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Writing by Mistress Kat

This post includes a complete list of my posted fanfic in fandoms A-K.

Fic in fandoms L-N
Fic in fandoms O-Z and original fic

Most of the fanfic, apart for co-authored 'verses, can also be found on my AO3 account.

Note that all poetry is now on [livejournal.com profile] boneverse, any current friends of this journal will be friended back automatically should you wish to access it. Otherwise, please drop me a comment in the Welcome Post of that journal in order to be friended back.

Last Updated: 26 December 2016

Crossovers: Crossover and fusion fics are listed under every fandom they include

Actor RPF

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
In Regno Patris Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles NC-17, maybe higher? Could we go higher? 21? 30? 2,269 “Why don’t you come here and give Daddy a welcome home kiss like a good girl.”
To Oscillation! James Franco/Shia LaBeouf PG-13 644 After the interview, Straight James and Gay James discuss the possibility of banging Shia LaBeouf. For art.
sudden as a storm, sweet as summer hay Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki NC-17 ~3030 This thing moved from lust to something else, something infinitely worse, a long time ago, and now it's too late for Jared to back out and equally impossible to move forward, so he's stuck like this, aching and hollow and stupid in love.

American Idol

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Indirect Communication Adam/Kris PG 2,198 When Kris finally texted ‘hey, can I tell you something?’ and Adam answered with ‘anything’, it didn’t seem like such a scary thing to just… to just say it.
Phonatory Adam/Kris R 358 “You sound like you should be working on a sex line, Allen.”
Two Princes Adam/Kris PG 100 Bedtime stories.

Angel: The Series

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
and it must follow (as the night the day) Spike/various male characters implied PG-13 652 “Where’s that green-skinned bastard?” Spike demanded. “I have a sudden and urgent need to pull his entrails out through his fucking nostrils.”


Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Secrets Icarus/Pythagoras PG-13 533 He may be forgiven, he may even be loved, but trust comes more slowly. If it comes at all. Angsty post-series introspection.


Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Access All Areas (or: How Spencer Smith Got His Groove Back) Ryan/Spencer, multiple background pairings (full list at the end of the fic) R ~14500 Ryan and Spencer own a vintage clothing shop. Spencer gets himself some goddamn attitude. Clichéd shenanigans ensue.
Addiction Gerard/Mikey NC-17 100 Mikey can never say no.
Aftermath Brendon/Ryan NC-17 1960 “So what is it, Brendon? You were bored? Not enough under-aged girls throwing themselves at you, so you thought you’d add the boys to the mix?” The question is derisive but there’s an edge to it, like Ryan really thinks Brendon might be looking for a hook-up like he told the crowd.
A Kiss of Shadows Gerard/Lindsey, Lindsey Gen - [livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place 'verse PG-13 1,031 A character background piece: Lindsey with and without Gerard.
Apparent Brendon/Ryan PG 100 Mirrors.
a thousand ways to kneel pre-slash Jon/Spencer and Brendon/Ryan PG-13 ~1300 Spencer is at the market against his will and his conscience.
be running up that road Gen or Ryan/Spencer if you’re so inclined PG 239 This isn’t running away from home.
Bind Bob/Frank, implied Frank/others NC-17 300 Bob is in no hurry.
Cenozoic Patrick/Pete PG 100 Pete had a very bad feeling about this.
Change of Scenery Gen, Bob & Patrick - [livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place 'verse PG-13 2,913 In which Patrick remembers past decisions and makes a new one. Background piece.
Cinderella, she seems so easy Gerard/Mikey (some others implied) NC-17 ~9600 The first time is a complete accident. Then again, a lot of good things in Mikey’s life have begun that way – accidentally – so who’s he to knock it.
Crackle Frank/Gerard PG-13 717 “What the fuck, Gee?” Frank asks. “Are you actively trying to drown yourself?”
Daisy Chain Patrick/Pete P 100 There’s a daisy chain on Patrick’s bunk.
Dependence Bob/Mikey PG-13 418 Bob always lets Mikey in.
Dream a Little Dream of Me Alex/Ryland PG 100 Rearranging an old song.
facing forwards going slowly Alex/Ryland - [livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place 'verse PG-13 458 Two sides of the same coin. Background piece.
i know i’m bad news implied Patrick/Pete R 448 Patrick stands at the end, counting the shadows. There’s one missing. “Don’t cry, Peter,” he whispers. It comes out like a hiss. “We’ll sew it on.”
i’m not one for love songs Nate/Victoria, Andy & Victoria - [livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place 'verse PG 250 Victoria has an important purchase to make.
In from the Cold Frank/Mikey (pre-slash hinted), Gerard/Lindsey (background mention) G 671 It’s a dark and stormy night when Mikey comes visiting. He doesn’t come alone.
just be good to me Patrick/Pete NC-17 2,481 Only with Patrick, Pete says ‘please’ like it matters, like it’s a question with an uncertain outcome. And only with Pete does Patrick know how to answer it.
Kairos Frank/Gerard PG-13 100 Changing the world.
lest it come true Bob/Patrick R 200 Careful what you wish for...
more than good hooks Brendon/Ryan - [livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place 'verse NC-17 3,052 Love isn’t the same as respect.
my light is electric Brendon/Gabe R 100 Father Gabriel is not like other priests.
my smile is not a lie (it's all teeth) Patrick/Pete R 389 What they did, cannot be undone.
Of Cocoa Beans and Cautious Hearts pre-Brendon/Jon/Tom, Jon/Tom, background Patrick/Pete and Ryan/Spencer PG 1,091 “What else will it take?” Tom asks, his eyes never wavering from Brendon’s. “To get into your heart?” - Takes place in the same universe as and after the events of Access All Areas (or: How Spencer Smith Got His Groove Back)
Patrick Stump Emergency Procedure (capitals obligatory) Patrick/Pete R 2,180 Patrick's emergency mental health intervention starts like this: Walk out on Pete.
Pause Ryan/Spencer PG 272 After spending his whole life in the desert, the rain feels like an escape.
Red-eye Alex/Ryland PG 100 Flying home.
Redress Patrick/Pete - [livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place 'verse NC-17 1,820 It had been three days since he’d last spanked Pete and this was long overdue.
sanctum sanctorum Gabe/Pete R 200 Gabe is safe now.
Sharpest Lives Gerard/Mikey NC-17 330 It couldn’t be wrong if Mikey liked it too.
Sketch the Sky Patrick/Pete PG-13 438 Patrick is drunk. Pete is not. - Pete, Patrick and a sharpie.
Snare Brendon/Spencer PG 100 First kiss.
Storm Rising Implied Gerard/Mikey PG 250 “I don’t want to wait!” Mikey shouts, his heart beating frantically, like a butterfly in a storm, under Gerard’s fingertips.
stranger-friends Gabe/Pete R 200 Never trust a stranger-friend.
swear to shake it up if you swear to listen Brendon/Ryan - [livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place 'verse PG-13 560 First meeting.
S.W.T.H. Gerard/Lindsey - [livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place 'verse R 350 There was a time when they used to hunt together.
Tabula Rasa Pete gen with m/m implications R 100 They had taken everything away.
there’s a fallow heart and it’s waiting on a sowing hand OFC/Pete - [livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place 'verse PG 299 Pete with his first Mistress. Takes place several years before the 'verse proper.
two of a kind // most compatible ride Gabe/Pete NC-17 ~2000 It’s a game with rules, even if they only exist in his head. Gabe pushes and pushes, with his hands inside Pete’s clothes and his tongue inside Pete’s mouth, and himself always in Pete’s space like a goddamn puppy wanting attention.
Welcome Gen (Bob & Patrick) - [livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place 'verse R 350 “Who’s the new kid?” Bob asks. - Background piece, takes place several years before the 'verse proper.
well you done done me and you bet i felt it (co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) Patrick/Pete PG-13 ~6800 Patrick and Pete angst and attempt to talk about their feelings. With varying success. Then there’s some kissing. The end.

Being Human (UK)

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
innocence for days George/Mitchell NC-17 3,708 Unfortunately, the current economic climate meant that there weren’t many career prospects available for a young man with a regrettable case of lycanthropy. Or: George takes up hustling, Mitchell is not amused.
Lecture 1. Introduction George, Mitchell, Annie G 500 “Welcome to ‘Interrogating Humanity’,” the lecturer said from the front. University AU.

Doctor Who & Torchwood

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
A Gamble Ten, Simm!Master - Doctor/Master if you’re so inclined PG 300 He hadn't gotten this far by playing it safe.
Leather Ianto/Jack R 100 Belts and deliberate steps.
Once Upon A Time (Part 1 of the Unicorn Series) Jack/Ten PG ~800 Jack and Doctor have a close encounter of the gnome kind and acquire an unusual passenger.
Perks Nine/Ten PG ~100 Occupational benefits.
Stars Ianto/Jack G 100 Brightest stars are those close by.
Teeth implied Ten/Master PG-13 100 This isn’t the way it’s supposed to go.
the odds are there to beat Ianto/Jack R ~5,800 Just because you accept the things the way they are, doesn’t mean you don’t wish for them to be different.
Three Graces (drabble-series) Rose/clone!Doctor, Martha Gen, Donna Gen G 3 x 100 Three endings, three beginnings.
truth exists for the wise, beauty for the feeling heart (Part 2 of the Unicorn Series) Jack/Ten PG ~1470 Jack and the Doctor get drunk and some things are not talked about. Except the unicorn. Which is mentioned a lot and used as a metaphor for those very same things.
Velocity implied Jack/Nine PG 100 Everyone knows that Jack likes to go fast.

due South

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Message Received Fraser/RayK PG-13 1,038 Ray can tell Fraser anything. Turns out, he wants to tell him everything.


Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Moth Inara/River PG-13 489 River dreams in black and white. She dreams in space and stars, in piano keys and ink running over rice paper, the characters unreadable.

Good Omens

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Reformation Aziraphale/Crowley PG-13 1,648 “It’s awfully dirty work, isn’t it? Thwarting an apocalypse.” – Wing-grooming in the ineffable aftermath of survival.

The Great British Bake Off

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Jammy Dodgers Are Not the Only Fruit Implied Mel/Sue PG 378 “Have a biccy.”
not the true believer (this song’s for you) Mel/Sue G 200 "These will be the best cookies in the world," Mel declares.

Green Wing

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Phallic Boyce/Statham R 100 Statham's pointer is missing.
Prince Boyce/Statham PG 100 Frogs need love too.


Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Birthday Gamble Nick/Monroe PG-13 100 What did you get a Blutbad for a birthday?
Blutbad in a Bath (not a blood one) Nick/Monroe PG-13 1,120 Monroe doesn’t even like baths. Much. He likes a certain Grimm just fine though…
Catch of the Day Nick/Monroe R 200 Nick is the willing prey.
restless song 1. sing no songs except of restless blood Nick/Monroe PG-13 1,442 Nick wants to stay, he wants to, but maybe he needs a reason that isn’t pity or duty or some kind of twisted attempt at redemption for past sins.
restless song 2. not your average lullaby Nick/Monroe PG-13 2,472 Monroe learnt long ago that not acknowledging his weaknesses never ended well. For anyone.
Solstice Wreath Nick/Monroe G 100 The wreath was on the door when Monroe got home.
where the streets have no name Nick/Monroe NC-17 3,466 Nick is undercover as a hustler. Monroe stumbles on the case just as it’s about to go south. Things happen. And by ‘things’ I mean ‘sex in the alley’, obviously.
Working Late (co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) Nick/Monroe PG 300 (x2) Nick is working late. Monroe interrupts

Harry Potter

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Manifold Draco/Harry NC-17 5,334 Harry learns that despite earlier appearances, he is not quite... human. This has some interesting consequences.
what rough beast, its hour come around at last Lucius Malfoy, implied Dean/Sam R 3,048 There are no prophesies about Sam Winchester. - Supernatural fusion

Hawaii Five-0

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
A Hard Day’s Night pre-Danny/Steve G 500 “Better yet,” Danny kicks the front door open and hauls Steve across the threshold like a particularly attractive sack of potatoes, “you could stop jumping off buildings. That would be novel.”
In Your Eyes, the Valleys implied Chin/Kono PG 337 Chin’s words echo in her head long after she’s closed the door on him.
Ready to Rock, Ready to Roll Danny/Steve PG-13 1,565 The perks were... not bad. Verging on good even. - Shameless regurgitation of the ‘undercover as a couple’ trope.

The Hobbit

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Birthday Surprise . (co-auhtored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) Bilbo/Thorin PG 100 (+100 for Part 2) Bilbo receives a special birthday present.
our history is just in our blood Fili/Kili PG-13 1,377 Sometimes Kili feels like his whole life has been spent on his brother’s shining orbit, trailing him like a raven circling the sun.
Two-Heart Sound Implied Bilbo/Thorin PG 2,200 After the battle, there is silence. It takes Bilbo a while to remember what fills it.

House M.D.

Title Characters/Pairing Rating Word count Summary
Exclusive House/Wilson PG-13 100 Wilson doesn't share well.
Like This House/Wilson R ~520 House gets a reminder, even though he doesn’t need it.
Spoon House/Wilson PG 100 Some utensils are sexier than others.
Three things about James Wilson hints of House/Wilson PG-13 400 Title says it all.


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