Jul. 16th, 2017 05:29 pm
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A couple of weeks ago I went to see Wonder Woman. I cried three times during it. The scene of the Amazons defending their island, the scene of Diana crossing the battlefied... I did not expect to be so moved but there I was, crying, because 'I've never seen...' and 'finally' and the entirely unexpected emotional impact of that. I've been brutally honest about my reaction as well every male colleague with whom I've gotten to talking about the movie. Because it needs to be said. And because I hope that it helps them understand. Even if just a little bit.

And then today:

I genuinely cried again. Because finally.

And every single whiney fanboy who starts the argument with 'I'm not sexist but...' can take their male privilege and kindly go fuck themselves.


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Have some links to articles etc that I've collected to pass on:
And now for some more visual stories, two adorable and gorgeous comics for you.

First this charming, f/f tale of mermaids and tattoos by charmingly antiquated. See the full thing on artist's Tumblr post but here's a first panel as a taster.

And second, Scaredy Cat, a wonderful story of a little kitten's Halloween adventure by Heather Franzen. Again, the full thing can be seen on the artist's site but have the first panel to get you hooked.

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I did complain to ASA about this advert. As expected, this made exactly zero difference. Here is the (somewhat patronising) reply

While we appreciate your concerns, we note that the ad promotes Wilkinson Sword’s Quattro for Women Bikini, a women’s hair removal product for the bikini line, and while we acknowledge that the ad may not appeal to all viewers, and may be considered distasteful by some, we note that it does not contain any sexually suggestive or explicit language or imagery and that the ad is directly related to the product concerned.  The ad displays a light-hearted attempt at humour using a scenario that consumers may be able to identify with to some extent. We do not consider the ad likely to imply that it would be in anyway unacceptable to be anything but clean shaven, but rather to target those who do generally prefer to be clean shaven. This is of course a creative choice on the advertiser’s part and they may risk alienating sectors of the audience who disagree with their approach. We also note that Clearcast, the organisation responsible for clearing TV ads prior to broadcast, applied a scheduling restriction to the ad, which means it cannot be broadcast in or around children’s programmes.  Therefore, we consider this restriction to be sufficient and that the ad is unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence, and as such, will not be taking further action at this time.

And my reply to that:

This is exactly the outcome I was expecting, so the decision is no surprise. The complaint was made out of desire to make a point rather than any expectation of change, as change about things like these is slow in coming and hard won. I continue to disagree strongly about what the ad implies regarding women’s beauty standards - not that it’s the only one of its kind as these problems are far more systemic and structural, embedded into and perpetuated by the media well beyond advertising industry. I appreciate the personal response from the ASA though, thank you for that.

I will continue to shout about stuff like this at any given opportunity.

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I have marked 15 essays today. I want to cry. The two are causally correlated.


In other news, I have finally bought a new laptop. And by that I mean, the same laptop I have now except the newer version. It should be here soon. Yes, it was emotionally painful.

However, I am now lusting after a tablet. It must be 10inch because I need to use it for work stuff but otherwise I'm open for recommendations. Oh, and I'd ideally not use more than ~£300 on it.


I continue to be in love with Lewis fandom! Back in February I left a prompt about Hathaway going on a series of bad dates and then, two months later, two separate but equally awesome fics about that appeared as a complete surprise. Both are excellent stories with great characterisation and oodles of romance and jealousy and pining and oh my heart! Run, don't walk, to read: Not Quite According To Plan by [ profile] fortesomniare and The Unfortunate State of My Dates by [ profile] wendymr and [ profile] paperscribe. <3


Here are a couple of things gathered via flist that I wanted to share:

  • This Is My Body - a video with some important messages, most universal, although some with US-centric slant as that's where the vid originates from (triggery for sexual harassment/offending and health issues). Because for those of us on the Northern Hemisphere, how many magazine articles and comments have you already seen/received about getting your body 'swimsuit ready'? And really, that's just the tip of the iceberg as you all know.


And because I wanted to leave you with something light-hearted and silly after that...


Right, as you were. I'm going to go get some food now and watch 2h of American sit-coms.



Sep. 28th, 2013 11:13 am
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...has arrived. I've still been braving it and sitting outside with the laptop (and layers and quilt and hot tea) to work during my 'work from home' days. Not sure how long I can keep it up though.

In other "news":

I have a new layout from [ profile] minty_peach. I'm still fiddling with the coding though to make it work for me but I like it. New header too from [ profile] roxicons with narcissistic text added by me.

Laptop touchpad finally went properly bonkers and after a frustrating day where everything took five tries to get it right I stomped to the supermarket and bought a wireless mouse. I have now names him Ryan because he essentially saved Spencer (i.e. my laptop) from a fate in the trash heap. Another lease of life although I do know I need to upgrade to a new laptop probably within a year. Sigh.

First lectures for next week are written and include a lot of lolcats. As is my prerogative.

Research funding application has been sent off. It's only for some internal funding to cover travel expenses etc but still, fingers crossed


Thinks that have entertained me lately.

Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman totally did it! Whitman opened a bottle of elderberry wine and he and Oscar drank it all before Whitman suggested they go upstairs to his ‘den’ on the third floor where, he told Oscar, ‘We could be on ‘thee and thou’ terms.' DELIGHTFUL! As the author explains: "History has reached out to you specifically and given you a gift."

Victorian vibrators! Here and also here and there's this one for 'horse exercises at home'. Yeah... :D

So I gather this is making a lot of waves but I just saw it for the first time yesterday when I had some random music channel on the background and suddenly what I was watching registered with my brain and it basically went 'WTF AHAHAHAHAHAHA' Man, Norwegians, got to love them.

I'll leave you with that.

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I saw this on the lovely flist today and it made me choke up.

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This caught my eye and I know is of interest to flisters (also, I'm trying to be more active about LJ posting)

I need feminism because... New shoots of student feminism, assignment contribution to The Guardian Witness.



May. 22nd, 2013 12:18 am
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France legalises same-sex marriage.

In the UK, the same-sex marriage bill passes the House of Commons, amidst paranoid fears for some secret agenda of the 'aggressive homosexual community' (hands up if you're a member?) and  Lord Tebbitt's deeply bizarre ravings about 'lesbian queens and artificially inseminated heirs' (bring it on I say) and plans to 'marry his own son to escape inheritance tax'.

Finland's Eurovision entry featuring a same-sex kiss fails to bring a winning vote while Turkey opts for the 'lalalala if I can't see it, it's not happening' approach to the whole thing. It might, however, highlight the fact that Finland is the only remaining Nordic country that has not legalised same-sex marriage and has recently dropped in the LGBT equality index. Yet, a poll suggests over half support same-sex marriage and a citizens' initiative will force the debate back into the parliament.

George Takei continues to be awesome while the young age of all the protesters makes me very sad.

Last week I sat at the staff LGBTIQ network meeting and watched one of the young women put on a brave face about coming out to her family.

A few months ago one of my students told me that 'well if they don't tell the police about homophobic hate crime, then what can they do, it's not their responsibility.' Still, two others included transgender people in their assignment on 'gender diversity and policing' as well as 'men and women'.

Idk, I have a lot of feels. I try to stay out of the comments sections in all news articles. I try to talk to my students instead. I try to remember the ones who listen and the ones who never needed telling in the first place, those who just go 'of course' because anything but equality is incomprehensible. Because that's the way it should be.



Mar. 2nd, 2013 12:29 pm
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The only good thing about having to spend entire weekend writing lectures on psychology and sexual offending is the fact that I have a legitimate reason to introduce my students to the Evolutionary Psychology Bingo.

In other news: I cannot get Tricks to swallow the goddamn worming tablet no matter what I try or how I hide it.

Actual update soon. Maybe even tomorrow.
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I'm doing seminar prep on Human Rights, and happen across this quote I used in an essay many years ago.

Over the last few days I have seen and read many posts about male privilege, gender inequalities and sexual violence against women - some academic, some deeply personal. And what is common to all of them is the utter, horrible, normality of it. These things do not happen, or happen solely, because of individual pathology or some personified evil. They stem from embedded cultural and societal values, from deeply entrenched understanding of what it means to be one sex or another, what is expected and allowed, and what is not.

Which is why I think this quote unfortunately still stands as true as it did 16 years ago.

"Human rights principles are not based on the experience of women. It is not that women's human rights have not been violated. When women are violated like men who but for sex are like them - when women's arms and legs bleed when severed, when women are shot in pits and gassed in vans, when womens' bodies are salted away at the bottom of abandoned mines or dropped from planes into the ocean, when womens' skulls are send from Auschwitz to Strasbourg for experiments - this is not recorded as the history of human rights atrocities to women. They are Argentinian or Honduran or Jewish. When things happen to women that also happened to men, like being beaten and disappeared and tortured to death, the fact that they happened to women is not noted in the record book of human suffering. When no war has been declared and still women are beaten by men with whom they are close, when wives disappear from supermarket parking lots, when prostitutes float up in rivers or turn up under piles of rags in abandoned buildings, these atrocities go unmarked entirely in the record of human suffering because the victims are women and it smells of sex. What happens to women is either too particular to be universal or too universal to be particular, meaning either too human to be female or too female to be human."

MacKinnon, C. (1993). ‘Crimes of war, crimes of peace’, pp. 83-109. In Shute, S. & Hurley, S. (Eds.). On Human Rights. The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 1993. New York: BasicBooks.
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*bangs head repeatedly against nearest flat surface*

For the fandom antidote go thee here.


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