash their rage on those who endanger Los Angeles, and when they find someone truly evil, truly deserving, they will kill them. Since he made the deal, they've maimed plenty, but killed no one, and the ghost is getting impatient.

Robbie gets a side-job driving his Ghost Rider car for Uber. This goes about as well as one could hope: he doesn't attack any passengers, but he does stumble upon a murder victim.

Robbie wants the killer to pay, for reasons he does not understand. Eli wants Robbie to finally fulfill his end of the deal and kill somebody, anybody. To avenge the innocent dead, Robbie is finally willing to cooperate.

Link to fic master post: Fic on AO3

Artist notes: This year's [community profile] smallfandombang marks a first for me: a comics fandom! Despite the story being not my usual thing at all, I enjoyed it immensely, which is all down to the author's skill. A++ would heartily recommend this read! Unusually for me, there is also only one piece of art. Except, of course, this consists of several different pieces all related to the story... I had such fun doing this and also figured out some new ways of putting stuff together. Thank you to my author rokhal for encouragement and scans! Resource credits here.

Full image and rambling under the cut )
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Over at [community profile] lewis_challenge we're hosting two Spring Challenges!

One more traditional one with low minimum contributions, sign-ups until this Sunday and posting mid May. Includes some hella springy prompts!

The second will be Spring Flash, a week of flash fanworks running 29th of April - 5th of May to mark the May Day.

Come join us!


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Title: A Fine Day
Author: [personal profile] kat_lair / Mistress Kat
Fandom: Venom (2018)
Pairing: Eddie/Venom or Eddie & Venom depending on your goggles
Rating: PG
Word count: 1002
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing

Summary: We’re fine, Eddie. Venom’s internal reassurance rumbles through him like a gentle rockslide. I’ve got this.

Author notes: Second of the monthly Scribblers writing challenges (set between [personal profile] dreamersdare, [personal profile] pushkin666 and me). The challenge (from [personal profile] dreamersdare) was to write min 500 words for the prompt “Are you kidding me? We’re not ‘fine’.” The ficlet needed to include a character we hadn’t written before. This is super late but… I also think the others haven’t done anything yet either so… I win? :D

A Fine Day )


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Whee! Guess who has two thumbs and is on holiday until Mon 29th now? That's right, this bitch right here! *points at self and winks*

Spent start of the holiday in Manchester, visiting [personal profile] trialia, [personal profile] moth2fic and [personal profile] fledge, and also a lovely long date with myself. It involved glorious food, getting the tragus piercing I've been wanting a while (healing well btw) and buying this Highly Accurate Badge that I have now iconised for everyone's delight. Should I wear it to work, y/y?


Anyway, I wanted to just share the delight of 'Holiday = Writing'! Zero writing this year because of reasons and now, over the last few days:
  • [personal profile] pushkin666 and I have co-written over 1k of crack fic for [personal profile] margaret_r's birthday. One word: BIRDIES.
  • I got my Guardian 520 Day Reverse Exchange assignment yesterday and today I have written over 2k on it already. Why? BECAUSE THE PROMPT IS THE BEST! Nghhh such id fic. (*sings to self* somebody's gonna get fucked against a wall...)
  • Also, also, I just opened the Venom ficlet I started eons again for the Scribblers writing challenge with [personal profile] pushkin666 and [personal profile] dreamersdare and... kind of finished it?

Idk how long this will last but am gonna ride it as hard and as far as I can.


Other things: [community profile] smallfandombang art post on 20th (um, should also finish that... tomorrow!), Clean All the Things (tomorrow!), some socialing, Cooking Proper Meals, ALL THE TV SHOWS (Line of Duty, Umbrella Academy, rest of Daredevil, Star Trek Discovery)

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Hello, yes, still alive. Been busy with... stuff. Mostly work. Some fun times. An actual update another day but now this:

(do NOT read the comments btw, although they do effectively demonstrate her point...)



Feb. 24th, 2019 07:39 pm
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Icons for peeps!

For [personal profile] wendelah1 



For [personal profile] pushkin666 



For [personal profile] fjbryan 



For [personal profile] wenchpixie 



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Hello peeps!

I'm having the weekend off (glorious!) and just been to the harbour to have a fish pie and a large glass of pinot grigio for lunch, and now I feel like spending the evening listening to music and playing with graphics. Thusly...

Icon offer!

Rules are simple:
  • Post a comment with a picture you would want iconed.
  • Include any specific requests (e.g. text, colour) if you want, although will happily accept 'have at it' as guidance.
  • I will make you an icon. Very likely, I will make you more than one (crop happy).
  • You must be willing to share the results as I'm going to post these up for general grabsies.
  • Win?

You can find examples of previous icons I've made here, here and here Also the MikeyWay one I'm using is mine.

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Attention all!

[community profile] fandomtrumpshate browsing week is currently under way. You can view all the offers here and search the tags for fandoms, creators and types of fanworks you may be interested in.

My offer can be found here
. As we were only allowed to nominate 3 fandoms officially, mine were Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis and Original Fic, but as you can see from the details I'm very willing to write in most of the fandoms I've written in before or try new ones as long as I know/like the canon. Happy to discuss...

Biddings starts on 26th and finishes March 1st, 8pm EST for both.



Jan. 27th, 2019 11:36 am
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This is not the proper update you are looking for... But a very brief Sunday ramble.

House&Life: new washing machine is a dream, I have mastered the drill and put up (with some assistance) curtain railingins LIKE A BOSS, we are fast approaching the 'will take pictures to post' state of housing. Cats have been going out a lot and coming back every time. Unnecessary amount of spiders though, bleugh.

Fandom, part 1: Have fallen into a hole called Guardian which is Chinese supernatural drama that provides the kind emotionally satisfying m/m romance at the centre of it that I've only previous found in fanfic. I blame [personal profile] mekare and [personal profile] rheasilvia whose intro post got me intrigued enough. If you like sould bonds and meaningful glances and ridiculous plots and tucking each other to sleep and identity porn this is for you. All on Youtube with (occasionally also hilarious but in a good way) English subtitles.

Fandom part 2: I got so many lovely things on my [community profile] fandom_stocking post, including two delightful bandom fics, a glorious Mal/Jayne Firefly fic that hit all my buttons, icons, recipes, links, pretties... So verklempt and grateful.

Fandom part 3: Been to see Mary Poppins Returns, and adored it. I have many feelings about Lin-Manuel Miranda, his eyes and my deep, deep need to see him as a romantic lead more. Also went to see Spiderverse which was amazing ([personal profile] apiphile, you didn't oversell it even a little) and deserves all the awards for the animation.

Fandom part 4: Umbrella Academy trailer!!! May be enough for me to break my Netflix resistance and take advantage of that 'you can borrow my logins' offer I've got. Looks so goooooooooooooood.

Fandom part 5: Trying to resist [community profile] 100fandoms because no, nooooooooooooo.

Fandom part 6, the Meme: Saw this on [personal profile] catdetective's journal and seemed like fun.

Send me a Trope and I’ll rate it!
No | rather not | I dunno | I guess | Sure | Yes | FUCK yes | Oh god you don’t even know - plus, knowing me, I'll probably also ramble about it a bit :D

That's all for now. Going to take Christmas decorations down now...


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As usual, this is stuff that was posted in 2018 although some was written earlier.

Fics posted in 2018 by Fandom:

Character Sketch: Gerard Way (Gerard, PG-13, 125 words) – on DW & on AO3
Character Sketch: Brendon Urie (Brendon, PG-13, 130 words) – on DW & on AO3
Character Sketch: Gabe Saporta (Gabe, PG-13, 116 words) – on DW & on AO3
put another dime in the jukebox, baby (Patrick/Pete, NC-17, 4,378 words) – on DW & on AO3

Being Human (UK)
Character Sketch: John Mitchell (Mitchell with OT3 hinted at, PG-13, 130 words) – on DW & on AO3

Doctor Who
Practical Solution (Tenth Doctor/Simm!Master, PG, 455 words) – on DW & on AO3

due South
Tactile Language (Fraser/RayK, PG, 1,121 words) – on DW & on AO3

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Simple Things (Jacob/Newt, PG, 776 words) – on DW & on AO3

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
broke off a dark twig (Gretel/Hansel, NC-17, 18,731 words) – on DW & on AO3
keep you close (Gretel/Hansel, PG-13, 386 words) – on DW & on AO3

Harry Potter
the heat that drives the light (Luna, PG, 814 words) – on DW & on AO3

Morning After (Hathaway/Lewis, PG, 425 words) – on DW & on AO3
Skinny-Dipping (Hathaway/Lewis, PG, 225 words) – on DW & on AO3
Summer Wine (Hathaway/Lewis, PG, 498 words) – on DW & on AO3

Life on Mars
The Year of the Scavenger (Gene/Sam & Chris/Sam, R, 1,100 words) – on DW & on AO3

Other Senses (Clint/Natasha, PG-13, 1,763 words) – on DW & on AO3

Mission Impossible movies
I’m Your Man (Will/Ethan, NC-17, 26,439 words) – on DW & on AO3
Unguarded (Will/Ethan, PG-13, 761 words) – on DW & on AO3

Person Interest
Character Sketch: Harold Finch (Harold, PG-13, 241 words) – on DW & on AO3

Part of the Role Description (Nick/Stephen, PG, 931 words) – on DW & on AO3

Star Trek AOS
Not Only for Emergencies (Kirk/McCoy, PG, 1,462 words) – on DW & on AO3

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
i don't want to hear sad songs anymore (Finn/Poe/Rey, PG, 4,836 words) – on DW & on AO3 

Strictly Come Dancing RPF
Character Sketch: Bruno Tonioli (Bruno, PG, 209 words) – on DW & on AO3

Character Sketch: Dean Winchester (Dean, PG, 161 words) – on DW & on AO3

The Beautiful Fantastic
Make Your Own (Bella/Vernon/Billy, PG-13, 2,533 words) – on DW & on AO3

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)
The Third Time (Illya/Napoleon, PG-13, 459 words) – on DW & on AO3

The Professionals
in bloom (Bodie/Doyle, PG, 771 words) – on DW & on AO3

Non-fic things:
Life Changes Small Fandom Big Bang Art (Common Law) – on DW & on AO3
Rarely Simple and Never Straightforward Small Fandom Big Bang Art (Atlantis) – on DW & on AO3
the hour of midnight wild Het Big Bang Art (Harry Potter) – on DW & on AO3
Two Pepper Potts Wallpapers  – on DW & on AO3

Meme Questions )


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I'll do an actual update, and also the proper Fic Round UP meme in a few days... But for now, have this, and have my good wishes for NY.

First Lines of 2018 Fics

(in order of posting)

"Your bodyguard is very... smiley."
(Unguarded, Mission: Impossible movies, Will/Ethan)

The third time Illya wakes up next to Napoleon Solo – both of them naked, limbs tangled together under the sheets – is the first time he doesn't simply run. (The Third Time, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 2015, Illya/Napoleon)

Newt is an ocean away, deep in the Schwarzwald and practicing both his German and his diplomatic skills with a local werewolf pack, when Jacob shows up. (Simple Things, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Jacob/Newt)

"Here," the Doctor said, offering his coat. (Practical Solution, Doctor Who, Tenth Doctor/The Master (Simm))

"This is ridiculous," Nick says. (Part of the Role Description, Primeval, Nick/Stephen)

"Well, this is uncharacteristically nice of you, Clint," Natasha said, wiping sweat off her brow with a back of one hand while the other was keeping the weapon trained on the guys scattered across the floor. (Other Senses, MCU, Clint/Natasha)

He starts sleeping under her bed when they start affording to stay in places with actual beds.
(keep you close, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Gretel/Hansel)

When Finn wakes up, there are five people standing around his bed. (i don't want to hear sad songs anymore, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Finn/Poe/Rey)

Jim wakes up without his tentacles on a Wednesday. (Not Only for Emergencies, Star Trek AOS, Kirk/McCoy)

Ray hugs a lot. (Tactile Language, due South, Fraser/RayK)

At the start, Patrick tells himself not to feel like he’s responsible, that just because he’s a few years older and a few centuries wiser doesn’t mean he’s got some obligation. (put another dime in the jukebox, baby, Bandom, Patrick/Pete)

She should hate the forest, for all it’s taken; her parents, her childhood, her brother’s health. (broke off a dark twig, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Gretel/Hansel)

Gerard thinks in colour and drinks sunrises like cheap vodka, both of them going out of fashion, just like him.
(Character Sketch: Gerard Way, Bandom, Gerard)

He's used to it, everyone getting him wrong, everyone thinking they got him sussed. (Character Sketch: Brendon Urie, Bandom, Brendon

Everything Gabe does is for his family, and his family is everyone he touches, meets, knows about, everyone, everyone, everyone, he wants them all, safe and sound and his. (Character Sketch: Gabe Saporta, Bandom, Gabe)

He looks back and knows the weight of every decision he ever made, sees the shape of each path travelled, each road abandoned, feels it like an ache in his body, muscles twitching with phantom pain of life never lived. (Character Sketch: Bruno Tonioli, Strictly Come Dancing RPF, Bruno)

Everything has a place and position and purpose. (Character Sketch: Harold Finch, Person Interest, Harold)

In the end it boils down to this: his hands on the wheel, dried blood under his fingernails, Sam asleep on the passenger seat and the road disappearing mile by mile by memory. (Character Sketch: Dean Winchester, Supernatural, Dean)

The hunger opens in him like a fistful of knives, old and unforgiving. (Character Sketch: John Mitchell, Being Human, Mitchell)

The next time comes around much quicker than Will expected. (I’m Your Man, Mission: Impossible movies, Will/Ethan)

Autumn in Manchester is grey and full of misery that seeps into people’s bones, making them hunch up against the wind and the rain. (The Year of the Scavenger, Life on Mars, Gene/Sam & Chris/Sam)

Bodie’s world falls apart in April.
(in bloom, The Professionals, Bodie/Doyle)

Robbie can’t stop staring. (Summer Wine, Lewis, Hathaway/Lewis)

“You’re joking,” Hathaway says flatly even though the growing pile of clothes on the ground strongly indicates otherwise.
(Skinny-Dipping, Lewis, Hathaway/Lewis)

James wakes up sweating, sheets tangled around his limbs, sticking to his skin unpleasantly. (Morning After, Lewis, Hathaway/Lewis)

It’s not the dark that bothers her.
(the heat that drives the light, Harry Potter, Luna)

Bella has a house and a (beautiful, fantastic, demanding) garden. (Make Your Own, The Beautiful Fantastic, Bella/Vernon/Billy)


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The posting for [community profile] het_bigbang was actually in September but as the reveals were all on AO3 collection I never got to posting/pimping here... Except now I'm looking forward to the end of the year fanworks review memes etc and realised this was missing! So without further ado...

Title: the hour of midnight wild
Artist: MistressKat / [personal profile] kat_lair
Author: [personal profile] jolybird 
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Luna Lovegood/George Weasley
Rating: G for art, T for fic
Warnings: None, though art is spoilery for the fic as it uses some of the text.

Story Summary: When a pack of magical creatures takes residence in Diagon Alley, it throws the street into chaos. When the shopkeepers learn this sudden migration might have something to do with Magical Dead Zones that are popping up all over the world, they decide to take matters into their own hands. Of course, for Luna Lovegood, dragged into the mess by the promise of mysterious magical creature and George Weasley who worked too hard to be kicked out of his shop by misshapen cats, taking matters into their own hands might lead to a bit more than they counted on.

Link to art master post: Art below. Art on AO3
Link to fic master post: Fic on AO3

Artist notes: Having signed up for Het Big Bang on a spur of the moment, I was delighted to bag this lovely story and enjoyed arting for it muchly! Please see here for photo and texture credits.

the hour of midnight wild )


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So, the last two years I've really enjoyed stuffing stockings over at [community profile] fandom_stocking and last year in particular I ended up writing quite a few things for it. But this year I don't know if I have time or energy for that, although I will definitely have a browse.

However, I have actually hung up a stocking of my own. You can find it here in case you feel inclined to leave a little something-something...


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Make Your Own
Author: [personal profile] kat_lair  / Mistress Kat
Fandom: This Beautiful Fantastic
Pairing: Bella/Billy/Vernon
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2533
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing

They don’t talk about it. Or, well, they do, but not, Bella thinks, in a way that people would expect them to, with serious faces and rules and accusations. Instead, she asks "Do you think he gets lonely?" lying curled up against Billy's chest, and he says "I've been thinking about that extension. We'll show him the blueprints tomorrow."

Author notes:
Okay, so if you know this movie, great! If you don’t, well I’m not surprised, because I only stumbled on it completely randomly on TV. And it was utterly charming except for how Vernon rather got left out of the full happy ending (beginning). Hence this. I blame Andrew Scott. Please check out the trailer which alone should convince everyone of the OT3 here…

Make Your Own )


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Title: the heat that drives the light
Author: [personal profile] kat_lair  / Mistress Kat
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Luna Lovegood & Garrick Ollivander
Rating: PG
Word count: 814
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing

Summary: It’s not that Luna sees things that aren’t there, it’s that she sees not just what is but also what has been and might be in infinite possibilities.

Author notes: First of the monthly Scribblers writing challenges (set between [personal profile] dreamersdare , [personal profile] pushkin666  and me). The challenge (from me this month) was to write min 750 words from a female pov, any fandom/none, any pairing/none (with an optional prompt of Aretha Franklin’s Respect, which I didn’t manage to get in there). The Harry Potter Wikia mentions Ollivander had a daughter ‘deceased 2011 or earlier’ so uh, I’m going to assume ‘earlier’ here. Title from Nina Cried Power by Hozier.

the heat that drives the light )



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