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Writing by Mistress Kat

This post includes a complete list of my posted fanfic in fandoms O-Z and original fic.

Fic in fandoms A-K
Fic in fandoms L-N

Most of the fanfic, apart for co-authored 'verses, can also be found on my AO3 account.

Note that all poetry is now on [livejournal.com profile] boneverse, any current friends of this journal will be friended back automatically should you wish to access it. Otherwise, please drop me a comment in the Welcome Post of that journal in order to be friended back.

Last Updated: 14 January 2017

Crossovers: Crossover and fusion fics are listed under every fandom they include

Original Fiction

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Limited m/m PG-13 444 There is no number four.
Not-a-day m/m PG-13 ~670 Time stops when you’re flying.
Tea Time f/f PG 397 The only thing missing is her guest.

Person of Interest

Title Pairing Rating Word count Summary
and good, this danger (is danger of love) Finch/Reese NC-17 7,329 “Tell me, boy,” Finch says to the intruding little brat, the words smooth like silk over steel blades, “Do you know how to put a man on his knees with just a look?"
By the vol au vents, John Reese, who has faced assassins, terrorists and mobsters without twitching an eyebrow, chokes on his own tongue.
Because Harold Finch definitely does.

Or: Harold gets his dom on. John has a moment. Then there are a lot of feels, and some sex.
leave a day at every door Finch/Reese PG 3 x 100 He doesn’t ask if John is sure, if John has thought this through.
Service Finch/Reese NC-17 515 John wants to stuff his mouth until he chokes, wants to drool and gag, to cry from it. Sometimes Harold lets him. Not this time.
stars when you shine (you know how I feel) Finch/Reese PG 1,400 It’s Christmas Eve and John Reese is pining like a Nordic forest.
things which enclose me Finch/Reese PG-13 1,371 Nobody touches John Reese

The Professionals

Title Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Birthday Stakeout Implied Bodie/Doyle PG-13 150 Someone gets a creamy surprise.
Cotton Bodie/Doyle PG-13 100 “Hold on, hold on.”
Love Unchained Bodie/Doyle PG-13 501 If Doyle wasn’t a broken man yet, he wasn’t far off. - Prison!AU, Crack & Deliberate Purple Pros(e)
Moon Bodie/Doyle PG 100 On a stake-out.
Pack Bodie/Doyle PG-13 100 Some wolves hunt in pairs
still a little bit of you (laced with my doubt) Bodie/Doyle PG-13 866 “That’s it then, is it?” Doyle snarled. “Sayonara and thanks for the memories? Is that how little this partnership means to you?”
They Say It's Your Birthday Bodie/Doyle PG 2,100 Doyle has some surprises in store for Bodie.


Title Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Alan Davies, Dragon Defender Implied Alan Davies/Stephen Fry PG 500 “Dragons, man. They get such a bum deal.”
Spoonful of Sunday - co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 Alan Davies/Stephen Fry, Kenneth Branagh/Hugh Laurie/Emma Thompson (background), Stephen Fry/OMC (past), Alan Davies/OMC (past) R 40,730 Alan owns a coffee shop. Stephen owns a caffeine addiction and a sweet tooth. Neither of them own up to their feelings, at least not out loud. Cue mutual pining and a lot of cake.

Robin Hood

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
All Hallows Much/Robin PG 100 Going home.
Caesura (coda for "if you are the rhyme and i the refrain") Much/Robin PG-13 100 Much can't do this anymore.
Deal Gen PG-13 100 No price too high.
Earth Much/Robin R 100 a roadmap of hurt and love and salvation
Fire Much/Robin PG-13 100 Much can’t find Robin.
if you are the rhyme and i the refrain Much/Robin NC-17 ~2400 “Hurt,” Much’s voice is rough and broken, words barely audible, mouthed against the slick skin of Robin’s shoulder. “Hurt is only knowing how to touch you like every time is the last.”
Impromptu implied Guy/Robin PG-13 100 Anything could happen.
Moirai Gen or implied Much/Robin PG 150 Already they are forgetting him.
permit yourself anger and permit me mine (co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] ginnystar) Guy/Robin NC-17 ~2900 What if that fight in episode 2.03 Child Hood had ended a little bit… different?
Three things about Guy of Gisbourne Gen PG-13 436 Title says it all.
Wool Much/Robin G 100 Hanging on.


Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Check-Up Cox/JD pre-slash/ friendship PG-13 ~2900 “What? No chick-flick moment? I’m disappointed Wilma, I really am. Aren’t you going to tell me ‘it wasn’t my fault’ over and over until I break down and cry on your scrawny shoulder?”
Family Cox/JD pre-slash/ friendship G 100 Family is what you make it.
Five Things JD Doesn't Like About Dr. Cox (no he doesn't, no of course not, why would you say that?) Cox/JD pre-slash/ friendship R 1534 “I bet you can’t name five things about Dr. Cox that you don’t like,” Turk said and just kept on coming.
Flicker Cox/JD pre-slash/ friendship PG 100 The doctor’s lounge at 4 am.
President (Crossover with The Simpsons. No, really.) Cox/JD pre-slash/ friendship PG 100 Election time.


Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
an artery upon the hill Gen or John/Sherlock PG 267 John stands watch.
Liquid Courage John/Sherlock PG-13 1,117 “There you are,” Sherlock said, lifting his gaze to John at the same time as he pulled the belt out of its loops, dropping it to the floor unceremoniously. “Is this clear enough?”
Out of the Desert John and Sherlock, pre-slash if you prefer PG 173 Dreaming and waking up, then and now.
your frayed ends all tied up John/Sherlock R 362 “I can get out of this,” Sherlock says.


Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Transition M/Moneypenny (potential/one-sided) PG-13 1,890 It’s about power, of course it is. But that’s not the only reason.

Stargate Atlantis

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Atlantis Santa McKay/Zelenka PG ~7750 The Secret Santa gift exchange at Atlantis causes Rodney and Radek some headache. Not to mention that weird fluttery feeling somewhere low in the abdominal region.
Arrangement McKay/Zelenka PG 100 Radek had arrived two weeks ago. - Arranged Marriage!AU
Beginnings Chuck/Kavanagh PG 466 Chuck gets on well with everyone.
Broken McKay/Zelenka PG-13 100 Ancient artefact made them do it!
Cartography (drabble-series) Gen, character studies PG 5 x 100 Five snapshots placed within Season For All Things.
Crime implied McKay/Zelenka PG-13 100 Radek is not quite himself.
Five Things Carson and Rodney Share (and never thought they would) Beckett/McKay PG-13 ~970 Title says it all.
Five Times Aiden Ford Was Put To Bed Bitextual (Gen, Het, Slash) PG-13 ~1730 Title says it all.
Five Ways Radek and Elizabeth Got John Into Bed Sheppard/Weir/Zelenka NC-17 481 Title says it all.
Partings McKay/Zelenka PG 100 Not saying goodbye.
Points of Origin McKay background story with hints of Beckett/McKay R 4635 To reach a stage in our existence where a new beginning is possible, we must live in moments of true present. To do that we must first accept our points of origin.
Reverse McKay/Zelenka PG 146 It was way past time to pull the brakes on this thing of theirs, whatever it was.
Root of the Matter Cadman/Weir PG-13 300 "Garden of Life, we call it," the guide says.
Season For All Things Gen, Team-Fic PG-13 ~2500 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1
Silk Beckett/McKay PG 100 Carson likes his comforts.
Simple Pleasures Beckett/McKay PG ~2700 Carson liked the restaurant and he absolutely loved the food. He just wasn't sure about the chef.
The Taste of Maybe McKay/Zelenka PG-13 3685 The taste of the pudding is in the eating ~ Cervantes
Three Things About Carson Beckett Gen PG-13 474 Title says it all.
Three Things About Radek Zelenka Gen PG 287 Title says it all.
Three Things About Rodney McKay Gen PG 297 Title says it all.
Time to Sleep Beckett/McKay PG 202 Rodney doesn’t want to go to bed. Carson doesn’t want to go there alone.
Transitional Period Markham/Stackhouse PG 3395 Apparently once-in-a-lifetime opportunities came twice for Jamie Markham – and if he didn’t get to keep them both, then it sure as hell wasn’t going to be because he was too much of a coward to try.
Unfair Beckett/McKay NC-17 11152 Life is unfair. And then it isn’t. Beckett and McKay get drunk together, sober up separately and move forward in unison.
Unfair - The Epilogue Beckett/McKay, McKay & Zelenka friendship NC-17 1993 Pink foam, revelations and friendship. No point.
walk with me, the road is long Cadman/Weir PG-13 300 "I didn't die. Stop acting like I did."
Water Beckett/McKay G 100 Late night at the infirmary.
Winter Night McKay/Zelenka PG 2,000 The first snowfall of the winter brings with it some unexpected revelations.
Writing on the Wall Beckett/McKay NC-17 11,096 Atlantis is trying to tell Carson something important. Atlantis, it turns out, is not very subtle.

Star Trek

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Planning Ahead Kirk/McCoy (Reboot Movie 'verse) PG 1,569 Kirk is thinking about how he wants to spend his next birthday. And with whom.

Strictly Come Dancing

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Are You Gonna Be My Girl? Craig/Male (could be Bruno or one of the dancers, up to your imagination) R 100 Craig had to admit the job had its perks.
Balance Darcey Bussell/Gleb Savchenko NC-17 1,729 "Gleb," she says. "How..." She trails off, letting her smile widen, and her eyes travel the long line of him from head to toe and back again. ‘Unexpected’ is the wrong word to use because this isn’t that, not really. She settles on: "...pleasing," instead.
Bite the Night (co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) Bruno/Craig NC-17 xxx Bruno is a disillusioned werewolf beta. So is Craig. Except for being a beta, that part’s not quite accurate. UST, angst, power dynamics, claiming sex, clichés abound!
Caricias (co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) Bruno/Craig NC-17 15,135 Bruno helps Craig out of a sticky situation, which then leads to a different sticky situation entirely – much to everyone’s surprise. And pleasure. A shameless romp around the ‘pretend boyfriends’ cliché.
Closed Change – Part 1/3 (co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) Bruno/Craig NC-17 4,329 He hasn’t told anyone yet, but this will be his last year on Strictly. Maybe it’s time to stop being so goddamn careful and just take what he wants for once.
Closed Change – Part 2/3 (co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) Bruno/Craig NC-17 5,662 Just because you don’t ask for something, doesn’t mean you don’t want it.
Closed Change – Part 3/3 (co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) Bruno/Craig NC-17 4,012 Bruno takes a deep breath and straightens up. He’s not sure whether he's making a huge mistake, but if he is then at least he won't have to live with the consequences of it for long. Slowly, Bruno walks over to Craig and, for the second time in his life, drops to his knees in front of him.
Pandora’s Box (co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) Bruno/Craig NC-17 20,097 A drunken night leads to revelations that prove impossible to ignore.
Swivel (co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) Bruno/Craig NC-17 1,200 Craig needs relaxing, Bruno would love to help!
Window of Opportunity Bruno/Craig pre-slash G 344 Bruno texts him the morning after the Telegraph article is out.


Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Aesthetics Jess/Sam PG 100 True beauty is a union of mind, heart and senses.
be a burning star - Drabble sequence Dean/Sam PG-13 3 x 100 It’s a cold day in Heaven.
between the sentries of the heart Dean/Sam PG-13 600 Turns out love and pride taste a lot like blood.
Black, White, Red - Drabble sequence Gen PG-13 3 x 100 Sam wakes up in the point zero of unspeakable loss.
Brother Gen PG 100 wee!chesters having a fight.
Bullseye Gen PG-13 100 When bow-hunting goes wrong.
Cake Gen or mild Dean/Sam PG-13 100 Ash makes the best baked goods.
Cauterize Gen or implied Castiel/Dean PG-13 100 The best and worst gift Dean Winchester ever gave him.
Chrome Dean/Sam, Dean/Impala NC-17 100 The metal is hot after hours of driving in August heat.
Conscription Gen PG-13 100 Time for honesty.
Denim Andy/Ash - [livejournal.com profile] anywhere_road 'verse PG-13 100 “You had no choice.”
every line is the second last Dean/Sam R ~2000 Dean’s never been the one to draw the lines, so it makes a weird kind of sense that he’s not the one crossing them either.
Farewell To The Fairground Dean/Sam PG-13 1,073 Sam got them into trouble, and Dean got them out of it, and while the scales may have balanced slightly over the years, that’s still the basic truth of their relationship.
Five Things About Hustler!Sam hints of Dean/Sam R 622 Five snapshots of the epic hustler!Sam fic I'll never write.
Full Tang Dean/Sam NC-17 1,333 Just because Dean says yes doesn’t mean he wants it. And just because he might not want it doesn’t mean he’s unwilling.
Gesture Dean/Sam PG 200 Boyfriends.
Give Me Back The Berlin Wall Dean/Sam NC-17 ~1400 Love is not insanity. It is survival.
Hunt implied Dean/Sam R 100 Born to be wild.
in aqua dulci implied Dean/Sam PG-13 1,938 This will drown them both if Sam lets it.
Intel, Chase, Reprieve Andy/Ash - [livejournal.com profile] anywhere_road 'verse PG 3 x 100 Another day, another job.
Jog Gen or implied Dean/Sam PG 100 Working out.
Life Is Bigger Gen (Bob & Castiel) PG-13 ~2,500 It’s the end of the world and Bobby Singer is baking pie with an angel.
Nylon Dean/Sam R 100 Going undercover.
Postlude Gen or mild Dean/Sam PG 100 This is as far as they can go.
read the fine print later Dean/Sam NC-17 ~800 It’s never enough.
Recess Gen PG 100 wee!chesters on the beach.
Red Dean/Sam NC-17 100 Sam needs to learn to knock.
ring the bells that still can ring Gen PG 833 He doesn’t bring flowers; bringing himself is hard enough. - Canon AU for The Pilot
Safe Gen or mild Dean/Sam PG 100 Hug it out.
Scalene Ruby/evil!Sam/Dean NC-17 150 Ruby likes to watch.
Shades of Love Dean/Sam NC-17 3909 Sam is mad, no question about it. He is also the hottest fucking thing Dean has ever laid eyes on.
so cleaves the moon Sam/Dean in my head, but on paper can be read as Gen PG-13 300 In the light of the harvest moon, the stones stood pale like bones of some great beast; a row of jagged teeth, ready to tear them to pieces.
Song #56 Gen PG 100 Birthday karaoke.
Stains Dean/Sam R 100 Sin should leave a visible mark.
Storm implied Dean/Sam PG 100 Freedom is always the first casualty of war.
Sun Ash/Andy - [livejournal.com profile] anywhere_road 'verse PG 100 A lazy afternoon.
swifter than a weaver's shuttle Dean & Sam Gen PG-13 1,168 Every day it takes a bit longer to make himself turn around and face his brother.
The One With The Plan (and Body Shots) Ash/Andy - [livejournal.com profile] anywhere_road 'verse R ~1650 This is the beginning. Well, one of them.
The One With The Scratches (but Absolutely, Definitely, Positively No Talking) Ash/Andy - [livejournal.com profile] anywhere_road 'verse PG-13 ~1400 Ash really had thought it would be a straightforward “fuck-buddies on the road killing evil” kind of thing, but Andy keeps getting this weird look in his eyes whenever Ash makes a lewd joke or suggestion – not to mention the fact that they are sort of real friends now, which he’d failed to factor into the equation – so Ash has stopped talking about it and Andy… Well, Andy never has, not even once.
the plains of your back remain untravelled Dean/Sam R 1,040 Lately, when it comes to sex, Dean is all over every cliché in the book, clinging to the stereotype like it will somehow make a difference. Like it can save them.
Three Things About Ash Gen PG 251 Title says it all.
Three Things About John Winchester Gen PG-13 572 Title says it all.
what rough beast, its hour come around at last Lucius Malfoy, implied Dean/Sam R 3,048 There are no prophesies about Sam Winchester. - Harry Potter fusion
Your Favorite Weapon Balthazar/Castiel PG-13 654 So, Balthazar is under Castiel’s orders. How did that happen? And why?

Telephone (Music Video)

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
show me your teeth 0: birds and bees and prison keys Beyoncé/Lady Gaga NC-17 9,440 How do little girls turn into serial killers? Well, it has something do with rats. And men. And society that leaves little girls to them. It’s not all bad though. Eventually, sitting in a diner and looking scratched and golden like she’s fresh out of a fight with King Midas, Gaga finds a woman whose scars match hers. And that isn’t even the start of the real story, none of this is. – A pre-canon fic, or a long prologue to the music vid itself and my consequent ‘show me your teeth’ series.
show me your teeth 1: left my head and my heart on the dance floor Beyoncé/Lady Gaga R 310 Beyoncé drives fast and hard, the only way she knows how to, the only way it’s worth doing.
show me your teeth 2: she ate my heart Beyoncé/Lady Gaga R 402 “I like it when they watch,” Gaga says.
show me your teeth 3: take a bite of my bad girl meat Beyoncé/Lady Gaga NC-17 875 getting caught is not the same as losing
show me your teeth 4: these rocks don't lose their shape Beyoncé/Lady Gaga R 457 Guns are a girl’s best friends.

The X-Files

Title Pairing/Characters Rating Word count Summary
AS GODS The Eves PG-13 222 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. ~ Genesis 3:5
Summer of '73 Samantha and Fox Mulder PG 582 It’s not like Sam’s that bothered about playing baseball but at least it would get her out of the house for a few hours.



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