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Writing by Mistress Kat

This post includes a complete list of my posted fanfic in fandoms L-N.

Fic in fandoms A-K
Fic in fandoms O-Z and original fic

Most of the fanfic, apart for co-authored 'verses, can also be found on my AO3 account.

Note that all poetry is now on [livejournal.com profile] boneverse, any current friends of this journal will be friended back automatically should you wish to access it. Otherwise, please drop me a comment in the Welcome Post of that journal in order to be friended back.

Last Updated: 26 December 2016

Crossovers: Crossover and fusion fics are listed under every fandom they include


Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Birthday Treat Gen Hathaway & Lewis G 100 James has a soft spot for Monty.
Candle, Leaf, Memory PG 100 + 100 + 250 Time to remember the dead. And the living.
cede with grace implied Hathaway/Lewis G 324 She could be good for James.
Claim pre-Hathaway/Lewis PG-13 1,993 “I’m not your Alpha! Stop acting like I am!” - Werewolf!AU
Dream of Dragons 1. To See Clearly pre-Hathaway/Lewis PG 1,070 It was more than seventy years since the Old Ones had returned, coming to the country’s defence at its darkest hour. - Dragon!AU
Dream of Dragons 2. Snow After Fire pre-Hathaway/Lewis PG-13 4,853 “All known prior murders like this have been a result of dragon-on-dragon violence.” – A case with an unusual victim uncovers some troubling implications, causes Hathaway to learn more about dragons, particularly his partner, and leads to far more questions than answers.
Dream of Dragons 3. Prophesy in Part Lewis & OMC (pre-Hathaway/Lewis) PG-13 1,478 A ‘missing scene’ from between the penultimate and the last scenes of Snow After Fire. Lewis confronts Williams.
Dream of Dragons 4. All Things Mortal Pre-Hathaway/Lewis R 8,002 People die. Hathaway dreams. Dragons guard their secrets.
Dream of Dragons 5. Ghost Man Pre-Hathaway/Lewis R 11,438 “Do you see now?” the man asks. There’s spittle on his chin and he smells like someone who has spent the last week drinking instead of showering but his eye are surprisingly clear and corn-flower blue. “Now that you have it, can you see?”
Elemental Lewis/Hathaway PG-13 4 x 100 Four elements, four moments of realisation.
Finite Lewis/Hathaway PG 1,471 Christmas night seems like the perfect time for an important discussion about sleeping arrangements.
is not the past all shadow Lewis, Hathaway, Hobson, OFC PG 1,615 How can anything begin when everything has ended?
Ladies Who Lunch (and Solve Crimes and Kick Ass) Hobson & Innocent PG 490 Laura and Jean understand each other.
Life's Sweetest Reward Hathaway/Lewis PG-13 10,947 Someone threatens to cause deadly havoc at the first Oxford Annual LGBT Singles Cruise and it’s up to Lewis and Hathaway to find out who and save the day. Discreetly. This can only mean one thing... Shameless romance à la ‘undercover as gay’ trope.
Mixtape 1/3: Deeper Meaning Hathaway/Lewis G 100 It was all about words for James.
Mixtape 2/3: Significance Hathaway/Lewis PG 250 Robbie opens his present.
Mixtape 3/3: Metaphor Hathaway/Lewis PG-13 1,825 “I thought we talked about the dangers of jumping to conclusions.”
Sharpen Thy Mind, Fasten Thy Heart Hathaway/Hobson NC-17 3,193 The break, when it comes, is beautiful. - Needle play
The Bells of Oxford Gen or very pre-Hathaway/Lewis PG 2,675 In Oxford very different to ours, Lewis and Hathaway still work to serve and protect its citizens. - Fantasy!AU
The Evil That Men Do Gen or very pre-Hathaway/Lewis R 2902 words of fic but 3788 words in total, including notes and references Annually, over 600 homicides are recorded in England and Wales. Most of them require very little detective work to solve. All of them deserve our attention. - Please consult the warnings!

The Librarians

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Auto Recovery Ezekiel Jones, Gen PG-13 100 Of course Ezekiel remembers everything.

Life on Mars

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Assurance Gen G 100 Fixing wrongs.
Attention Implied Chris/Ray PG-13 100 No one ever looks at him like that.
Awkward Gene/Sam PG 200 Bowties and things unsaid.
Chunky Truffle implied Gene/Sam PG 100 Chocolates.
Fake It Chris/Ray one-sided PG 100 “Hell no,” Ray crossed his arms. “I ain’t playing a nancy-boy.”
Five Things That Make Sam Tyler Want To Stay Gen PG-13 ~1400 Title says it all.
To Have And To Hold Down Chris/Ray, implied Chris/Sam and Gene/Sam NC-17 5742 “You say his name and this stops. Is that clear? You know who I mean, don’t you Chris?”
Was Blind But Now I See Gene/Sam pre-slash PG-13 2738 Sam’s day ends better than it starts.
ZOOM Chris/Ray implied PG-13 100 Hot summer's day and ice-lollies

Marvel 'verse

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Breaking Point Bruce/Tony/Pepper implied PG 250d> Five days after Bruce leaves Tony throws a spectrum microscope through a seventeenth floor window.
Deadpool: The Apocalypse Deadpool & Wolverine PG-13 652 Why is this dipshit the one left standing when even the cockroaches appear extinct?
Gravitational Bruce/Tony/Pepper in various combinations PG-13 2,093 Tony and Pepper give Bruce a reason to stick around. - BDSM!AU
sparks hope like morrow Bruce Banner, hint of Bruce/Tony R 759 Nothing is more painful than hope.

Masterchef (UK)

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
and eat it too (co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) John Torode/Gregg Wallace PG-13 4,808 "Creamy puddings must be earned." – Or the one where John Torode is off balance and as a consequence ends up messing with the equilibrium between him and Gregg. With some interesting results.
Courtship John Torode/Gregg Wallace PG-13 900 John doesn’t know what else to do so he does what he does best. He cooks.


Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Anchor Arthur/Merlin R 100 He shouldn’t, not without asking.
Corona Gen or implied Gwen/Morgana PG 100 First day
Exhale Arthur/Merlin R 100 Breathing is unimportant.
Golden Arthur/Merlin R 100 The boy's a screamer.
Imparity Gen PG 100 Morgana discovers Merlin's secret.
In Vino Veritas Arthur/Merlin PG 808 "I have duties. Important, Crown Princely duties."
Standpoint Arthur/Merlin PG 100 Merlin gets put into the stocks and Arthur appreciates the view.
that’s how the light gets in Arthur/Merlin PG-13 300 Camelot is burning.

Miscellaneous - Indefinable fandoms, or 'this one crack fic that I wrote and now can't categorise'

Title Characters/Pairing + Fandom Rating Word count Summary
Improbable Old Spice Guy/Sassy Gay Friend - Commercials/Humour PG 1,932 “Hello ladies,” the man says and then looks confused when his sweeping gaze finds no ladies, only Sassy Gay Friend in his sassy towel, sassy shower cap, and sassy scarf.


Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
The Promise of Wine Tim/Tony PG 250 “Just try it,” Tim said, pushing the glass at Tony.

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