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Details on all my requests under the cut!
HINT: This also works as a Christmas/birthday/cheer Kat up list. You know, in case you were hoping to find such a thing :D:D:D

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A mixed bag today!

Battle Creek

bad blood (mad love) -  Milt/Russ. Milt’s old boyfriend shows up. Russ does not react well, but not for the reasons you’d expect. This starts with the ‘ex in town’ trope but it actually takes it somewhere much, much deeper. This is a best exploration of exactly why Milt’s secrecy and ‘model FBI agent’ act bothers Russ so very much that I’ve seen, gets is better than the show itself really. And says something kind of profound about relationships in general in the process. Excellent, highly recced.

Fast and the Furious Series

Life Sentence - Brian/Dom, bonding AU. Ahhhhhhhhh bonding fic! Facing twenty-five to life Dom grabs the only way out he can see and volunteers for bonding. And with his scores a certain compatible Federal Agent is about to come calling… Great premise, great plot, great banter and oh my yes GREAT sex… Ngh. Dirty and glorious. Go read now; everything you need to know about canon is this: Dom pulls high-speed heists, Brian is a disillusioned FBI agent, they both really, really like driving dangerously. That’s it, you’re set, NOW GO!


Hot Space – Duncan/Methos. Aww yeah BAMF!Methos \o/ Possibly one of the reasons I liked this fic so much was because Duncan spends most of it off-screen, after having gotten himself kidnapped. Methos to the (reluctant and bitchy) rescue, hampered/aided by a plucky OFC who totally ships it. I enjoyed Methos being clever and competent and the hero of the day despite resenting the last part oh so much.

Planning is for Imbeciles – Duncan/Methos. Methos here is a bit too pining for my taste objectively speaking but the humour and writing more than make up for it. Methos’ self-deprecating inner (and sometimes outer) monologue feels spot-on and hilarious to boot. The final get together seems a bit sudden but overall this is entirely enjoyable.

Seven Year Itch – Duncan/Methos. Kilt!porn. Well, I’m frankly surprised there isn’t more of this in the fandom given Duncan’s origins. The porn is indeed hot (and takes place in a backseat of a car, bonus points for that!) but it also has a strong undercurrent of emotion. I’m terribly disappointed that I haven’t found any fic with the kink hinted at the end…

Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood – Duncan/Methos. Story of contrasts; Methos’ life then and now. I liked this because it makes its point without feeling the need to spell it out, trusting the reader to draw the parallels. This has a quiet feel to it and doesn’t shy away from the grimness of the past.


A Brief History of Home Invasions: It's Not the Uninvited Guest, It's What You Do With Them That Counts - Tim/Tony. The only ship I’m interested in for this fandom and [livejournal.com profile] catwalksalone writes it so well. I was re-reading one of her older fics and stumbled across this one, which was new to me but carries all the trademark banter and friendship and sweet slide to something more. Tony moves in which is a good thing as Tim is having some unwanted attention from someone intent on harming him… Plus, Tony cooks, so there is that.

Person of Interest

Discretion - Finch/Reese. Post s3 final John and Harold may have to get used to new lives and identities but that doesn't mean they have to do so alone. Or: John's going to find a way to stay close no matter what. Awesomely domestic, and shows how the new lives somehow free both of them from some fears and restraints of the past.


Alone On the Water – Gen(ish) John/Sherlock, death fic. I don’t read death fic. I don’t. But then I read the first few lines and then, somehow, I had read it. And I don’t regret it even though (because?) I cried and cried and cried throughout the whole thing and if I think about it too much I’ll start crying again. Jesus this hurts but it’s a hurt that is realistic and raw and claws your chest open. Beautifully written. Absolutely devastating.


Curtains – Bond/Q. Oh my heart, this is all kinds of perfect. Bond and Q move in together and eventually move from colleagues to friends to lovers. Everything about this feels warm and easy which is remarkable because the fic doesn’t shy away from the kind of work these men do, or the price it extracts. I was grinning whole way through the fic, giggling in delight. I so wish the author hadn’t opted to anonymise this because I want to find everything else they’ve ever written.

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Three Days of Christmas Kat's Fic Recs - Day Two

Avengers (movies)

All Things Counter - Bucky/Steve, daemon AU. I really liked the splintered, dissociated Bucky pov in this, the exploration of what happens if your soul is outside of you and hurt as his is. Angsty but with a hopeful ending, everyone's daemons are well thought out too.

Battle Creek

Dress the Part - Russ/Milt. Russ in a rentboy outfit. Enough said.


Worthless/Priceless - Blaine/Kurt, slave AU. This is one of those fics that is almost too wallowy, cliched and sappy at times but I have a terrible weakness for the 'abused slave rescued' trope and I admit to reading all 94k of this and enjoying it thoroughly. Like candy. Slave fic candy. Om nom nom.


read the map like poetry - Roddy/Barry(/OMC), background Nick/Monroe. This is a really great roadtrip fic of Roddy and Barry partying their way across the country, driving home from college. The OMC is fantastic, and this young adult look at the Wesen world seems realistic, while the whole thing is still infused with a sort of dream-like quality that pulls you along. Highly recced.

The Life and Times of Nick Burckhardt, Prefect - Nick/Monroe, Hogwarts AU. Who doesn't love a good Hogwarts AU? Nick and Monroe are prefects patrolling together and there's teenage angst, plus some great melding of both canons.

The Hobbit

Devils of Truth - Fili/Kili, not related and slave AU. Fili is given as gift to the crown prince of Erebor. Turns out slaves are treated quite differently in the Kingdom Under the Mountain than Fili is used to. More of the slave fic candy! 53k of glorious feels and angst and cliche. Also, the description of Fili in his party finery was most excellent!

Person of Interest

Dangerous If Unbound - Finch/Reese, bdsm AU. By now you know how I feel about bdsm AUs and about this pairing. So when I found out that Astolat had written 23k glorious words of it I almost stroked out from sheer excitement. I've read this fic maybe about 4 or 5 times now and it's earned a permanent place in my go to list of fics for when I just want something comforting that I know is brilliant. This not only hits my love of power dynamics, but it also caters directly for my extreme fondness of the 'the unassuming seeming person is secretly a BAMF' trope. Boy does it. Highly, so very highly recced.

Furnace - Finch/Reese. Takes place after season 3, Finch and Reese are travelling Europe; regrouping, recruiting, and readjusting their relationship. The description of the different cities is lovely, and there's an unhurried feel to this despite the underlying urgency.

Inscribed - Finch/Reese. Harold has a tattoo. John approves. Kat approves too. A lot.

Intimacy - Finch/Reese. A number means that two of them have to take their 'pretend couple' act all the way. Turns out no one really minds. Everything is so casual until it isn't but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Funny and hot and sweet and wonderful.

remember, there are eagles - Finch/Reese, daemon AU. The summary for this is 'Five things Harold’s daemon isn’t, and one she is' and the fic itself is perfect and clever, somehow both fragile and strong like Harold and John. As an aside, one of the things Harold's daemon is NOT... I really wish she was, because that is a perfect concept and someone should write it asap. You'll know what I mean when you get to that point and go '...oh' like I did :D

Touchstone - Finch/Reese. Something is up with Harold. Luckily for everyone John gets to the bottom of it (with a little help) and history doesn't repeat itself. Harold's behaviour in entirely believable considering his past, and the embedding of literary quotes works wel and adds depth to the story.

Walking in the Dark - Finch/Reese. John and Harold are used to walking in the dark, but they no longer have to do it alone. A ball game, a dinner, and a realisation. This is utterly lovely, with great characterisation, and deals with Harold's disability and its very practical implications when it comes to sex with care and realism.

Star Trek (AOS)

Caught in the Crossfire - Kirk/McCoy. Extreme h/c with emphasis on the hurt, including medical procedures done in the rough, without anaesthesia. I'm not particularly squeamish but parts of this made me cringe. Also, there's a lot of introspection and mastication of feelings. You may wonder why I'm reccing this after all that but the case itself is pretty intriguing and I really liked the original character in this, and well, a little wallow in feels is like cotton candy. Still delicious! If you like h/c, you should enjoy this.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance - Kirk/McCoy. This is an adorable Academy era Christmas fic where Kirk's Advent Calendar consists of different ways of wooing Bones. The graphics add to the story and the ending as adorable.

Submit, Fight, Fail, Fall (or why you can't fight the blood that's in you) - Kirk/McCoy, aob AU. This is a delicious wallow of feels and cliches. Jim is an abused omega who has sworn off alphas. Bones shows him that not all alphas are bastards. Power dynamics, possessiveness, friends with benefits thing morphing into something real, lots of hot sex. Oh, and it's 59k, so fix yourself a cuppa and enjoy.

X-Men: First Class

Celestial Navigation - Charles/Erik. Wonderfully descriptive fic that adds depth to the recruitment tour, immersing Erik and Charles and the reader in 1960s New York. Brilliant glimpse of Orore as a child too,

Homecoming - Charles/Erik. They may not be talking but when Charles is in trouble, Erik runs to the rescue without hesitation. And nothing makes compromise look as tempting as mortal peril. Lovely fic.

I Wanna Give, I'm Completely Positive - Charles/Erik, modern & bdsm AU. Short but adorable fic about Erik who has been saving himself for his dom.

write this number down (you can call it anytime) - Charles/Erik. Erik acquires twins and finds parenthood somewhat challenging. Luckily there's Uncle Charles... This is a great story both as a 'kid fic' and how it treats the very adult, very fragile relationship between Charles and Erik.

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Hello my wonderful flist. I have managed to finish one lecture so I'm giving myself a few days off for Christmas. There has been a lot of cooking and baking and hanging out with mum, and it has all been very therapeutic.

Unfortunately, I still can't squeeze out any creativity for fics or art, or even pretty photos (I have some cat ones, yay?) for Christmas. So instead of something original, I present and gift to you (see what I did there?)...

Three Days of Christmas Kat's Fic Recs

3 days, 20 fic recs per day, variety of fandoms = something to treat yourself with after the holiday activities and socialising gets too much.

Happy Christmas. Stay awesome.


Three Days of Christmas Kat's Fic Recs - Day One

Battle Creek

at last, we see each other plain - Russ/Milt. I'm very fond of this show which is so very obvious in its slasher baiting. The fic is a classic take on the 'something from the past comes back to haunt them' trope, with added hurt/comfort and slowly dawning realisation.

Caught with Your Glasses On - Russ/Milt. Glasses porn. Well, glasses making out. Still, pretty cute.

Daredevil (TV)

Down to the Bone - Matt/Foggy, daemon AU. All the goodness of 'from bffs to lovers' and intense feelings but with addead daemons, plust daemon touching at the end of course. Adorable.


Cohabitation and Eventual Domestication - Nick/Monroe. From housemates to something more with a lot of sweetness and ust. This is such an easy, sweet read, really enjoyable.

It's Not a Revolution - Nick/Monroe. When Nick moves in some things change and some don't. I like '5+1' fics and this is lovely and domestic.

The Musketeers (BBC)

In Our Wonder And Astonishment - Richeliu/de Treville, bdsm AU. Look, okay, so I tried watching the show and just couldn't get into it. My memories of French history are vague. I never read Alexander Dumas all the way through. I have no idea about even what the actors playing these parts look like. None of that matters, because this a long (97k), glorious bdsm AU and those are like delicious edible gold dust to me. The world building is excellent, and the sheer intrigue of politicking in Louis XIII's court with added bdsm dynamics would've kept me hooked quite apart for the lovely 'pretend relationship turning to a real one' aspect of the story. Highly recced.

Person of Interest

less bigger than the least begin - Finch/Reese. Finch's former employee is in trouble. Reese is having a lot of conflicted feelings about helping him. Great OMC, angst and misunderstandings and oh, oh Reese and his presumedly unrequited feelings and their conversation at the end *clutches heart* Also delicious, subtle power dynamics because John loves Harold showing and telling him what to do, and oh, oh I was back to clutching my heart for the sex scene. Gorgeous fic.

Stripped (down to the bone) - Finch/Reese, aob AU. John thought he was too old to get into heat again. Turns out he was was wrong about that. This is 11k of John descending into a beautifully needy, desperate state and how Harold is there for him, even if he doesn't think it's such a good idea.

The Most Important Meal of the Day - Finch/Reese. Finch and Reese start sharing baked goods for breakfast. The whole thing sounds unbearably sweet and it is that, but there's also slashes of bitterness and pain, but it is Reese's want, deep and desperate, that is the most delicious thing about this.

The Water - Finch/Reese. To help his injuries and pain, Harold takes up swimming again. This time John is there to help. If only Harold would let him... Sensual, deeply caring, and very well captures both erotic and healing potential of water.

Stargate Atlantis

A Secret Island in Your Mind - McKay/Zelenka. For such smart guys, it sure takes Rodney and Radek a while to get on the same wavelenght. Author describes this as 'romantic dramedy' which is pretty accurate :D Lots of pining and jealousy even afte they get together. One of my favourite pairings for this fandom and it was so great to read a proper long (25k) fic for them. Remember to check out the lovely fanart too!

Connection - McKay/Zelenka. This will resonate with every non-native English speaker, or really anyone who has had to adjust to a new language/culture. Loved it.

Star Trek (AOS)

En Promenade - Kirk/McCoy. Holy crap, why hadn't I read this before? This is an excellent, long Academy era fic of Jim and Bones moving from friends to lovers. Don't be thrown by the detailed references to things that happened before, there isn't currently a prequel (I checked, though I could also be wrong) and it confused me a bit but just seems like something the author was putting in place for a potential prequel... Anyway, back to the story. Fuck, the ust in this is fantastic. There is a lot of dancing and surprise competency which always works for me. The scene at the club with the suits... Oh Christ, I can't remember the last time a fic made my toes literally curl because the sexual tension was just scorching. This kept me interested all the way to the end, even when the fic moves to established relationship. There's also a sequel which I haven't read yet but probably will. Really, very highly recced.

Ooooo, Doctor Bones - Kirk/McCoy. Bones is a goddamn superstar in his own field. Hits my competency kink just right.

Water's Edge - Kirk/McCoy, merpeople AU. There's something Bones has been keeping from Jim.. Something that's about to come and bite them both on the ass. The alien culture and planet are nicely alien, the angst is delicious, and who doesn't like the idea of mer!McCoy?

Star Trek (multi)

Things - Kira/Odo, mostly gen with ensemble cast, daemon AU. This fic requires you to have at least medium level familiarity of TNG, Voyager and particularly DS9 where it takes place. If you have that, and you enjoy strong characterisation and daemon AUs then run, don't walk, and read this now. This centres around Odo, his lack of Daemon, and how fluid is the concept of a soul. Excellent fic that trusts the reader.

The X-Files

the furthest constellations - Mulder/Scully, daemon AU. This is essentially a retelling of key moments of the first two seasons of the show, but with daemons, and with Mulder and Scully actually acting on their feelings in the end rather than internalising them for several more years of angst. What with the new six episode season around the corner (I saw a poster in town the other day and made a noise that made even my past 15-year-old self cringe) I've been returning to the fandom a bit for the fics, so this was really lovely way to visit some of those moments that made me squeal and melt and gasp when I was a teenager :D

X-Men: First Class

An Act Too Often Neglected- Charles/Erik, Logan. Hilarious outsider pov fic. Logan sure as hell didn't plan on being the gift Erik drops at Charles' feet like a dog presenting a rabbit to his master, but here he is, witnessing their awkward attempts of conciliation whether he wants to or not (hint: he really doesn't).

No Matter What - Armando Munoz/Alex Summers, bdsm AU. This is an offshoot of a longer verse but works really well on its own. The world building is great, and I would love to read more about all the original character/pairings we meet briefly at the start when the soulmate search journey ends in a juvenile detention centre...

Time to Grow - Charles/Erik, alternate fix it ending. Charles and Erik play chess and have a lot of not dates. Somewhere along the line they also actually talk about things. Characterisation is excellent and it doesn't shy away from the difficult topics like Erik's 'kill first, consider ethics later' habit. Relationship development is lovely, but the moral philosophy discussions are almost better.



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