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It's that time of the year again! I've usually only managed this AFTER the NY but knowing just how busy my January will be, I thought I better get this out of the way now...

Fics posted in 2016 by Fandom:

Actor RPF
In Regno Patris (Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles, NC-17, 2,268 words) – on LJ & on AO3

American Idol
Indirect Communication (Adam/Kris, PG, 2,197 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Angel: the Series
and it must follow (as the night the day) (Spike/various male characters, PG-13, 652 words) – on LJ & on AO3

be running up that road (Gen or Ryan/Spencer, PG, 240 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Daisy Chain (Pete/Patrick, G, 100 words) – on LJ & on AO3
In from the Cold (Frank/Mikey pre-slash, G, 671 words)  – on LJ & on AO3

Being Human (UK)
Lecture 1. Introduction (Gen, G, 500 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Doctor Who
A Gamble (Gen or Doctor/Master, PG, 300 words) – on LJ & on AO3

due South
Message Received (Fraser/RayK, PG-13, 1,038 words) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Great British Bake Off
not the true believer (this song’s for you) (implied Mel/Sue, G, 200 words) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Hobbit
Birthday Surprise (Bilbo/Thorin, PG, 200 words, co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) – on LJ & on AO3
Party Invitation (Bilbo/Thorin, PG, 190 words) - sort of! This is [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666's fic and I just added a little bit to it, none of it on my LJ so hence only giving you the AO3 link
our history is just in our blood (Fili/Kili, PG-13, 1,377 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Solstice Wreath (Nick/Monroe, G, 100 words) – on LJ & on AO3
where the streets have no name (Nick/Monroe, NC-17, 3,462 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Working Late (Nick/Monroe implied, PG, 600 words, co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Librarians
Auto Recovery (Ezekiel Jones, PG-13, 423 words) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Lord of the Rings
Fidem in Flore (Frodo/Sam implied, PG, 100 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Marvel 'verse
Breaking Point (Bruce/Tony/Pepper implied, PG, 249 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Deadpool: The Apocalypse (Deadpool & Wolverine, PG-a3, 653 words) – on LJ & on AO3
sparks hope like morrow (Bruce Banner, hint of Bruce/Tony, M, 759 words) – on LJ & on AO3

The Promise of Wine (Tony/Tim, PG, 250 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Person of Interest
and good, this danger (is danger of love) (Finch/Reese, NC-17, 7,329 words)  – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Professionals
still a little bit of you (laced with my doubt) (Bodie/Doyle, PG-13, 865 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Alan Davies, Dragon Defender (Alan Davies/Stephen Fry, PG, 500 words) – on LJ & on AO3

an artery upon the hill (Gen or John/Sherlock, PG, 267 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Out of the Desert (Gen or John/Sherlock, PG, 173 words)  – on LJ & on AO3

Star Trek (AOS)
Planning Ahead (Kirk/McCoy, PG, 1,569 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Stargate Atlantis
Reverse (Radek/Rodney, PG, 146 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Strictly Come Dancing
Window of Opportunity (Bruno/Craig pre-slash, G, 344 words) – on LJ & on AO3

so cleaves the moon (Gen or Sam/Dean, PG-13, 300 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Non-fic things
Pup and Trainer: Going Out – Small Fandom Big Bang Art (Southland) – on LJ & on AO3

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Title: Breaking Point
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair/ Mistress Kat
Fandom: Avengers/Marvel verse
Pairing: Bruce/Tony/Pepper implied
Rating: PG
Word count: 250
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing

Summary: Five days after Bruce leaves Tony throws a spectrum microscope through a seventeenth floor window.

Author notes: Written as part of Halloween fangirl weekend with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 and [livejournal.com profile] dreamersdare. We all wrote to same fandom (Marvel) and prompt (absence).

Breaking Point )

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This is not the Loki/Thor fic you're looking for. Work killed all my time to write it so it's stalled around 2k atm. But it will get finished... In the meanwhile, have some Bruce angst.


Title: sparks hope like morrow
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair/ Mistress Kat
Fandom: Avengers, Marvel ‘verse
Characters/Pairing: Bruce Banner, hint of Bruce/Tony
Rating: M
Warnings: Fairly graphic descriptions of confinement, discomfort, and being drugged. Bruce’s less than stable mental state.
Word count: 759
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing

Summary: Nothing is more painful than hope.

Author notes: [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 and I wrote ficlets to same fandom and prompt (for this one the prompt was ‘cage’).

sparks hope like morrow )


Flyby post

Aug. 31st, 2016 06:34 pm
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Things which are meh:
- Holiday is over
- Marking resit assignments, these have mostly been almost as terrible as OR WORSE than the original failed submissions. Why god, why?
- Still waiting for final MA corrections from my supervisor, WHAT IF THEY ARE NUMEROUS AND DIFFICULT, I DON'T THINK I CAN BRAIN ANYMORE ABOUT THIS!
- A bit of a non-day today. Haven't left the bed because today was 'wrokd from bed' kind of day. Also neighbours had their grandkids visiting, I can't mark shit essays when children run around
- Cat vomit

Things which are yay:
- I have written all the things. No really, a lot. Expect a two-week span of ficlets soon. (thanks [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666)
- I can work from home all week
- I went for 1h walk yesterday, got pleasantly sweaty and tired and found brambles (I really want to go back with a bucket to pick them once they ripen more)

This showed up on the flist (thanks [livejournal.com profile] milly_gal) and tickled me greatly, especially as I'd just watched Thork: The Wraiths Attack Dark World on Monday. Loki was fun, as was Erik, and I still want to take Darcy to bed (and not for sleeping). Everything else was boring. Also, Odin is a dick. Anyway, this made me lol. Also, Mark Ruffalo should get into my pants asap.

Then this also showed on the flist (thanks [livejournal.com profile] spikedluv) which was most fortuitous as I'd just written 2k Adam/Kris fic. Anyway, holy crap that Wicked Games cover gives me the chills

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That's it. Now I'm going to write some Loki/Thor fic from Frigga's pov because that's how we be rolling atm. Adios.

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I'm emptying my 'to post' list of links and stuff, enjoy!

LOTR reunion. Oh the feels! A couple of more pics in this post.

Speaking of LOTR, here's an awesome fanvid done in the style of Suicide Squad trailer. I love mashups like this and this is fantastic!

Marauders and actors and POI and polyamory oh my! )

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Okay, so I’m not quite done with Daredevil yet. I should probably watch it one of these days as well, eh? Oh well, there’s some other stuff here too.

Daredevil (TV)

Bang Bang - Matt/Foggy, AU. This is just unashamedly adorable and romantic, full of flirting and banter and feels. Matt is Matt, except happier, and Foggy is a cop who can’t quite make himself arrest him. There’s slow dancing and jewellery and Matt being a little creeper. The perfect cure for any sadness or bad days.

De Nile - Matt/Foggy. Foggy’s crush on Matt is so painfully obvious and Matt spends years of listening to his heartbeat and not saying anything because he’s not interested. He isn’t. Not really, not like that, not like Foggy deserves, like… Okay so maybe Matt’s viewpoint changes slightly as the years go by. This is just unashamedly… romantic, I think is the word, but the real kind, so tender it’s painful.

Encounters - Matt/Foggy, + The Avengers. The Avengers really want to get to know the Daredevil. The Daredevil does not feel the same. Hilarious. Also, Tony's reaction to the whole thing is entirely in character. You get to the end and nod because yes, this is exactly what Stark would do.

Just Our Hands Clasped So Tight - Matt/Foggy. Matt is a tactile guy. A great Foggy pov, and a long (10k), gorgeous ‘from friends to lovers’ fic that leaves you aching in a really good way. I love how clear Matt’s fears and vulnerabilities are even when he thinks he’s hiding them.

Just Wanna Take Him Home - Matt/Foggy, hooker AU. In which Foggy mostly escorts little old ladies and then is hired to cuddle a lawyer on the regular basis. Adorable fic with lot of touchy-feely (literally) feelings, soft blankets and achy angst.

Something Dumb to Do - Matt/Foggy. Ahhh 33k of ‘marriage of convenience’ fic :D Because it makes total sense to get married so that Foggy will never have to testify against Matt. Everything you love about ‘fake relationship turns into a real one’ trope: feelings, rings, family, kisses, misunderstandings, kidnappings. Okay, so the last one is a Daredevil speciality but it adds flavour. Delightful!

Tell You My Sins - Matt/Foggy. Being the Daredevil has its consequences, even to Matt's sex life... Oh my yes, this is hot with an excellently handled bdsm/rough sex theme. Matt's uncertainty is well portrayed and in character. Delicious!

Lord of the Rings

Moonlight in Minas Tirith - Merry/Pippin. In which there's a brief respite in Minas Tirith before the final battle, and Merry and Pippin have time to reunite. And move forward. In character, cute and sexy!

Star Trek AOS

Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe - Kirk/McCoy, background Spock/Uhura, modern Hollywood AU. In which Bones is a script writer sitting on an indie hit, and Kirk is a hotshot director desperate to make it happen. This is excellent insight into industry, where every character is interesting and well crafted (look out for some familiar names from TNG!) and every subplot as interesting as the main one. Long, satisfying read, thoroughly recced.

X-Men First Class

Math Reasons - Charles/Eriks, modern university AU. This is adorable and hits my ‘from friends to lovers’ button hard. The boys still have their powers and their differences, Charles is still in the wheelchair, things are not still not easy. But there’s also college parties and friendship and gleeful sexual experimentation (and much kudos for making this realistic with a disabled characters). Told in two timelines which jarred me first but actually ends up working well. All the supporting characters are awesome too. Long and highly recced.

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Back in England, been chilling and recovering from the travelling and the 'holiday'. Perfect time to do my yearly Fic Round-Up, though the offerings are a bit paltry this year...


Fics posted in 2015 by Fandom:

Actor RPF
To Oscillation! (James Franco/Shia LaBeouf sort of, PG-13, 645 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Secrets (Icarus/Pythagoras, PG-13, 533 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Gravitational (Bruce/Tony/Pepper, PG-13, 2,093 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Good Omens
Reformation (Aziraphale/Crowley, PG-13, 1,648 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Blutbad in a Bath (not a blood one) (Nick/Monroe, PG-13, 1,120 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Candle, Leaf, Memory (Gen or pre-Lewis/Hathaway/Hobson, PG, 100+100+250 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Elemental (Lewis/Hathaway, PG-13, 4x100 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Life on Mars
Fake It (Chris/Ray, PG, 100 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Person of Interest
leave a day at every door (Finch/Reese, PG, 3x100 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Service (Finch/Reese, NC-17, 515 words) – on LJ & on AO3
stars when you shine (you know how I feel) (Finch/Reese, PG, 1,400 words) – on LJ & on AO3
things which enclose me (Finch/Reese, PG-13, 1,371 words) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Professionals
Love Unchained (Bodie/Doyle, PG-13, 501 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Liquid Courage (John/Sherlock, PG-17, 1,117 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Stargate Atlantis
Arrangement (McKay/Zelenka, PG, 100 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Strictly Come Dancing
Balance (Darcey/Gleb, NC-17, 1,729 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Swivel (Craig/Bruno, NC-17, 1,200 words, co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) – on LJ & on AO3

Non-fic things:
carry me down (rolling in your arms) – Small Fandom Big Bang Art (Political Animals) – on LJ & on AO3
Conversations on a Balcony – Small Fandom Big Bang Art (Atlantis) – on LJ & on AO3
The Paths of the Living – Cover Art (Lord of the Rings)  – on LJ & on AO3

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Here are the last 20 recs, hope you've found something to read in between holiday busyness. I still have tons of recs to do, particularly for Daredevil and Person of Interest, so I will see about doing the more usual Week of Fic Recs with 10 recs per day in early 2016...


Three Days of Christmas Kat's Fic Recs - Day Three


Five Times Pepper Took Care of the Avengers and One Time They Took Care of Her - Tony/Pepper, Clint/Natasha, Thor/Jane but really this is gen friendship focused fic. In which Pepper is awesome and frightening efficient. This a cute and domestic look at the Avengers and their (sometimes unexpected) friendships in the context flu-like symptoms... Made me laugh :D

Five Times Pepper Potts Took Care of Tony Stark (and One Time Tony Stark Took Care of Her) - Tony/Pepper. My favourite of the canon pairings because I like how obviously Pepper is in charge even if it may not appear like that to the casual observer. This maps the less than smooth early relationship, and there's plenty of h/c.

Four Times Pepper Potts Saved The World - Tony/Pepper. Pepper is a BAMF who gets things done. I love Pepper's characterisation in this; strong and determined despite/because of her doubts and fears.

Daredevil (TV)

Betting Blind - Matt/Foggy. Matt and Claire make a bet. Rather fluffy with lots of pining but sweet all the same.

I'm Gonna Give All My Secrets Away - Matt/Foggy. In which Matt's other secret is that he's still a virgin. Because he hasn't trusted anyone enough to... Well. Anyone besides Foggy that is. Unashamedly schmoopy.

(my heart) never could lie to you - Matt/Foggy. The 'five times Foggy describes things to Matt even though he doesn't' concept is a loose framework for a lovely bff fic where unrequited feels are requited after all, and there's food, dancing, h/c, cohabitation, banter and romance (aww the romance especially, wait till you get to the end!)

Right There Next To Me - Matt/Foggy. Adorable college era fic where Matt tries to exercise self-denial about his feels (spoiler: it doesn't work that well).

The Boxer-Puncher - Matt/Foggy. Foggy takes up boxing for reasons that are only partly related to self-defence. Matt likes it. A lot. I love Foggy being a BAMF and this has it in abundance. And ngh, the power dynamics in this are crafted with great subtlety and understanding, and while the concept of physical strength plays a large part, the psychological aspects are not even a little neglected. Excellent read, highly recced.

You Put the Devil in Me - Matt/Foggy. Matt touches Foggy a lot. Foggy does not take the hint. Adorable.


No Matter How Far Away You Roam - Arthur/Merlin, modern AU. Pure Christmas fluff where Merlin is Arthur's long-suffering assistant and has to go home for Christmas him to pretend to be his boyfriend. Their respective families find the whole thing both adorable and hilarious. Great, Christmas read to leave you smiling.

Person of Interest

Concierge Service - Finch/Reese, Finch/Reese/Zoe Morgan. Zoe is awesome. John just needs a little... direction. Harold has everything well in hand. Oh my god this is amazing and funny and so very, very hot too.

Domestication - Finch/Reese. There's joy to be had in everyday things. This is such a lovely fic, with an easy feel to it. Made me smile and smile and smile.

Fealty - Finch/Reese. Kara takes Reese and in the process digs out some truths that he would've much preferred to stay hidden. Ugh, the sheer emotional impact of this gets me right in my sappy d/s feels. I love that this is from Harold's pov too because his struggle with the Catch-22 situation he's been handed is entirely believable. Highly recced.

Ghost - Finch/Reese. Finch is taken by an enemy that the show didn't do enough with. Reese reacts more or less as you'd expect him to. Engaging, long (42k) read where everyone is a BAMF and the supporting characters are made excellent use of.

Love And Marriage - Finch/Reese. There's an entirely rational reason for why getting married makes sense. But oh what a surprise there is waiting for them at the wedding, and what a realisation that leads to... Hilarious, aching and gorgeous in equal measure.

Taken - Finch/Reese, aob AU. Short and sweet alpha/omega fic which left a sappy grin to my face.

Technical Support - Finch/Reese, canon AU. In which Harold works in IT and John in security, no one is quite what they seem and Kat's 'hidden competency' kink gets hammered until it rolls over and purrs. Utterly, utterly delightful and satisfying and funny. Which is unsurprising given the author.

The Right Move - Finch/Reese. Sheer, glorious porn. John asks for a kiss and gets bent over a desk. Computer equipmeng gets put to some excellent use. Hot and funny and yeah, ngh, hot.


Pineapple and Caramel - Gus/Shawn. Adorable little fic about getting together and building a family.

Star Trek (AOS)

Where You Lead, I Will Follow - Kirk/McCoy. Ahh dancing! Also Kirk's and Spock's lessons are a thing of beauty.

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Three Days of Christmas Kat's Fic Recs - Day Two

Avengers (movies)

All Things Counter - Bucky/Steve, daemon AU. I really liked the splintered, dissociated Bucky pov in this, the exploration of what happens if your soul is outside of you and hurt as his is. Angsty but with a hopeful ending, everyone's daemons are well thought out too.

Battle Creek

Dress the Part - Russ/Milt. Russ in a rentboy outfit. Enough said.


Worthless/Priceless - Blaine/Kurt, slave AU. This is one of those fics that is almost too wallowy, cliched and sappy at times but I have a terrible weakness for the 'abused slave rescued' trope and I admit to reading all 94k of this and enjoying it thoroughly. Like candy. Slave fic candy. Om nom nom.


read the map like poetry - Roddy/Barry(/OMC), background Nick/Monroe. This is a really great roadtrip fic of Roddy and Barry partying their way across the country, driving home from college. The OMC is fantastic, and this young adult look at the Wesen world seems realistic, while the whole thing is still infused with a sort of dream-like quality that pulls you along. Highly recced.

The Life and Times of Nick Burckhardt, Prefect - Nick/Monroe, Hogwarts AU. Who doesn't love a good Hogwarts AU? Nick and Monroe are prefects patrolling together and there's teenage angst, plus some great melding of both canons.

The Hobbit

Devils of Truth - Fili/Kili, not related and slave AU. Fili is given as gift to the crown prince of Erebor. Turns out slaves are treated quite differently in the Kingdom Under the Mountain than Fili is used to. More of the slave fic candy! 53k of glorious feels and angst and cliche. Also, the description of Fili in his party finery was most excellent!

Person of Interest

Dangerous If Unbound - Finch/Reese, bdsm AU. By now you know how I feel about bdsm AUs and about this pairing. So when I found out that Astolat had written 23k glorious words of it I almost stroked out from sheer excitement. I've read this fic maybe about 4 or 5 times now and it's earned a permanent place in my go to list of fics for when I just want something comforting that I know is brilliant. This not only hits my love of power dynamics, but it also caters directly for my extreme fondness of the 'the unassuming seeming person is secretly a BAMF' trope. Boy does it. Highly, so very highly recced.

Furnace - Finch/Reese. Takes place after season 3, Finch and Reese are travelling Europe; regrouping, recruiting, and readjusting their relationship. The description of the different cities is lovely, and there's an unhurried feel to this despite the underlying urgency.

Inscribed - Finch/Reese. Harold has a tattoo. John approves. Kat approves too. A lot.

Intimacy - Finch/Reese. A number means that two of them have to take their 'pretend couple' act all the way. Turns out no one really minds. Everything is so casual until it isn't but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Funny and hot and sweet and wonderful.

remember, there are eagles - Finch/Reese, daemon AU. The summary for this is 'Five things Harold’s daemon isn’t, and one she is' and the fic itself is perfect and clever, somehow both fragile and strong like Harold and John. As an aside, one of the things Harold's daemon is NOT... I really wish she was, because that is a perfect concept and someone should write it asap. You'll know what I mean when you get to that point and go '...oh' like I did :D

Touchstone - Finch/Reese. Something is up with Harold. Luckily for everyone John gets to the bottom of it (with a little help) and history doesn't repeat itself. Harold's behaviour in entirely believable considering his past, and the embedding of literary quotes works wel and adds depth to the story.

Walking in the Dark - Finch/Reese. John and Harold are used to walking in the dark, but they no longer have to do it alone. A ball game, a dinner, and a realisation. This is utterly lovely, with great characterisation, and deals with Harold's disability and its very practical implications when it comes to sex with care and realism.

Star Trek (AOS)

Caught in the Crossfire - Kirk/McCoy. Extreme h/c with emphasis on the hurt, including medical procedures done in the rough, without anaesthesia. I'm not particularly squeamish but parts of this made me cringe. Also, there's a lot of introspection and mastication of feelings. You may wonder why I'm reccing this after all that but the case itself is pretty intriguing and I really liked the original character in this, and well, a little wallow in feels is like cotton candy. Still delicious! If you like h/c, you should enjoy this.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance - Kirk/McCoy. This is an adorable Academy era Christmas fic where Kirk's Advent Calendar consists of different ways of wooing Bones. The graphics add to the story and the ending as adorable.

Submit, Fight, Fail, Fall (or why you can't fight the blood that's in you) - Kirk/McCoy, aob AU. This is a delicious wallow of feels and cliches. Jim is an abused omega who has sworn off alphas. Bones shows him that not all alphas are bastards. Power dynamics, possessiveness, friends with benefits thing morphing into something real, lots of hot sex. Oh, and it's 59k, so fix yourself a cuppa and enjoy.

X-Men: First Class

Celestial Navigation - Charles/Erik. Wonderfully descriptive fic that adds depth to the recruitment tour, immersing Erik and Charles and the reader in 1960s New York. Brilliant glimpse of Orore as a child too,

Homecoming - Charles/Erik. They may not be talking but when Charles is in trouble, Erik runs to the rescue without hesitation. And nothing makes compromise look as tempting as mortal peril. Lovely fic.

I Wanna Give, I'm Completely Positive - Charles/Erik, modern & bdsm AU. Short but adorable fic about Erik who has been saving himself for his dom.

write this number down (you can call it anytime) - Charles/Erik. Erik acquires twins and finds parenthood somewhat challenging. Luckily there's Uncle Charles... This is a great story both as a 'kid fic' and how it treats the very adult, very fragile relationship between Charles and Erik.

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I’m just all disappointments and twisted prompts, clearly none of these are going in the intended directions!

Title: Gravitational
Author: Mistress Kat / [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair
Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel movies)
Pairings: Bruce/Tony/Pepper in various combinations
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2,093
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing.

Summary: Tony and Pepper give Bruce a reason to stick around.

Author notes: I wanted to write fic(let)s in brand new fandoms. [livejournal.com profile] daria234 gave me the fandom, Bruce/Tony and ‘smile’ as a prompt. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted but I find it near impossible to bypass my head-canon where Pepper is Tony’s indulgent domme who is happy to share… Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] dreamersdare for assuring me I didn’t butcher the characters or tread on canon too badly.

Gravitational )

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Well. I just watched Avengers: Assemble for the first time. And it was enjoyable mind-numbing collateral damage. And I approve of naked Bruce Banner, that was unexpected eyecandy.

Basically though, as I explained to [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 on IM:

I seriously just want a fic now where the other Avengers lock Loki and Thor in a cage and are like 'you're not coming out until you've sorted it' and then three weeks later they're totally fucking like bunnies, and everyone is like OMG ARENT YOU BROTHERS??! and Thor is all 'You cannot apply your puny human morals to us, we are Asgard' and Loki is all 'Hey now, I've got glorious purpose to spare, the green guy is kind of cute' and for a moment or ten Bruce is torn between APPALLED and TURNED ON. And so is everyone else.

Where is this fic, because I would like to read it?



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