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Title: The Green-Eyed Experimental Variable
Author: MistressKat / [personal profile] kat_lair 
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Radek/Rodney
Rating: PG
Word count: 741
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing

Summary: Radek tests a hypothesis with most gratifying results.

Author notes: Written for randomly selected fandom and prompt (unexpected jealousy leads to revelation of feelings)

The Green-Eyed Experimental Variable )


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Title: Daedal
Author: [personal profile] kat_lair / Mistress Kat
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Radek/Rodney
Rating: PG
Word count: 175
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing

Summary: Off they went again, flying out in a graceful arch like a startled flock of birds.

Author notes: Written for a prompt from [personal profile] pushkin666 : SGA & fingers.

Daedal )


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Details on all my requests under the cut!
HINT: This also works as a Christmas/birthday/cheer Kat up list. You know, in case you were hoping to find such a thing :D:D:D

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It's that time of the year again! I've usually only managed this AFTER the NY but knowing just how busy my January will be, I thought I better get this out of the way now...

Fics posted in 2016 by Fandom:

Actor RPF
In Regno Patris (Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles, NC-17, 2,268 words) – on LJ & on AO3

American Idol
Indirect Communication (Adam/Kris, PG, 2,197 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Angel: the Series
and it must follow (as the night the day) (Spike/various male characters, PG-13, 652 words) – on LJ & on AO3

be running up that road (Gen or Ryan/Spencer, PG, 240 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Daisy Chain (Pete/Patrick, G, 100 words) – on LJ & on AO3
In from the Cold (Frank/Mikey pre-slash, G, 671 words)  – on LJ & on AO3

Being Human (UK)
Lecture 1. Introduction (Gen, G, 500 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Doctor Who
A Gamble (Gen or Doctor/Master, PG, 300 words) – on LJ & on AO3

due South
Message Received (Fraser/RayK, PG-13, 1,038 words) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Great British Bake Off
not the true believer (this song’s for you) (implied Mel/Sue, G, 200 words) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Hobbit
Birthday Surprise (Bilbo/Thorin, PG, 200 words, co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) – on LJ & on AO3
Party Invitation (Bilbo/Thorin, PG, 190 words) - sort of! This is [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666's fic and I just added a little bit to it, none of it on my LJ so hence only giving you the AO3 link
our history is just in our blood (Fili/Kili, PG-13, 1,377 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Solstice Wreath (Nick/Monroe, G, 100 words) – on LJ & on AO3
where the streets have no name (Nick/Monroe, NC-17, 3,462 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Working Late (Nick/Monroe implied, PG, 600 words, co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Librarians
Auto Recovery (Ezekiel Jones, PG-13, 423 words) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Lord of the Rings
Fidem in Flore (Frodo/Sam implied, PG, 100 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Marvel 'verse
Breaking Point (Bruce/Tony/Pepper implied, PG, 249 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Deadpool: The Apocalypse (Deadpool & Wolverine, PG-a3, 653 words) – on LJ & on AO3
sparks hope like morrow (Bruce Banner, hint of Bruce/Tony, M, 759 words) – on LJ & on AO3

The Promise of Wine (Tony/Tim, PG, 250 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Person of Interest
and good, this danger (is danger of love) (Finch/Reese, NC-17, 7,329 words)  – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Professionals
still a little bit of you (laced with my doubt) (Bodie/Doyle, PG-13, 865 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Alan Davies, Dragon Defender (Alan Davies/Stephen Fry, PG, 500 words) – on LJ & on AO3

an artery upon the hill (Gen or John/Sherlock, PG, 267 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Out of the Desert (Gen or John/Sherlock, PG, 173 words)  – on LJ & on AO3

Star Trek (AOS)
Planning Ahead (Kirk/McCoy, PG, 1,569 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Stargate Atlantis
Reverse (Radek/Rodney, PG, 146 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Strictly Come Dancing
Window of Opportunity (Bruno/Craig pre-slash, G, 344 words) – on LJ & on AO3

so cleaves the moon (Gen or Sam/Dean, PG-13, 300 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Non-fic things
Pup and Trainer: Going Out – Small Fandom Big Bang Art (Southland) – on LJ & on AO3

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Title: Reverse
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair/ Mistress Kat
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Radek/Rodney
Rating: PG
Word count: 146
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing

Summary: It was way past time to pull the brakes on this thing of theirs, whatever it was.

Author notes: Written as part of Halloween fangirl weekend with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 and [livejournal.com profile] dreamersdare. We all wrote to same fandom (Stargate) and prompt (brake, except they heard it as break lol).

Reverse )

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Trello is making stuff happen! Like actually doing these posts that have been on the 'to do list' for ever. Right now I wanted to show off these amazing fic banners the very talented [livejournal.com profile] megan_moonlight made for me as a Christmas gift like... the previous Christmas I think. Uh, so I may be a little late in showing them off but still, LOOK AT THE SHINY!! And clicking on the banner will take you to the fic in question on AO3 in case you're intrigued enough to want to read the story...

YFW banner by megan_moonlight

UF  banner by megan_moonlight

TOATTB banner by megan_moonlight

LSR  banner by megan_moonlight

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Last day of recs for this round! I hope you’ve found something to read. Turns out I still have recs leftover so I’ll probably be back with another week of them in a few months… But for now, here’s the last mixed bag :)

Common Law

Other Cities Don't Know Me - Wes/Travis, Stargate Atlantis fusion with background McKay/Sheppard. The Atlantis expedition requires a law enforcement contingency. Guess who gets the call. This is delightful romp through all the best SGA tropes, including ‘mortal peril’ and ‘not-really-sex-pollen’ and ‘mortal peril number 302483’ and so on.

Say It With a Hug - Wes/Travis. The week’s therapy homework to hug your partner at every opportunity does indeed lead to some positive results. Lovely bit of angst in the middle as well, Wes’ voice is good in this.

Windows series - Wes/Travis, AU. There are two parts to this AU where Travis and Wes are strangers until Travis starts climbing through Wes' window when drunk. And then he starts doing it when sober too. Adorable rom-com, complete with cats! It is now my head canon that Wes is made to have cats.

The Hobbit

Beneath the Mountains Music Woke - Bilbo/Thorin. In which Thorin has a realisation and then proceeds to not do anything about it for stupid reasons. Lots of angst and pining and misunderstandings and a delicious wallow in the 'oh but I am not worthy, I have nothig to give, he's better off without me' trope. The epilogue and chapters leading up to it don't shy away from the dark under-current of Thorin's gold sickness either. Leaves a good deal for reader's imagination. Highly recced.

Para Bellum - Bilbo/Thorin. Hobbits aren't quite as helpless as the Dwarves thought... In fact, they're secretly excellent fighters. This hits my 'hidden competency' kink and hits it hard. Utterly awesome.

Lord of the Rings

Lovers' Day - Frodo/Sam. Someone is courting Frodo on Lovers' Day by leaving him all sorts of thoughtful gifts... This is just romantic fluff but again I liked all the details. The sex scene features virgin!Frodo so there's maybe a bit more blushing and fumbling than I can read without rolling my eyes, but it's sweet no doubt about that, so if you like romance and feelings and slow love-making go, go!

The Grand Annual Four Farthings Show - Frodo/Sam. This is long. Like loooooooooong. Like 'takes 124k to cover 3 days' long. It's pre-canon and has Sam and Frodo, along with every other hobbit in the area, attending a local agricultural/craft show/fair. The author tags this with 'hobbit social history' and it definitely is that. There's a lot of extremely detailed description of foods, crafts, animals, fairground rides, games, and yes, feeeeeeeelings (pining, so much pining) which some people will probably get bored with but I found delightfully interesting. Pure comfort read.

Verisimilitude - Merry/Pippin, modern university AU. Adorable romp around the 'pretend to be couple' trope, somehow in character despite the complete change in setting. Really liked it.

Rizzoli & Isles

When Maura Isles Made It Rain - Rizzoli/Isles. Here's a show that I've been watching a lot lately. Buddy-cop genre but with women and the banter and friendship are key to the fic too, although there's a fair bit of angst too as it deals with the aftermath of Jane going undercover us a high-class hooker and Maura as her client... Enjoyable read, realistic too in that change in feelings doesn't come easy.


These Bridges We've Built (illustrated) - Erik/Charles, Azazel/Mystique, kid-fic. In which Azazel and Mystique rely on Uncle Charles to keep their offspring safe. Turns out that nothing brings people together quite like a teleporting baby, and the shared need to keep people safe. I loved everyone's characterisation in this and the layers of comic and movie canon that are twisted around. Angst, humour, adventure, feels, wonderful illustrations. Highly recced.

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Back in England, been chilling and recovering from the travelling and the 'holiday'. Perfect time to do my yearly Fic Round-Up, though the offerings are a bit paltry this year...


Fics posted in 2015 by Fandom:

Actor RPF
To Oscillation! (James Franco/Shia LaBeouf sort of, PG-13, 645 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Secrets (Icarus/Pythagoras, PG-13, 533 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Gravitational (Bruce/Tony/Pepper, PG-13, 2,093 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Good Omens
Reformation (Aziraphale/Crowley, PG-13, 1,648 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Blutbad in a Bath (not a blood one) (Nick/Monroe, PG-13, 1,120 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Candle, Leaf, Memory (Gen or pre-Lewis/Hathaway/Hobson, PG, 100+100+250 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Elemental (Lewis/Hathaway, PG-13, 4x100 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Life on Mars
Fake It (Chris/Ray, PG, 100 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Person of Interest
leave a day at every door (Finch/Reese, PG, 3x100 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Service (Finch/Reese, NC-17, 515 words) – on LJ & on AO3
stars when you shine (you know how I feel) (Finch/Reese, PG, 1,400 words) – on LJ & on AO3
things which enclose me (Finch/Reese, PG-13, 1,371 words) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Professionals
Love Unchained (Bodie/Doyle, PG-13, 501 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Liquid Courage (John/Sherlock, PG-17, 1,117 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Stargate Atlantis
Arrangement (McKay/Zelenka, PG, 100 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Strictly Come Dancing
Balance (Darcey/Gleb, NC-17, 1,729 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Swivel (Craig/Bruno, NC-17, 1,200 words, co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) – on LJ & on AO3

Non-fic things:
carry me down (rolling in your arms) – Small Fandom Big Bang Art (Political Animals) – on LJ & on AO3
Conversations on a Balcony – Small Fandom Big Bang Art (Atlantis) – on LJ & on AO3
The Paths of the Living – Cover Art (Lord of the Rings)  – on LJ & on AO3

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Hello my wonderful flist. I have managed to finish one lecture so I'm giving myself a few days off for Christmas. There has been a lot of cooking and baking and hanging out with mum, and it has all been very therapeutic.

Unfortunately, I still can't squeeze out any creativity for fics or art, or even pretty photos (I have some cat ones, yay?) for Christmas. So instead of something original, I present and gift to you (see what I did there?)...

Three Days of Christmas Kat's Fic Recs

3 days, 20 fic recs per day, variety of fandoms = something to treat yourself with after the holiday activities and socialising gets too much.

Happy Christmas. Stay awesome.


Three Days of Christmas Kat's Fic Recs - Day One

Battle Creek

at last, we see each other plain - Russ/Milt. I'm very fond of this show which is so very obvious in its slasher baiting. The fic is a classic take on the 'something from the past comes back to haunt them' trope, with added hurt/comfort and slowly dawning realisation.

Caught with Your Glasses On - Russ/Milt. Glasses porn. Well, glasses making out. Still, pretty cute.

Daredevil (TV)

Down to the Bone - Matt/Foggy, daemon AU. All the goodness of 'from bffs to lovers' and intense feelings but with addead daemons, plust daemon touching at the end of course. Adorable.


Cohabitation and Eventual Domestication - Nick/Monroe. From housemates to something more with a lot of sweetness and ust. This is such an easy, sweet read, really enjoyable.

It's Not a Revolution - Nick/Monroe. When Nick moves in some things change and some don't. I like '5+1' fics and this is lovely and domestic.

The Musketeers (BBC)

In Our Wonder And Astonishment - Richeliu/de Treville, bdsm AU. Look, okay, so I tried watching the show and just couldn't get into it. My memories of French history are vague. I never read Alexander Dumas all the way through. I have no idea about even what the actors playing these parts look like. None of that matters, because this a long (97k), glorious bdsm AU and those are like delicious edible gold dust to me. The world building is excellent, and the sheer intrigue of politicking in Louis XIII's court with added bdsm dynamics would've kept me hooked quite apart for the lovely 'pretend relationship turning to a real one' aspect of the story. Highly recced.

Person of Interest

less bigger than the least begin - Finch/Reese. Finch's former employee is in trouble. Reese is having a lot of conflicted feelings about helping him. Great OMC, angst and misunderstandings and oh, oh Reese and his presumedly unrequited feelings and their conversation at the end *clutches heart* Also delicious, subtle power dynamics because John loves Harold showing and telling him what to do, and oh, oh I was back to clutching my heart for the sex scene. Gorgeous fic.

Stripped (down to the bone) - Finch/Reese, aob AU. John thought he was too old to get into heat again. Turns out he was was wrong about that. This is 11k of John descending into a beautifully needy, desperate state and how Harold is there for him, even if he doesn't think it's such a good idea.

The Most Important Meal of the Day - Finch/Reese. Finch and Reese start sharing baked goods for breakfast. The whole thing sounds unbearably sweet and it is that, but there's also slashes of bitterness and pain, but it is Reese's want, deep and desperate, that is the most delicious thing about this.

The Water - Finch/Reese. To help his injuries and pain, Harold takes up swimming again. This time John is there to help. If only Harold would let him... Sensual, deeply caring, and very well captures both erotic and healing potential of water.

Stargate Atlantis

A Secret Island in Your Mind - McKay/Zelenka. For such smart guys, it sure takes Rodney and Radek a while to get on the same wavelenght. Author describes this as 'romantic dramedy' which is pretty accurate :D Lots of pining and jealousy even afte they get together. One of my favourite pairings for this fandom and it was so great to read a proper long (25k) fic for them. Remember to check out the lovely fanart too!

Connection - McKay/Zelenka. This will resonate with every non-native English speaker, or really anyone who has had to adjust to a new language/culture. Loved it.

Star Trek (AOS)

En Promenade - Kirk/McCoy. Holy crap, why hadn't I read this before? This is an excellent, long Academy era fic of Jim and Bones moving from friends to lovers. Don't be thrown by the detailed references to things that happened before, there isn't currently a prequel (I checked, though I could also be wrong) and it confused me a bit but just seems like something the author was putting in place for a potential prequel... Anyway, back to the story. Fuck, the ust in this is fantastic. There is a lot of dancing and surprise competency which always works for me. The scene at the club with the suits... Oh Christ, I can't remember the last time a fic made my toes literally curl because the sexual tension was just scorching. This kept me interested all the way to the end, even when the fic moves to established relationship. There's also a sequel which I haven't read yet but probably will. Really, very highly recced.

Ooooo, Doctor Bones - Kirk/McCoy. Bones is a goddamn superstar in his own field. Hits my competency kink just right.

Water's Edge - Kirk/McCoy, merpeople AU. There's something Bones has been keeping from Jim.. Something that's about to come and bite them both on the ass. The alien culture and planet are nicely alien, the angst is delicious, and who doesn't like the idea of mer!McCoy?

Star Trek (multi)

Things - Kira/Odo, mostly gen with ensemble cast, daemon AU. This fic requires you to have at least medium level familiarity of TNG, Voyager and particularly DS9 where it takes place. If you have that, and you enjoy strong characterisation and daemon AUs then run, don't walk, and read this now. This centres around Odo, his lack of Daemon, and how fluid is the concept of a soul. Excellent fic that trusts the reader.

The X-Files

the furthest constellations - Mulder/Scully, daemon AU. This is essentially a retelling of key moments of the first two seasons of the show, but with daemons, and with Mulder and Scully actually acting on their feelings in the end rather than internalising them for several more years of angst. What with the new six episode season around the corner (I saw a poster in town the other day and made a noise that made even my past 15-year-old self cringe) I've been returning to the fandom a bit for the fics, so this was really lovely way to visit some of those moments that made me squeal and melt and gasp when I was a teenager :D

X-Men: First Class

An Act Too Often Neglected- Charles/Erik, Logan. Hilarious outsider pov fic. Logan sure as hell didn't plan on being the gift Erik drops at Charles' feet like a dog presenting a rabbit to his master, but here he is, witnessing their awkward attempts of conciliation whether he wants to or not (hint: he really doesn't).

No Matter What - Armando Munoz/Alex Summers, bdsm AU. This is an offshoot of a longer verse but works really well on its own. The world building is great, and I would love to read more about all the original character/pairings we meet briefly at the start when the soulmate search journey ends in a juvenile detention centre...

Time to Grow - Charles/Erik, alternate fix it ending. Charles and Erik play chess and have a lot of not dates. Somewhere along the line they also actually talk about things. Characterisation is excellent and it doesn't shy away from the difficult topics like Erik's 'kill first, consider ethics later' habit. Relationship development is lovely, but the moral philosophy discussions are almost better.

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Title: Arrangement
Author: Mistress Kat /  [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Zelenka
Genre: AU
Rating: PG
Word count: 100
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing.

Summary: Radek had arrived two weeks ago.

Author notes: Written as part of the [livejournal.com profile] broadstairsbacc writing challenge where we all wrote a drabble to same fandom, a randomly picked prompt (arranged marriage) and then individual Loveheart phrase which needed to be included. My Loveheart said ‘I’m shy’.

Arrangement )

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Fics posted in 2014 by Fandom:

Birthday Gamble (Nick/Monroe, G, 100 words) – on LJ, on AO3
Catch of the Day (Nick/Monroe, R, 200 words) – on LJ, on AO3
restless song 1. sing no songs except of restless blood (pre-Nick/Monroe, PG-13, 1,442 words) – on LJ, on AO3
restless song 2. not your average lullaby (pre-Nick/Monroe, PG-13, 2,472 words) – on LJ, on AO3

(The) Hobbit
Two-Heart Sound (implied Bilbo/Thorin, PG, 2,200 words) – on LJ, on AO3

Birthday Treat (Gen, G, 100 words) – on LJ, on AO3
Dream of Dragons 4. All Things Mortal (pre-Hathaway/Lewis, R, 8,002 words) – on LJ, on AO3
Dream of Dragons 5. Ghost Man (pre-Hathaway/Lewis, R, 11,438 words) – on LJ, on AO3
Finite (Hathaway/Lewis, PG, 1,471 words) – on LJ, on AO3

Masterchef (UK)
Courtship (John/Gregg, PG-13, 900 words) – on LJ, on AO3

(The) Professionals
Birthday Stakeout (Gen or Bodie/Doyle, PG, 150 words) – on LJ, on AO3

your frayed ends all tied up (John/Sherlock, R, 362 words) – on LJ, on AO3

Transition (M/Moneypenny (potential/one-sided), PG-13, 1,890 words) – on LJ, on AO3

Stargate Atlantis
Winter Night (McKay/Zelenka, PG, 2,000 words) – on LJ, on AO3
Writing on the Wall (McKay/Beckett, NC-17, 11,096 words) – on LJ, on AO3

Strictly Come Dancing
Are You Gonna Be My Girl? (Craig/Male of your choice, R, 100 words) – on LJ, on AO3
Bite the Night co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 (Bruno/Craig, NC-17, 26,887 words) – on LJ, on AO3
Caricias co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 (Bruno/Craig, NC-17, 15,135 words) – on LJ, on AO3
Snap Turn (part of a co-authored drabble series) (Bruno/Craig, PG-13, 100 words) – on LJ, on AO3

Full Tang (Dean/Sam, NC-17, 1,333 words) – on LJ, on AO3

show me your teeth 0. birds and bees and prison keys (Beyoncé(HoneyB)/Lady Gaga, NC-17, 9,435 words) – on LJ, on AO3

Non-fic things:
Three Wallpapers (Lewis) – on LJ, on AO3
Magic is Rarely the Solution Art (Royal Pains) – on LJ, on AO3

Meme questions under the cut )

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Title: Winter Night
Author: Mistress Kat / kat_lair
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Zelenka
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,000
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing. No material profit made, only the social and cultural capital of fandom participation and creativity.

Author notes: This too was written for [livejournal.com profile] flubber2kool as part of the [livejournal.com profile] sga_santa exchange. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 for the read-through and hand-holding.

Summary: The first snowfall of the winter brings with it some unexpected revelations.

Winter Night )

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Title: Writing on the Wall
Author: Mistress Kat /  kat_lair
Pairing: Beckett/McKay
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 11,096
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing. No material profit made, only the social and cultural capital of fandom participation and creativity.

Summary: Atlantis is trying to tell Carson something important. Atlantis, it turns out, is not very subtle.

Author notes: This was written for the last ever [livejournal.com profile] sga_santa, as a (late) gift for [livejournal.com profile] flubber2kool. Reposting here for posterity. SGA and McBeck were the reasons I started writing and posting fic, the reason I got a LJ account and began to actively participate in fandom. It's been wonderful to return to my roots so to speak. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] margaret_r for outstanding beta duty as always, and to [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 for cheerleading. I am indebted. Note that the fic is set in the early seasons.

Writing on the Wall 1/2 )

Continue to 2/2

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This is the final day of vid recs for now, hope you've enjoyed them :)


Boom Boom Ba - Xena: Warrior Princess, Gabrielle/Xena. This is an older vid and one of my favourite Xena vids of all time. One of my favourite femslash vids too. It's sensual and seductive and just really damn sexy. There is such fluidity and burn to this. Reserve a cooling drink for viewing.

Cat's in the Cradle - House, Sherlock, Fortysomething. So, in Fortysomething  Benedict Cumberbatch played Hugh Laurie's son. Hugh Laurie then went on to play House, character based on Sherlock Holmes and  Benedict Cumberbatch of course went on to play Sherlock himself. The vidder has taken this connection and ran with it, creating a brilliant constructed reality vid where Sherlock is in fact House's son... The parallels are striking and the concept totally believable. I'm only waiting someone to write this fic now... Amazing vid.

Coin Operated Boy - Supernatural, meta. If you enjoy your meta clever and cutting, this is definitely for you. Highly ambitious vid in three parts that uses not just canon source, but also fandom works and a hired actress to the boot. Justifiably recced and awarded all over the damn place. Check it out now if you already haven't.

gonna be alright - Stargate Atlantis, John/Ronon. Mmm these boys sure like it rough. Guns and violence and oh my. A great vid that parallels John and Ronon and show their relationship in all its rough-edged, deep-seated, unspoken glory. Loved it.

Handlebars - Thor, Loki. This is fast becoming one of the most vidded songs in fandom, but it certainly suits Loki. The vid does a good job portraying his escalating megalomania and inevitable tragedy.

Hook Shot - Multi. Women kicking ass. That's pretty much it but it's more than enough: fast and hard-hitting, this is a great action vid.

Hurt - Sherlock, John/Sherlock. This delivers what the title promises. Sherlock will make you hurt. But maybe it's worth it. Angsty and heart-achy and gorgeous.

It's a Long Way Down - Supernatural. This video explores the theme of water as it is used in the show, as a saviour and an enemy. Creepy and effective, works beautifully as a black-and-white vid.

Little Lion Man - Harry Potter, Ron (Hermione/Ron). Oh Ron, you brave gorgeous boy man. This is a wonderful and insightful character study that really gets to the heart of Ron's character, both his strengths and insecurities, especially when it comes to Hermione. Great vid, great song choice too.

Marchin On - Star Trek Reboot, ensemble. Ah uplifting, USS Enterprise is full of BAMFs and they just keep marchin on, hell yeah! When is the next movie out again? This makes me yearn for more epic Trek adventures.

thistle & weeds - Lost, Jack/Sawyer. Aww man, back when I watched Lost this was totally my slash pairing of choice. The vid does a good job at capturing how Jack and Sawyer constantly fail to fully connect and understand each other due to neither of them being willing to show all their cards. They almost get there so many times and then it falls apart again; a tragedy of their own making. Lovely bittersweet vid.

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More vid recs for youuuuuuu! <3

Blue Caravan - Doctor Who, Amy/Doctor, Amy/Rory. Oh this one hurts in the best of ways, A gorgeous look at Amy and Amy's boys. The vid has a lovely unhurried pace with a kind of sinister undertone that creeps up on you. Beautiful.

Bye Bye Bye - The Social Network, Eduardo/Mark. Lol the song choice is highly appropriate and makes the vid both angsty and kind of hilarious. The editing is sharp and takes full advantage of the distnictive beat of the music.

Happy Now - Life on Mars (UK), Sam character study (with some Annie/Sam and Gene/Sam elements). A great synthesis of lyrics and clips, showing Sam's slide deeper into madness... or is it happiness? The vid does an excellent job at showing the thin line between the two.

Hindsight - Glee, Kurt/Blaine. This is a 35sec vidlet that completely captures the relationship between the boys. Great attention to detail and the heartbeat like bass track lends a breathless feeling of anticipation to this. Gorgeous, amazing editing.

Man on Lockdown - Merlin, Arthur character study. A powerful and sobering take on Arthur's character, focusing on his unwillingness to rebel in action the way he does in his heart. Will make you look at the show from a different, more critical angle; painful and challenging.

Marchin On - Harry Potter, ensemble. One of the best HP vids I've seen, perfectly captures what was always the best part about the series: friendship and love that endures and grows. Vid uses footage from all the films, showing the evolution of relationships. The focus is on the trip but the vid also lets the minor characters shine. Uplifting and epic in the true meaning of the word.

Take My Hand (Take My Whole Life Too) - Sherlock, John/Sherlock. Oh jesus christ, this is one of those vids where you start with 'aww lol the song' and 30 seconds later you're bawling your eyes out because 'oh god the songggggg and and johnandsherlockohmyheartttttttt'. Firstly, the song (Ingrid Michaelson's cover of 'Can't Help Falling In Love') is so unexpectedly heart-breaking in the context of this fandom that it works perfectly. Secondly, the vid makes wonderful use of colour (full, black and white, over-saturated, tinted...), overlaying of images and gaze (oh man the long glances are killing me). Gorgeous vid.

The Colonel - Stargate Atlantis, McKay & Sheppard. This is a great video looking at the relationship between the two men from and angle I haven't seen explored before in vid format: the reluctant almost unconscious hero worship that grows into a deep friendship. Great use of footage to tell a story, including a lot of rarer clips.

Something In The Wind - Merlin, unrequited Morgana/Arthur, Merlin/Arthur. An older Merlin vid, using only season 1 footage, this makes me actually buy and almost root for Morgana/Arthur. A beautiful and painful vid, which will strike a chord with anyone who's ever been in Morgana's position.

Your Biggest Fan - Supernatural, Sam/Dean (note that to d/l the vid you need to sign-up for 4shared but it's free and worth the few clicks). Oh goodness, this feels like one of those old school wincest vids about the epic love and devotion between the brothers that require everyone viewing to exclaim 'oh Dean!' every few seconds. Dean's endless propensity to sacrifice himself for his brother makes for some delicious angsty viewing. The overlaying of young Winchester with their older counterparts is done for the maximum effect and there's a real feeling of continuity here. The ending packs a punch as well, because... of course Sam would do the same.

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My beloved Finngirls are meeting this weekend but due to being in the wrong country at the wrong time I cannot physically be there for fangirl shenanigans *sadface* One of the traditions of the fanmeets has always been watching fanvids together, so I thought I would contribute to the cause by timing my planned vid rec posts accordingly. So, prepare yourself for 4 days of vid recs! Links are a mix of LJ, AO3 and youtube, and vids are a mix of old and new.


Kat Recs All The Vids - Day 1

Disarm - Harry Potter, Draco character study (Draco/Harry). This is a gorgeous character study vid that draws some striking parallels between Draco and Harry, particularly in the context of family ties. There is something almost fragile about this vid, and the editing makes excellent use of symbolism.

High Voltage - Stargate (all shows), Ancients. Wow. I mean, wow, you always kind of knew that the Ancients weren't the benevolent gods they liked to play but this vid manages to condense just how scary and power-crazy they actually were. Great use of clips form all three Stargate series and the song choice does an excellent job at conveying the relentless drive for more, everything, now that the Ancients have.

If It Be Your Will - Lewis, Hathaway character study. In the interest of full disclosure I'll confess that this vid was made for me, from my prompt and song choice. However. However, it is about a hundred times more awesome than anything I pictured in my tiny head. Couple Leonard Cohen with Hathaway's struggle with his faith and you're left with something that hurts in all the best ways. The use of gaze and the matching of clips and lyrics is amazing, and the ending is the only possible ending a vid like this could have had.

Matches to Paper Dolls - The X Files, Scully/Mulder. Dana Scully, my hero. This is a wonderful character portrait, capturing Scully's strength and persistence as well as her relationship with Mulder, which was as destructive as it was powerful. The vid uses some unusual clips and that match between those and the lyrics is layered enough to surprise me even after several viewings.

Rolling in the Deep - X-Men Movie Series, Charles/Erik. When 'First Class' came out, everyone was all over this pairing. And yet, for me, it was the stellar (and sadly underused) performances of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen that really portrayed the painful and complicated relationship between them. This vid does an excellent job at showing the continuity and development of the two complex individuals and their relationship. Some excellent use of overlaying of images.

Take Me Home - Multi, femslash. Awesome ladies being awesome together. This is a great look at some of most intense female relationships on tv, with a nice dose of antagonism as well. The song choice gives me severe nostalgia.

The Glass - Multi, meta. I've seen this recced far and wide and deservedly so. This uses a powerful and beautifully carried visual metaphor of queer subtext, its representation in the media and how fandom breaks through it. This is some truly moving stuff right here. I was fine until it got to the Primeval clip (you'll know what I mean) and then I almost started bawling.

There! Right There! - X-Men: First Class, Charles/Erik. The most burning question at the X-Men mansion is whether Erik is gay or just... European? Oh godddddd, the crack is priceless, the song choice (from Legally Blonde the musical) exquisite, and the resulting hilarity may cause peeing in pants.

Tonight - McFly, Dougie/Harry. Right, firstly, you do not need to be in the fandom, know anything about the band or even like their music to enjoy this vid. Secondly, if you are even a little bit interested in watching power dynamics in action then run, don't walk, to watch this right now. The d/s vibe in this is amazing, all the wall pushing and restraining and bossing around... This is one of the best and sexiest rps vids I've seen, with great editing and song choice.

We Go Together - Multi, watersports! Yes, you read that right. This is a vid about watersports (and no, I'm not talking about surfing or sailing here...) and 'lo it is awesome and hilarious and even almost a little sexy at times. The sources are fantastic and the song choice too. Plus, dolphins! *cackles*

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Ahahaha yes, I know it’s like over three months into the new year and everyone and their gerbil did this meme way back when, but I spent most of January in thesis and marking fugue and then work and more thesis stuff happened so... You get it now. Because I’ve done this pretty much every year and traditions are important. Well, some of them. The ones where I get to talk about my writing in a way that feels vaguely masturbatory.


Fic by Fandom: )

Meme questions: )
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American Idol

A Sure Thing - Adam/Kris, hooker!AU. You had me at hooker!AU. I will read all hooker!AUs happily, greedily, and with slurping noises. Um. Anyway. Kris is high class prostitute! There is angst and misunderstandings and also feeeeeeeeeeeeeelings. *rolls around in the fic* This is most, most awesome.

i'm game if you are
- Adam/Kris, AU. oh uhm nngghh? It's like 5,000 words of sex. Or, well, foreplay and then sex. Kris thinks he's bad at it, Adam tries to convince him otherwise.

Inconvenient Crush or, How Kris Allen Tried to Get Over his Roommate and Failed Like Geraldo at Capone's Vault - Adam/Kris, College AU. You had me at College AU. I will read all... .... yeah, okay, you know how this goes. Oh but look, they're room mates and there are love notes. MORE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS. Anyway, this fic? Adorable. Too damn short.


Made for Sunny Days - Mercedes/Sam. Loved the sultry summer feel of this and Mercedes so happy and knowing. Left me with a huge smile on my face.

Hawaii Five-0

All My Guards Away
- Danny/Steve. A wonderful, heart-wrenching post 1.18 story that deals with the fallout of Danny's brother in a way that hurts in all the right places. I love what the writer does with Rachel and Matt and Danny's whole family (the one from Jersey and the one he's found himself in Hawaii) and despite the grief and tragedy, there's a tangible feel of warmth and human connection to this fic.

Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No - Danny/Steve. Okay, so the Steve characterisation here is taken to the deliberate extreme (Steve + emotions = panic attack) but it is hilarious. Danny is sending some mixed signals. With a flower. And the hibiscus is totally a metaphor for their big gay love, okay.

Hears All Things - Danny/Steve. Jealous!Steve. Danny has a new lady friend and Steve is less that thrilled about it. But it's okay, things get sorted out in the end...

The Vertical Challenge  - Danny/Steve. Five times Danny's height (or, erm, lack of it) was an issue... This is long and satisfying (pun... totally intended) and all kinds of awesome; great banter and delicious, delicious ust.


A Partner Thing  - Carlton/Juliet. Yes, actually, I am all over this het ship. surprised? Probably not as much as I am. Anyway, this fic manages to be unexpectedly hot (like 'fuck, I need a cigarette now' hot, and it's been eons I've read het fic I've found genuinely sexy) even though there is no actual sex. Also, very, very interesting power dynamics. Highly recced.

Stargate Atlantis

Rock, Paper (No Scissors) - McKay/Sheppard. Ah epistolary fic, my favourite. John and Rodney exchange notes in prison and things get discussed that usually don't. This is just utterly delightful; I do some enjoy reading about John's issues.

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I know I promised more fic rec posts, but 2-5 min fanvids are the extent of my non-thesis attention span right now. Plus there are some real gems here that I can't bear to deprive you of any more.

Vid Recs!

Alone With You (the shared madness) - Bandom, Patrick/Pete. Oh goddddddddd. Remember back in the day when Patrick/Pete was the pairing in the bandom? Remember all the angsty fic where Pere was a mess and Patrick was... the anchor and the leaking liferaft or maybe nothing but a phantom on Pete's fucked-up psyche? Yeah, you remember that? Well, this is all that in a 3-minute video. Set to a song by Brand New (I know for a fact that this is a selling point to at least one of you). What the fuck are you still doing here and not watching this vid?

Strange Days - Being Human, ensemble (canon pairings). I know I ramble about song choices a lot, but these are my recs so I can. This is song I used in a Wincest fanmix eons ago, and a long-time favourite of mine and so perfect for this. Oh show. This is a gorgeous, bittersweet vid with a wonderful use of the supporting characters. Definite tissue-warning for this.

Distance - Glee, Finn/Kurt (could be friendship). Okay, if anyone was going to sell this pairing to me it would be Fabella. The song is one I always associate with one of my favourite Ianto/Jack vids, but damn it's poignant here too. The hazy overlay (idk, there's probably a technical vidder term for it) lends this perfect dreamy quality. Use of colour (and lack of it), the subtle effects... but beyond that, the emotional impact is immense. This vid makes the point the show laboured at, and makes it far better.

White Blank Page (d/l link amidst the comments, ask the vidder) - Glee, Brittany/Santana. Okay so I thought the show itself twisted the knife in my heart with the storyline of these two. But that was like a pin prick compared to the this. Jesus Christ. If you do not choke up from watching you have no soul and I don't think we can hang out any longer. The bleached colours, the overlaid clips, the clear storytelling, the editing that brings to focus the frankly excellent acting... I don't care if you hate Glee, this is beautiful, go watch it now.

Cupid's Chokehold
- Hawaii Five-0, Danny/Steve. Man, I love it when fandoms collide. Here Steve and Danny's meet-cute to the infectious tune of that Gym Class Heroes song you can't get out of your head for five hours after listening (mmm Travie and Patrick). Anyway. This is Nel's vid so quality is guaranteed. This is sweet and light-hearted, perfect antidote for all the angst. (Smile moar, Danny! *gazes*)

Harbors of Our Own - Hawaii Five-0, Danny/Steve. Ah, oldie but goodie (...does a fandom this new even have 'oldies' yet?) Anyway, possibly everyone has seen this already but since I haven't recced it yet... Basically, this is a vid about how inconvenient love can be. It won't ask for permission or schedules or whether or not you'd prefer your working hours explosion free or your pizza without fruit. Such is love. Danny is learning it the hard way. Lovely vid with strong storytelling.

Trouble - Hawaii Five-0, Danny/Steve. . :DDD Pink is one the very few celebrity women I wouldn't mind a little personal playtime with. Um, that wasn't relevant to the vid per se, was it? Anyway. Steve is trouble. Danny pretends to mind. Awesome action vid, uncomplicated fun. Everyone needs some of that.

Ego - Merlin, Arthur/Merlin. Aaaaahahahahaaaahahahaha. Merlin is Beyoncé. Of course he is. It makes perfect sense. Anyway, so okay, here's the thing, Merlin has a big sword cock ego. And he can back it up. And then some. A vid full of phallic symbolism (just like the show!) and a dramatic slash dragon (also, like the show!). You owe yourself to watch this.

Animal (youtube, no d/l link that I could find) - Sherlock, John/Sherlock. Okay, I admit it: I clicked on this vid because I had some hazy hope it was made to NIN's Closer (...seriously, where is the Sherlock vid to that? I need it in my life.) It wasn't. But it was a sill an awesome little lovestory of a vid. There's something oddly romantic and kind of... soft? about this vid that appeals to me. The colouring is gorgeous.

Sherlock: The Musical - Sherlock, some implied John/Sherlock and Moriarty/Sherlock scenes. Okay, so this does what it says in the tin; a medley of songs and clips. This is hilarious, often in a slightly wrong way. Ahahaha, the Mycroft part is maybe my favourite. No, John's theme song. No, everything about Moriarty (Lady Gaga! perfect!). No, maybe... You get the idea.

Sherlock Audio Fun - Sherlock, some implied John/Sherloc, Moriarty/Sherlock, Anderson/Sherlock (no, really) and Sherlock/Mrs. Hudson (ahaha, genius) scenes. So this is done in the same vein as above (medley of songs) but also uses a variety of dialogue clips from other sources. Also moar musicals (Sherlock = Belle, trufax). And Glee (Sherlock does not want to go to rehab!) This vid actually makes me kind of buy both Anderson/Sherlock and Moriarty/Sherlock and even find them, sort of, um hot? My favourite is probably still John asking Sherlock not to turn him on...

Sherlock'd In His Pants - Sherlock, John/Sherlock. So you know the Supernatural vid to this song, right? Right?! Good, so you know what to expect. Ahahaha, what wonders clever editing can do. Many, many hilarious lyric-clip combos, will possibly ruin (improve?) Sherlock's latex gloves for you forever but totally worth it. *dries tears of mirth*

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You (youtube, no d/l link that I could find) - Sherlock, John/Sherlock. Nghgkldsguhhh. Um yeah, it is indeed set to the John Everett song made famous by True Blood and damn but it fits well. I loved the darker edge of this and how predatory Sherlock is portrayed as. Good use of dialogue, which can be a hit and miss, but works well here.

Brokeback Baker Street
(youtube, no d/l link that I could find) - Sherlock, John/Sherlock. Ahahaha, so I am a sucker for these reimaginings. By the same vidder as above, this is Sherlock done like the Brokeback Mountain trailer and I am unashamedly emotional over it. C'mon, who wouldn't watch this movie?

Lucky Ones (vidder's LJ is flocked and I've no idea if there is a d/l link somewhere) - Star Wars Prequels (with a couple clips from the Original Trilogy), Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon. Fine, fine, so I've been on Obi/Qui fic binge over the last two weeks, what of it? It's the power difference thing. Think about it, the whole Jedi order is only one sideways step away from institutionalised bdsm what with all the Masters and training bonds and suggestive weaponry, what was George Lucas thinking?. I cannot resist that shit even when the ratio of purple prose, soul bonds, and release of sexual energy into the ~Living Force~ is alarmingly high. I also cannot resist watching and rewatching this vid and maybe having some serious heartache because of the EPIC AND TRAGIC LOVE. This is not fandom I've seen many decent vids for so to find one is awesome. Sepia-coloured angst that manages to convey the larger than life feel of the Star Wars universe. Well drawn parallels between the Obi/Qui and Anakin/Padme storylines as well.

Runs in the Family
- Stargate Atlantis, Gen ensemble, John pov. I would like to nominate this vid for the 'ingenious song choice' award. The frantic, brassy, bitter anger of the Amanda Palmer song is perfect for John and this fucked-up family of his. Love the Teyla sequence and overall use of the Wraith in the first half, and then, gah, it gets even more twisted and... yeah. Awesome.


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