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It's that time of the year again! I've usually only managed this AFTER the NY but knowing just how busy my January will be, I thought I better get this out of the way now...

Fics posted in 2016 by Fandom:

Actor RPF
In Regno Patris (Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles, NC-17, 2,268 words) – on LJ & on AO3

American Idol
Indirect Communication (Adam/Kris, PG, 2,197 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Angel: the Series
and it must follow (as the night the day) (Spike/various male characters, PG-13, 652 words) – on LJ & on AO3

be running up that road (Gen or Ryan/Spencer, PG, 240 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Daisy Chain (Pete/Patrick, G, 100 words) – on LJ & on AO3
In from the Cold (Frank/Mikey pre-slash, G, 671 words)  – on LJ & on AO3

Being Human (UK)
Lecture 1. Introduction (Gen, G, 500 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Doctor Who
A Gamble (Gen or Doctor/Master, PG, 300 words) – on LJ & on AO3

due South
Message Received (Fraser/RayK, PG-13, 1,038 words) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Great British Bake Off
not the true believer (this song’s for you) (implied Mel/Sue, G, 200 words) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Hobbit
Birthday Surprise (Bilbo/Thorin, PG, 200 words, co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) – on LJ & on AO3
Party Invitation (Bilbo/Thorin, PG, 190 words) - sort of! This is [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666's fic and I just added a little bit to it, none of it on my LJ so hence only giving you the AO3 link
our history is just in our blood (Fili/Kili, PG-13, 1,377 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Solstice Wreath (Nick/Monroe, G, 100 words) – on LJ & on AO3
where the streets have no name (Nick/Monroe, NC-17, 3,462 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Working Late (Nick/Monroe implied, PG, 600 words, co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Librarians
Auto Recovery (Ezekiel Jones, PG-13, 423 words) – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Lord of the Rings
Fidem in Flore (Frodo/Sam implied, PG, 100 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Marvel 'verse
Breaking Point (Bruce/Tony/Pepper implied, PG, 249 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Deadpool: The Apocalypse (Deadpool & Wolverine, PG-a3, 653 words) – on LJ & on AO3
sparks hope like morrow (Bruce Banner, hint of Bruce/Tony, M, 759 words) – on LJ & on AO3

The Promise of Wine (Tony/Tim, PG, 250 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Person of Interest
and good, this danger (is danger of love) (Finch/Reese, NC-17, 7,329 words)  – on LJ & on AO3

(The) Professionals
still a little bit of you (laced with my doubt) (Bodie/Doyle, PG-13, 865 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Alan Davies, Dragon Defender (Alan Davies/Stephen Fry, PG, 500 words) – on LJ & on AO3

an artery upon the hill (Gen or John/Sherlock, PG, 267 words) – on LJ & on AO3
Out of the Desert (Gen or John/Sherlock, PG, 173 words)  – on LJ & on AO3

Star Trek (AOS)
Planning Ahead (Kirk/McCoy, PG, 1,569 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Stargate Atlantis
Reverse (Radek/Rodney, PG, 146 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Strictly Come Dancing
Window of Opportunity (Bruno/Craig pre-slash, G, 344 words) – on LJ & on AO3

so cleaves the moon (Gen or Sam/Dean, PG-13, 300 words) – on LJ & on AO3

Non-fic things
Pup and Trainer: Going Out – Small Fandom Big Bang Art (Southland) – on LJ & on AO3

Meme questions:

Leitmotifs of the year:

  • New fandoms, always new fandoms (ALL THE FANDOMS)

  • Marvel stuff is clinging on wtf (I have a terrible weakness for Bruce Banner)

  • Ficlets, because there hasn't been enough time/energy for long fics

  • Angst, a surprising amount of angst

My best story this year: Top three, in no particular order

Auto Recovery - because Respect fills him with the kind of cold thread that not even the prospect of losing the game, losing his friends, had. Respect comes with expectations, and Ezekiel has made it a point of pride to ensure that no one has any expectations of him, ever.

our history is just in our blood - because It is not some disapproving adult that catches them, but adulthood; duty and honour and Durin’s line leading them across the world and into battle. The fight, they bleed, they survive. And Kili still loves his brother, more than anything, more than he thinks he should as if Fili is his very own version of the gold sickness, burning in his veins.

sparks hope like morrow - because It’s dark. The darkness smells of vomit and piss and feels alive, surrounding him like some kind of amorphous entity. Bruce rolls once, twice, away from the puddle of his own misery, and the darkness follows him. He breathes it in, lets it fill his lungs and empty, aching stomach until the line between him and the formless black disappears. - Bruce is in a cage. Bruce is the cage.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

Most fun story to write:
Deadpool: The Apocalypse - BECAUSE DEADPOOL. And also because He leans back an unzips his suit, revealing a horribly pockmarked chest as expected but also four diagonal slashes that are bleeding sluggishly and shockingly showing no signs of healing. “…fucking Wolverine, that hairy immortal ballsack.”

Fluffiest story:
In from the Cold had a kitten, so that one probably wins.
Although Alan Davies, Dragon Defender has Alan Davies and dragons (sort of), so there is that...

Most angsty story:
our history is just in our blood or Reverse. IDK, maybe so cleaves the moon? I'd say sparks hope like morrow but it had a hopeful ending

Sexiest story:
Well In Regno Patris is definitely the porniest. But and good, this danger (is danger of love) is to me still the sexier one... I believe those two were the only ones with explicit sex this year. No wait, where the streets have no name had alley sex and blood play! I'm going with that one!

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:
Deadpool: The Apocalypse - because Deadpool?
In Regno Patris - because porny daddy kink?
our history is just in our blood - because dwarf incest?

Hardest story to write:
and good, this danger (is danger of love) - but probably only because it took the longest to write, because it was the longest fic I wrote (on my own) this year and just finding the time to get back into it was hard. The writing itself wasn't too bad.

Biggest Disappointment:
IDK, I remain impressed that I manage to get out some words every year. More would always be more of course but I'm just going to be merciful to myself about this because it's been a busy year. I'm not disappointed with any of the fics. Some are better than others but I'm happy with all of them so eh.

Biggest Surprise:
That I wrote this much? How easy Star Trek fandom is? :D I mean it with love because I was very surprised how well my post 'Star Trek Beyond' fic did on the hit count. Of course, The Hobbit fandom is pretty easy as well...

Most Unintentionally Telling Story:
and good, this danger (is danger of love) and Lecture 1. Introduction, for entirely different reasons :D (you'll be relieved to know!)

Story I haven't yet written, but intend hope to:
LOL! You know what they say about good intentions... Anyway, there's the Loki/Thor fic from Frigga's POV that needs finishing. I have some unfulfilled prompts that can be ticked off with ficlets. A long QI RPF cafe/bakery AU will be posted soonish. Mostly though I'm going invest in my poetry this year because it got severely neglected in 2016. If you would like to get on the original poetry action (no pressure to comment on them btw), friend my poetry journal [livejournal.com profile] boneverse where I post under flock. I will friend back everyone I have friended on this journal.

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