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It's been a shitty few weeks. Personally speaking work is really, really challenging at the moment with a lot of interpersonal conflict and drama I'm having to mediate, and lot of organisational change that requires eighty million forms to make it happen. Globally speaking, the disaster of the US election results is opening up a cold pit of dread inside me for the environment, for the people, for anyone who is different, for anything that isn't economic growth. I'm looking for the strength and active hope in small things now, in the people around me, in how my neighbour took in a rescue cat, how I'm told I'm doing a good job at this Programme Directorship lark, how mum's test results were all clear, in the upcoming trip to New Orleans, and the small positive differences I can make.

But this post isn't really about the above, although it really is one in the long line of devastating things 2016 has thrown our way. I woke up this morning to the news of Leonard Cohen's passing. It's not really a surprise, given his advanced age, but it still cuts me like a knife to the heart. I can't begin to explain what his poetry, set to music or not, means to me. I am absolutely heart-broken. I can't bring myself to listen to these at the moment because if I do I'll just sit here and cry and I can't do that right now because I have a lot of work to get through but these are some my favourite ones and I know I will return to them, when time has softened a blow little.



Oct. 29th, 2016 06:20 pm
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Pumpking carving achieved!


Flyby post

Aug. 31st, 2016 06:34 pm
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Things which are meh:
- Holiday is over
- Marking resit assignments, these have mostly been almost as terrible as OR WORSE than the original failed submissions. Why god, why?
- Still waiting for final MA corrections from my supervisor, WHAT IF THEY ARE NUMEROUS AND DIFFICULT, I DON'T THINK I CAN BRAIN ANYMORE ABOUT THIS!
- A bit of a non-day today. Haven't left the bed because today was 'wrokd from bed' kind of day. Also neighbours had their grandkids visiting, I can't mark shit essays when children run around
- Cat vomit

Things which are yay:
- I have written all the things. No really, a lot. Expect a two-week span of ficlets soon. (thanks [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666)
- I can work from home all week
- I went for 1h walk yesterday, got pleasantly sweaty and tired and found brambles (I really want to go back with a bucket to pick them once they ripen more)

This showed up on the flist (thanks [livejournal.com profile] milly_gal) and tickled me greatly, especially as I'd just watched Thork: The Wraiths Attack Dark World on Monday. Loki was fun, as was Erik, and I still want to take Darcy to bed (and not for sleeping). Everything else was boring. Also, Odin is a dick. Anyway, this made me lol. Also, Mark Ruffalo should get into my pants asap.

Then this also showed on the flist (thanks [livejournal.com profile] spikedluv) which was most fortuitous as I'd just written 2k Adam/Kris fic. Anyway, holy crap that Wicked Games cover gives me the chills

A few more under the cut )

That's it. Now I'm going to write some Loki/Thor fic from Frigga's pov because that's how we be rolling atm. Adios.



Feb. 10th, 2016 04:06 pm
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Today is the first day of Lent, and while I'm not particularly religious or even spiritual, it does provide a nice, well-defined period for abstinence. So, what is it that I'm giving up? I considered meat, but I don't really eat enough of it in the first place for that to be particularly meaningful. Same goes for alcohol as I only tend to drink socially and go for weeks on end without anyway. But then, an idea! And I'm making this public as well so I can feel peer-pressure to follow through :D

For Lent, I'm giving up... Reading Fanfic For Pleasure.

That's right! Here are my reasons: almost all of my current 'for pleasure' reading is fanfic, which means it's been way too long since I've had time/focus for books. And I really want to go back to reading books, because I have several in my bookshelves, just waiting for me (both fiction and work related stuff). In addition to book, there is a lot of TV and films I want to catch up on! I also want to devote more time to creative things like writing and graphics. Work has been stupidly busy and fanfic is the current 'easy treat' option to enjoy what spare time I have but I'm hoping to break out of that rut a little.

There are exceptions and stipulations of course. What I'm giving up is reading fanfic for pleasure, meaning...
- Writing fanfic is allowed and indeed encouraged *eyes wip folder*
- Reading fanfic for purposes of beta work is allowed
- Reading fanfic because I'm doing art for it is allowed (yay [livejournal.com profile] smallfandombang!)
- Skimming already-read fics for the purposes of writing a rec is allowed (actually, I don't have to do even this a lot because a week of fic rec posts is almost done and I'll timer those posts soon)

So, wish me luck and creativity! I'm acutely aware I'm well due another RL update and hope to get to that soonish...

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Alas, further investigation - based solely on one Amazon review - suggests that while the book is very real, the particular section on buttermilk bosoms and galloping abs here is a hoax. You may be relieved. You may be disappointed. Personally, I'M A LITTLE BIT BOTH :D Regardless, that was the best laugh I'd had in a while and I will be adopting 'enter it like it's a lottery' into my active vernacular. 'Kat, we're going over here. - Oh, that building? I'M GONNA ENTER IT LIKE IT'S A LOTTERY!' 'Oh, you're about to take a bath? - Oh no, no, no! I'M GOING TO ENTER IT LIKE IT'S A LOTTERY!' The possibilities!

In other news I have had one shorter day, another long day, and today sort of medium day, followed by 12h day tomorrow and then going to have to work Saturday so... Uh, I'm around in theory? I am thinking I'll do a week of fic recs next week because I have them almost ready and that would be... something.

Right, now I'm going to wash dishes and make myself a jacket potato. Exciting times!



Aug. 23rd, 2014 11:33 am
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Just a quick note to let you know that I'm safely back home. Flight was delayed only by 1h this time (some problem with loading the baggage) so not too bad. Yesterday I managed to unpack, have a 3h nap, go to the shop for food and order enough Indian takeaway to last me the whole weekend. Today and tomorrow I'll pretty much be focusing on:

  • tiding up the house

  • writing fic

  • cuddling the cats

  • catching up with TV (Got to Dance, Great British Bake Off, Royal Pains, and let's not forget NEW DOCTOR WHO TONIGHT WHEE)

  • catching up with the Flist - hello btw to all my new flisters! *waves* Sorry I've been a bit a rubbish for the last week re commenting but I've been on holiday

  • posting about the last week in Finland with some pics

  • mentally preparing for going to London on Monday to the GtD live heat auditions. As an audience member with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 I would like to point out, not as a contestant lol

Sounds like a plan, yes?



Nov. 30th, 2013 11:31 am
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Slept for good ten hours. Feeling not quite here. Weather is nice and I need to go to the shop, but first I need to at least tidy the house (the actual cleaning may be job for another day) and have a shower. Bah.

Coffee and socks will hopefully help

Fandom is making happy and sad.

Happy because some old favourites like Talking Stick/Circle are showing up on AO3. And happy because stuff like this happens:

Sad because fandom seems to be moving to platforms I just don't seem to get on with it. Looking at you Tumblr. I'm too word and discussion oriented. But. My LJ flist is so very quiet. And the recent announcement of [livejournal.com profile] crack_van closing down just feels like the final death knell... I've been toying with an idea of doing a multi-fandom friending meme but honestly now I'm not sure it would be worth it...

Anyway. Shakes self off to action. Like that coffee. And probably porridge as that's all the breakfast type food I have in the house at the moment.



Sep. 28th, 2013 11:13 am
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...has arrived. I've still been braving it and sitting outside with the laptop (and layers and quilt and hot tea) to work during my 'work from home' days. Not sure how long I can keep it up though.

In other "news":

I have a new layout from [livejournal.com profile] minty_peach. I'm still fiddling with the coding though to make it work for me but I like it. New header too from [livejournal.com profile] roxicons with narcissistic text added by me.

Laptop touchpad finally went properly bonkers and after a frustrating day where everything took five tries to get it right I stomped to the supermarket and bought a wireless mouse. I have now names him Ryan because he essentially saved Spencer (i.e. my laptop) from a fate in the trash heap. Another lease of life although I do know I need to upgrade to a new laptop probably within a year. Sigh.

First lectures for next week are written and include a lot of lolcats. As is my prerogative.

Research funding application has been sent off. It's only for some internal funding to cover travel expenses etc but still, fingers crossed


Thinks that have entertained me lately.

Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman totally did it! Whitman opened a bottle of elderberry wine and he and Oscar drank it all before Whitman suggested they go upstairs to his ‘den’ on the third floor where, he told Oscar, ‘We could be on ‘thee and thou’ terms.' DELIGHTFUL! As the author explains: "History has reached out to you specifically and given you a gift."

Victorian vibrators! Here and also here and there's this one for 'horse exercises at home'. Yeah... :D

So I gather this is making a lot of waves but I just saw it for the first time yesterday when I had some random music channel on the background and suddenly what I was watching registered with my brain and it basically went 'WTF AHAHAHAHAHAHA' Man, Norwegians, got to love them.

I'll leave you with that.


Mixed bag

Sep. 7th, 2013 12:49 pm
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I have had three cups of coffee. I still feel sleepy. In fact, I've been tired a lot lately but I'm trying to combat this with Berocca and making sure I get out of the house at least once a day. Sitting in the garden counts, okay? I did that this morning but it wasn't that warm and the sun kept hiding. Now I'm back on the sofa and sun is out again making me feel guilty for just wanting to hide inside with the curtains drawn.

My cats are being particularly clingy at the moment. This may have something to do with the (finally) cooling weather as last night they actually slept inside. They are currently both on the sofa with me, Perdie next to my head and Tricks holding onto my toes. Aww.

Have finally uploaded more icons. I'm paying for the extra space but haven't really been taking advantage of that. I will also be making some icons today, yes sir.

I've been re-reading a lot of old SPN fics lately, rediscovering old favourites (like Birds on a Wire and The Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean and Mixing Light to Light and also of fuck Bitch and ahahaha Leader of the Pack and also Green and Gamboge and oh man I could go onnnn). Good times.

This has led me thinking about fic tropes again. Here are three tropes that I don't like despite fully acknowledging some people's ability to write them spectacularly:

  1. Time-travel. Idk, I just don't like the idea of people missing each other in such a fundamental way as being in different sections of the time stream. I don't like characters receiving dire warnings or sage advice from their future self. I also don't like future self/present self sex. Yawn.

  2. Apocalypse fic. I don't like the idea of world ending. Apocalypse was one of those things I was absolutely terrified as a child (growing up in 80s with constant talk of nuclear war and Tšernobyl happening relatively close with warnings of not to eat berries etc from the forests that summer and... yeah) so it's not a setting I want to read about. Though, like with many other darker fictional scenarios, I think I could actually write it quite happily. Lol it's like fictional switching that mirrors the other switching: I'll do things to others with glee that I will not have done to me *g* Double standards ftw!

  3. Crossovers where a character gets it on with the actor playing them. Like Dean/Jensen or even stuff like Gerard/Poison. Similar thing to the time-travel cliché of having sex with yourself. Oh, see also: clones and mirror universes. I just... I'd rather read a good traditional masturbation pwp to be honest. Adding a second (third?) person to the mix doesn't really help. Say Merlin's spell goes wrong and he ends up with a double and then Arthur goes 'By the Grail, we must have a threesome!'... Yeah, not doing it for me. It lacks the kind of tension or spark you have between to different people. Honestly, if I met my future self or my mirror universe double, I wouldn't be interested in having sex with myself. For real, we'd probably just drink tea and try to get twice as much work/writing done and divide up responsibilities because we are inherently lazy.

From dislikes to likes. Remember that Working Hard for the Money meme I pimped a few days ago. Well, I left quite a few prompts there and one of them even got filled \o/ I thought I'd put them here too in case some of you are desperately wondering what to write me for Christmas... *g* Seriously though, eternal gratitude to anyone who might get inspired:

Bandom, Patrick/Pete
Early days, the band need money to tour. Patrick makes it by selling his... nope, not his body. His voice. Because turns out that it's not just good for singing, but it's also extremely good for talking dirty on the phone sex line. Pete finds out. Inevitable ensues. - Filled here: That Pretty Mouth Say Such Dirty Words by the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] synnerxx

Psych, Gus/Shawn
Someone is attacking the ladies and gentlemen of the night in Santa Barbara. Only way for Shawn to get a good 'psychic reading' of the attacker is to go undercover as a companion for hire. Cue Shawn hanging on street corners in tank top and torn jeans. He is... surprisingly good at the role. Better than his excellent acting skills alone could account for. Gus starts thinking about all those years Shawn spent away and just how he made ends meets... Angst, confrontation, jealousy, some creep touching Shawn in bad places, bonus for Gus decking the guy flat out, happy endings :D

Bandom, Ryan/Spencer
When Ryan's dad finally kicks him out, Ryan is too proud to go asking for help from his best friend. In retrospect, he should've maybe swallowed his pride.

Merlin, Gwen/Morgana
Modern AU, Morgana's uni mates drag her onto a pub crawl that ends in a strip bar. Morgana is shocked to see her project partner Gwen on stage. Shocked and... well, kind of... unable to take her eyes off her.

Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/McCoy
Modern AU, BDSM, Kirk is good at going to his knees and begging and making his clients believe he means it. In truth he despises every guy who thinks himself a "Master Leather God" or some such nonsense, thinks himself to be a Dom and a real man for smacking him around. And yet... they're paying for it because they clearly can't get anyone to do it voluntarily. If he had a choice, Kirk wouldn't sub for any of these guys. Truth be told, he's not sure he'd sub for anyone... although sometimes he thinks maybe, with a right guy, it could be... sort of okay. Maybe with a guy like Dr McCoy, the sarcastic, grumpy ER doctor who's looked after Kirk on more than one occasion after the extras he charged his clients for were a little too much after all. My undying gratitude for anyone who would write this, seriously.

Sherlock, John/Sherlock
AUish, world where contracting yourself out as a sex slave for a pre-determined period of time is an accepted if not that respected way of making money. After John saves the lives of men in his regimen, they pass the hat around and buy him one hell of a thank you present: Sherlock Holmes at his exclusive service for six months. John appreciates the gesture, he really does. Sherlock is scary smart, funny (often unintentionally though) and seriously, seriously hot. And he can apparently suck cock really, really well. Better than John's ever had. Or so he tells him. Because, well, John kind of has... moral objections for actually having sex with anyone who's been paid to do it. It's going to be long six months. And at the end of it... well, who knows.

Right, enough rambling for today. I'm going to go wash dishes and put rubbish/recycling out now because these are the things that need doing. Then after that I'm going to sit down and do some icons, dammit.

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The days before a holiday I find it increasingly difficult to actually motivate myself to do some work. All I've done today and yesterday is wield various emails regarding this conference handbook I'm organising, and copy-paste text around in an effort to put together the skeleton of my next teaching portfolio assignment. Word-count wise I think I'm actually almost 50% there, although it doesn't translate to actual effort still needed for it. But I just can't muster the energy to care. Here are the mental justifications for what is essentially laziness:
1. I am actually more than half done with this teaching portfolio now (nevermind that I still haven't got any formative feedback on it and if that turns out to be not so positive I may very well have to redo stuff)
2. The deadline for this is not until end of October (nevermind that I have conference paper, resit grading, and at least ten lectures to pull out of my ass by then as well)
3. Just because I've got two weeks off and mum is here, doesn't mean I can't do some work. She's got books and crafts with her and doesn't need entertaining 24/7 (nevermind that I was hoping to use such spare time to write my challenge fics and make some icons)
4. All in all I have 10 unused holiday days and no time to take them so surely doing barely half days for a couple of weeks is justified


Anyway, today and yesterday I've also had some builders around to sort out my bathroom roof and other small things that needed fixing. Which has been another convenient excuse for not getting much work done.  But, at least house things are now fixed.

Tomorrow I have a tutorial with my challenging dissertation student (will she ever finish it? WILL SHE EVER LEAVE? I just don't know) followed by attempt to further my teaching portfolio assignment some more. [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 is coming for the weekend and may be roped into cleaning the house with me. On Sunday afternoon I'm going to head over to Gatwick airport, stay overnight at the Premier Inn there and pick up mum bright and early Monday morning.

Ugh, right now I think I'm going to go and organise some paperwork in the office and call British Gas about fitting smart meters. That should assuage my guilt of not working a little. But first, a meme I snagged from [livejournal.com profile] beedekka a while back.

Meeeeemeeeeee )

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  • I've had 6 cups of coffee today

  • This may be why I'm finding it hard to sleep at the moment

  • Which is annoying as I need to be up at decent hour tomorrow for potential house repairs

  • On the positive side, and largely thanks to coffee, I've finished one of my teaching portfolio assignments today

  • And because I finished another one yesterday it means that I am now 50% done with that tomfoolery \o/

  • Lately I have also kicked ass with volunteering/sustainability module planning (fuck yeah networking, fuck yeah potential development money) and conference handbook organising (and putting in a paper for said conference)

  • I have not yet kicked any ass regarding my challenge fics. And yet... I cannot muster any panic about this.

  • People whom I've promised icons: They will materialise, please be patient. I'm currently still in the cropping stage (damn I love cropping... um, cropping pictures. But yeah, also the other type of cropping though sadly not getting to do any of that at the moment, apply within if interested)

  • I'm in the mood to read aaaaaaall the Frank/Mikey fics at the moment and have been going through my old favourites but am now hitting a dead end because I don't want to read anything tagged with 'alcoholism' or 'drug use' or 'adultery'. Or... well okay, I'm being super picky atm but I really just want to read seventy-thousand fics about them being roommates and falling in love and if there's some d/s vibe (with Mikey as the 's' in the equation, then all the better). SPECIFIC FIC NEED IS SPECIFIC.

  • My mum is coming for a visit next Monday. We are planning a day in London to visit Madam Tussaud's which has been her long-held dream to see. It makes me happy to be able to facilitate that. I asked mum if there was anything else that she would like to see or do in London and she said she'd think about it. Today she rang to inform me of her choice. What was it, you may ask. The Big Ben? The Buckingham Palace? Shopping spree on the Oxford Street? No, no and hell no. My mother, she told me excitedly, had 'looked at things in the internet' and found that there was a Sherlock Holmes Museum (the emphasis was most definitely there) in London and that she would very much like to visit that if possible. Then she asked for some floor measurements because she's making me a rug and asked what flavour vodka I would like from the airport. If I am even a little bit awesome, it's because of her <3

  • Okay, writing this post has killed sufficient amount of time that I actually feel vaguely sleepy now. I should probably get on that.

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Today I have made some marginal progress with my teaching study portfolio (which I am now less than affectionately calling 'Reflect on This' assignment in my head), been a victim of banana theft (I can't prove it but I know it happened) and finished writing over 5k of Harry/Draco tentacle porn which I have sent off to [livejournal.com profile] margaret_r for beta.

Today is also the last day of July and thus the last and 31st day on consecutive posting I have done this month, together with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 and [livejournal.com profile] lolabobs joined in on the fun at some point too. It's been... hard at times to find something different to post about every day, especially when my touchpad was acting up a lot and trying my patience (it's much better now btw, thank fuck) but it's been pretty awesome too and has pushed me to post things that I probably would have procrastinated over much longer otherwise, including the most awesome porn meme which was a lot of fun!

I hope you've enjoyed at least some of the posts and aren't too sick of me yet. Thank you to everyone who has commented and thank you to everyone who brightens up my flist with their own posts. I'll be taking a little bit of a breather from posting, but guaranteed I can't stay away from it too long, as I have things that are still in the queue.

So, maybe a little preview of What Next?

  • [livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place Patrick/Pete porn

  • above mentioned Harry/Draco tentacle porn

  • summer challenge fics for [livejournal.com profile] lewis_challenge and [livejournal.com profile] evilsam_spn when I have, erm, actually written them

  • more 50 Books Challenge

  • more 50 Recipes Challenge

  • undoubtedly more real life whining

  • requested icons from here - btw if you said you'd be back to leave me a picture/text prompt and you haven't yet, now would be the time. There are also still three open request places left.

  • Week of Poetry on [livejournal.com profile] boneverse, although I will probably combine a masterlist of sorts on this journal too. Details here if you are interested in joining me for that 5-11 of August.

So, with all of that in mind I shall only say... later! And pass the challenge to you! Who among you will pledge to post Something Everyday in the Month of August? Is it you? Or you? Or you there at the back...?

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Heat = poor sleep and lots of dreams and laptop touchpad still acting up = cranky Kat

Ugh, I'm so irritable (and irritating I'm sure!) right now, but everything is making me just want to throw myself to the floor and kick my legs and wail 'BUT I DON'T WANNA!' like a three-year-old having a tantrum.

Let me express my current mood via the medium of cat gifs )

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I bought garden furniture. This set (only I got it even cheaper, for £199, boo yay!) to be exact because it will also nicely work in my lounge meaning guests have other options besides cuddling with me on the two-seater sofa or sitting on the floor. Plus now I have a proper coffee table rather than using a cardboard box.

Yes, a major motivation for buying this set was the fact that mum is coming to visit in a month and if I don't have something better than a) a quilt for her to sit in the garden and b) a cardboard box for her to put her glass of cider down, she will c) give me an eyeroll of motherly exasperation and d) buy them herself.

But! Hah! Foiled!

Because now I have table and two chairs. Let me tell you though, that table was a fucking bitch to put together. Took me an hour and a lot of force to align all the screw holes with screws. It was a full body workout and I am sweating and shaking now. But, rawr! Victory!

...there might be an actual life update at some point, but this post wasn't it. As you were.

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Brain all tilted tonight. Was supposed to go out for drinks with the staff lgbt network people but everyone was lame and went home after the meeting. Pfft. And I'd worn a skirt and shaved my legs and everything.

Anyway, I don't have much anything of proper content to post tonight, so have a meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 who stole it from one of my old posts where I'd stolen it from somewhere off the interwebs as these things go. Round and round.


Meme thingy

You leave a comment with the title of a fic I never wrote. (You can also request a particular fandom/pairing, if you'd like.) I will reply with the summary of the story and possibly even a tiny snippet. Excitement for all.

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It is hot, hot, hot today so I've been alternating between the garden and cool indoors. Cats are completely flaked out in the shade and so am I. The only other thing I've done today worth mentioning is eating ice-cream and writing some Harry/Draco tentacle porn except it's almost at 3k and they are only now getting to the porn. ETA: 3K AND THERE ARE NO TENTACLES IN ORIFICES YET, WTF SELF.

Don't think it will ready in time to make it meaningful to post there, but I'm just going to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the Porn Meme is still open for porny discussions and posts. Lots of awesome stuff there already so if you haven't checked it out yet, you should do yourself a favour and do it now. Click on the banner for porny goodness.

Porn banner pink2

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*sneezes in greeting* Damn allergies.

Today has been a good day. Attended an inspirational learning and teaching symposium and now am even more excited to experiment on my students. Also, I have been thinking about starting a teaching blog so I think that will happen.

My plans for the weekend include fic writing (two challenge fics to churn out this month...) and possibly making rhubarb jam or chutney as I seem to have more of it.

And. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand. Talking about porn! Consider this a heads up that the Anonymous Porn Meme is happening this weekend, post going up tomorrow. Things to post there, anonymously or logged in, whichever you're comfortable with, include basically anything and everything about porn both fandom and non-fandom, e.g.:
- porn recs: fanfics, original stories, pics, vids
- prompts/requests: looking for a particular flavour of porn but can't find it? Maybe someone can help you. Or, really want a porny fanfic/fanart with a specific characters or kinks? Hey, maybe someone will be inspired to provide it!
- general discussion about porn: what turns you on and what turns you off, good porn, bad porn, porn you'd like to see more of, is porn problematic or exploitative etc.
- write porny ficlets, post porny photos, talk about porny things you'd like to do your favourite characters

Sound exciting? If so then please join in this weekend and invite your flisters to do the same! I'm making a banner to facilitate porny pimping so you can snag that from tomorrow's post!

See you tomorrow for porny goodness!

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Greetings and salutations! (I occasionally use that greeting at the start of a lecture and it always makes the wee 18-year-olds look slightly alarmed, it's great)

Anyway. In a combined effort to liven up LJ, both [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 and I will be posting something every day in the month of July. *pauses to give you time to digest the momentous joy this no doubt elicits* For an organised schedule of ficlets, memes, pictures, writing prompts etc you should head over to [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666's journal. Here on my journal you will encounter the usual, only now at more frequent rate: disorganised rambling, whining, and occasional fic.

I've been enjoying a week's epic holiday with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 during which we, among other things, did tequila shots, sang power ballads, slashed historical figures, scored a free penthouse stay for a night, and oh yes, finished our first novel :D More on all of those later this week, including photos. Today was a first day back at "work", meaning I sat in the garden with a laptop, catching up with emails and faffing about with a lot of other stuff that felt necessary but probably didn't actually progress anything.

Still, I got so distracted by writing up awesome essay questions that by the time I looked up I would've had to run to make it to the train I need to catch for my belly-dancing class. So, that's a second week on a row I skipped that. I did, however, finally tested out my new Wii Fit Plus. I have some minor gripes with it, mainly that I can't change from imperial to metric on measurements, and that I can't delete the previous owners' avatars as they are password protected. Still, the exercises themselves were fun the few I tried tonight, although I'm undeniably crap at most things. Still, it was enjoyable and I am certain I'll get on it regularly.

Right, I can't actually think straight any more (the weather is making me muzzy and headachy) so it's time to eat my last pancake and sign off for tonight.



Apr. 25th, 2013 09:04 pm
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Things that making me sigh and occasionally make the above Sheldon face *points at icon* at the moment

  • Students plagiarising. Students not even plagiarising well. Students plagiarising even though they must know Turnitin will pick up on it. Students plagiarising so incredibly obviously that I am pretty likely forced to smack them with official disciplinary procedures. Plagiarise better students (or, you know, actually do some work) so I'm not caught in the nightmare bureaucracy involved in hauling your asses over the coals. Jesus wept.

  • My ankle and arm (which I twisted and trapped a muscle in, respectively, this spring) are both still... twingy. And sore. And annoying.

  • All the marking, gah. Remind me again who thought it was a good idea to have both essays to be submitted on the same day? Oh yeah, that was me. Mental note: stagger the deadlines you numpty. I'll be marking 24/7 next week, no two ways about it. This is my own fault though as I freely admit slacking on the marking this week by virtue of procrastinating about my ridiculously convoluted teaching study portfolio. No one, and I mean no one, needs 8 different components  within a 4,000 word assignment.

  • I managed to get sun burn the other day whilst sitting in the garden. What is this craziness down South?

  • Ugh BDSM AUs are like crack to me. I cannot not read them. Even when they are awful and full of purple prose and don't actually understand d/s dynamics at all and use 'dominate' as a noun (instead 'dominant') which fucking drives my batshit insane. Also, also, let it be known that in the history of, oh forever,  no person has ever felt their 'dominance swirling around them like dark butterflies' or some such crap. And yet... *goes back to reading*



Mar. 2nd, 2013 12:29 pm
kat_lair: (GEN - medusa)
The only good thing about having to spend entire weekend writing lectures on psychology and sexual offending is the fact that I have a legitimate reason to introduce my students to the Evolutionary Psychology Bingo.

In other news: I cannot get Tricks to swallow the goddamn worming tablet no matter what I try or how I hide it.

Actual update soon. Maybe even tomorrow.


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