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Details on all my requests under the cut!
HINT: This also works as a Christmas/birthday/cheer Kat up list. You know, in case you were hoping to find such a thing :D:D:D

Hello Rarepairs Writer/Artist

I'm excited to have you creating something for me. I've provided some brief notes for each of the fandoms/pairings below, with a general likes/dislikes list right at the end. Most of it is more directly relevant to fanfic but I'm hoping it will be adaptable for fanart also if that's the way you're going.

Stargate Atlantis

Rodney/Radek - One of my favourite SGA pairings. I love the 'geeks in love' and 'bonding over science' stuff and the pairing caters well for my 'from friends to lovers' trope love. Anything with them being smart and capable on one hand, whilst being a bit hopeless about the matters of heart on the other would be delightful. If you can work in Radek's background (Czech language/culture, his life before SGA) that would be a massive bonus!

Rodney/Ronon/John/Teyla - Team as family, fierce in protecting each other, tentative in working towards caring for each other in ways that don't include fighting for immediate survival. Please no pure team orgy, sex is fine but I'd like to see the dynamic development.

Life on Mars

Ray/Chris - I was excited to see this pairing crop up, made me all nostalgic for the fandom! Period appropriate angst re the whole thing, Ray being jealous but not really understanding that's what it is, rough sex, power dynamics, happy to receive angstier/darker/bordering on dub-con interactions here but equally happy with lighter fic

Chris/Sam - As above to a large degree except I'd like to see Chris' hero worship taken to its natural conclusion, either as him pushing for it or Sam actually being a bit of a bastard about it and taking advantage...

Battle Creek

Russ/Milt - Aww, I loved this show, so bummed it got cancelled. The 'odd couple' partnership was delightful so I'd be happy with anything that plays with that. Case fic, buddy cop fandom tropes welcome, anything that cracks Milt's mask, banter...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Charles/Rosa - I'm always rooting for the underdog. I love that they got to be such good friends after Charles gave up on his crush so I'd like to see what happens when that - Charles being himself, not trying so hard - is the one thing that actually flips Rosa's perception from 'nope' to 'maybe'.


Nick/Stephen - STILL BITTER ABOUT WHAT THEY DID TO STEPHEN. Fix ittttttttttttt!!! Also did not like about the revelation of Stephen/Helen so canon divergence where that never happened, thank you and please. The university setting is close to my heart so I'd love to see the professor/TA (PhD student?) dynamic explored; ust, blurring lines, guilt because it's not quite right, late nights getting carried away with research...


Gus/Shawn - Oh god, BFF pairing of my heart. The 'from friends to lovers' thing is given here. Anything where Gus is competent and capable and badass and Shawn is tripping over his tongue because of that would be perfect please and thank you. If you'd like to make me VERY VERY happy, you could work out some D/s dynamics in there with Gus in charge (and not just sexually, small things like ordering Shawn's dinner for him or otherwise bossing him around) and Shawn being really, really into it, would so do it.


Garcia/Lucy, Garcia/Lucy/Wyatt, Lucy/Wyatt - I really got into this show and I didn't expect to. I haven't consumed any fanworks in this fandom yet so am very willing to be surprised. I like the 'from friends to lovers' which you may have gathered, hence Lucy/Wyatt working nicely for me, and Garcia brings much needed moral ambiguity to the whole thing because when you scratch under the surface, he isn't that different from Lucy or Wyatt. 'Time period of the week' type of fic would be great, but I'd probably be equally happy to have them sit around the table and discuss the ethics of time travel whilst getting drunk.

The Hobbit

Fíli/Kíli/Tauriel - Fili/Kili hits a lot of buttons here. I'd love to see Tauriel as the catalyst (but also equal partner later on) in making that happen, like she sees what the way Fili and Kili are looking at each other, Fili's jealousy, Kili's hopeless pining, and sort of hits their hard dwarf heads together a bit. In a subtle way of course. Or not :D

Bifur/Dwalin - It's always the quiet ones... Or well, maybe not 'quiet' per se, but the unassuming ones. These two compliment each other nicely and I'd love to see something about dwarf culture here. Despite being a company member, Bifur would still be lower in station than Dwalin, so I'd love to see that dynamic explored.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Jacob/Newt - You know it: 'from friends to lovers'. Jacob being competent and never asking for anything because what he already has is so much, and Newt being not so good with the communication but somehow Jacob gets him anyway... No adultery (so suggested canon pairings as friends only please) and I'd prefer if the whole amnesia rain had never happened. If you write me 'Jacob goes with Newt to travel the world to find more fantastic beasts whilst having awesome adventures and slowly falling in love' fic, I would be over the moon!

Ghostbusters (2016)

Erin/Abby - Say it with me now 'from friends to lovers' :D Anything about their history as ill fitting teenagers who found a confidante and best friend in each other to the rift to finding each other again would be fantastic. Patty and Jillian playing match-makers because obviously the two belong together in every way possible and are just being stubbornly blind about it. Ghosts made them do it! :D


General likes: from friends to lovers, UST, first times, food and cooking, 'slice of life' fics, banter, bdsm/power dynamics but in a way that isn't just about the sex (super bonus points for bdsm!AU), competency, unexpected skills, hurt/comfort, creature AU (werewolves, vampires, magic etc are fine as long as they are known, I like to see world building around that sort of thing), music, poetry, epistolary fic

General dislikes: mpreg, death fic, unhappy endings, adultery, non-con, pwp/kinks for the sake of kinks (like pretty much most kinks are good with me unless specifically listed here but I don't want just a porny scene), medical play, sounding/urethra play, scat, enemas, feeding (as a kink to specifically fatten someone up, general 'I like to cook you food because I love you' feeding is more than okay!), high school AU, underage, age play/infantilism, vore


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Just a heads-up/reminder. I recently finished an SGA story - mosty team stuff - called The Thing. http://archiveofourown.org/works/10193870
People seem to like it so you might!


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