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Title: Gift of the Gab
Author: MistressKat / [personal profile] kat_lair 
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Pairing: Danny/Steve pre-slash if you’re so inclined, can totally be gen
Rating: PG
Word count: 337
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing

Summary: God, how Danny wishes Steve would just talk to him, tell him what was wrong so they could get on with fixing it.

Author notes: Written for randomly selected fandom and prompt (superpowers)

Gift of the Gab )

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The fact that I’m getting to this whilst it’s still January is a win.

Fics posted in 2013. Includes fics not actually written in 2013, and as usual the Secret Santa 2013 fic though that was technically posted this year. Excludes a lot of stuff written in 2013 but not posted anywhere yet. Whatever, just roll with it.

Fics by Fandom:

A Kiss of Shadows ([livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place ‘verse, Gerard/Lindsey, PG-13, 1,031 words) – only on LJ
i know i’m bad news (implied Patrick/Pete, R, 448 words) – on LJ, on AO3
my smile is not a lie (it’s all teeth) (implied Patrick/Pete, R, 389 words) – on LJ, on AO3
Redress ([livejournal.com profile] unmarked_place ‘verse, Patrick/Pete, NC-17, 1,820 words) – only on LJ
Storm Rising (implied Gerard/Mikey, PG, 251 words) – on LJ, on AO3

Great British Bake Off
Jammy Dodgers Are Not the Only Fruit (implied Mel/Sue, PG, 379 words) – on LJ, on AO3

Harry Potter
Manifold (Draco/Harry, NC-17, 5,334 words) – on LJ, on AO3
what rough beast, its hour come around at last (crossover with Supernatural, Lucius Malfoy, implied Dean /Sam, R, 3,048 words) – on LJ, on AO3

Hawaii Five-0
A Hard Day’s Night (pre-Danny/Steve, G, 500 words) – on LJ, on AO3
Ready to Rock, Ready to Roll (Danny/Steve, PG-13, 1,565 words) – on LJ, on AO3

is not the past all shadow (Gen, PG, 1,615 words) – on LJ, on AO3
Life's Sweetest Reward (Hathaway/Lewis, PG-13, 10,974 words) – on LJ, on AO3
Prophesy in Part (Lewis & Williams (OMC), PG-13, 1,479 words) – on LJ, on AO3

Masterchef (UK)
and eat it too (co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666, John Torode/Gregg Wallace, PG-13, 4,808 words) – on LJ, on AO3

between the sentries of the heart (Dean/Sam, PG-13, 600 words) – on LJ, on AO3
ring the bells that still can ring (Gen, PG, 833 words) – on LJ, on AO3
swifter than a weaver's shuttle (Dean & Sam, Gen, PG-13, 1,168 words ) – on LJ, on AO3
the plains of your back remain untravelled (Dean/Sam, R, 1,040 words) – on LJ, on AO3
what rough beast, its hour come around at last (crossover with Harry Potter, Lucius Malfoy, implied Dean /Sam, R, 3,048 words) – on LJ, on AO3

these rocks don't lose their shape (Beyoncé/Lady Gaga, R, 457 words) – on LJ, on AO3

(The) X-Files
AS GODS (The Eves, PG-13, 222 words) – on LJ, on AO3
Summer of ’73 (Fox & Samantha Mulder, PG, 582 words) – on LJ, on AO3

Non-fic things:
Art for I See A Man (Lewis, for [livejournal.com profile] smallfandombang) – on LJ, on AO3
FOB icons – only on LJ

Questions under the cut )

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Title: A Hard Day’s Night
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair / Mistress Kat
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Pairing: pre-Danny/Steve
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word count: 500
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing.

Summary: “Better yet,” Danny kicks the front door open and hauls Steve across the threshold like a particularly attractive sack of potatoes, “you could stop jumping off buildings. That would be novel.”

Author notes: This is for [livejournal.com profile] lolabobs who deserves some fluffy h/c. Unbetaed. Title obviously stolen from The Beatles.

A Hard Day’s Night )

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Happy Sunday! Have some cliché fic!


Title: Ready to Rock, Ready to Roll
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair/ Mistress Kat
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Pairing: Danny/Steve
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some homophobic language
Word count: 1,565
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing.

Summary: The perks were... not bad. Verging on good even. - Shameless regurgitation of the ‘undercover as a couple’ trope.

Author notes: For [livejournal.com profile] maladroitoracle who wanted Steve and Danny pretending to be boyfriends. This developed a clichéd plot and a more fic-like word count. Damn thing. Unbetaed.

Ready to Rock, Ready to Roll )

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Black Dove (January) - Doctor Who, River. River Song was a January girl. Gorgeous character study vid, portraying River's strength and fragility.

Blue - Hot Fuzz. Ladies and Gents, Nicholas Cage is on the job! Hee, this is such a fun, fast-paced vid that does a perfect job and capturing the film. If you're trying to convince anyone of the awesomeness of Hot Fuzz, this makes an excellent recruiter vid!

Bye Bye Miss American Pie - Supernatural. Epic, both in length (8.5mins!) and scope. This vid maps the whole saga of Winchesters and associated friends and enemies. It has such a 'bigger than life' feel and yet at the same time it is completely immersed in it; the small moments that define the story.

Hawaii Five-0: The Movie - Hawaii Five-0. Dude, I love the 'fake movie trailer' genre of fanvids, and this one is excellent. There is a real sense of momentum and escalating tension. Watch out for damn good matching of those hard beats and clips.

My life would suck without you - Hawaii Five-0, Danny/Steve. Ahhhhhh all the feel goods and happy grins. This is just an uncomplicatedly happy and cheery otp vid. Highly enjoyable!

My Name Is Tristan - X-Men: First Class, Erik. The song choice is first class (pun unintended) and the vid uses it effectively to capture the tragedy and violence of Erik's life and character. Powerful.

This Is Everything - Star Trek all series. This is a tribute, in vidder's words, 'to all the queer Star Trek romances that never were' and it is both hopeful and sad. We've been waiting for the series to boldly go and move on from subtext and minor characters and almost-but-not-reallys but so far it hasn't. Lovely vid, and it makes me both love Trek more and a little less.

Tonight I'm Fucking You - X-Men: First Class, Charles/Erik. Please excuse Erik Lehnsher, he doesn't mean to be rude. It's just that... tonight? He's fucking you. Oh uhm ahaha oh god. This vid, I'm sure, means to be just as rude and suggestive and hot and dirty as it is. And damn but it works well.

Turn To Stone - Multi, scifi. Haunting tribute to science-fiction that focuses on death and loss. Beautifully realised, with a certain coldness to it that fits the subject matter perfectly.

You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate - Doctor Who, Amy/Rory. Rory Williams! Being awesome and brave. The song is brilliant and the vid makes full use of it. This will leave you grinning.

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Being Human UK

Teethe and its continuation Suffer Well - Hal/Tom. Hands up if you thought the werewolf/vampire dynamic mark 2 was as ripe for some slash potential as the mark 1. o/ This is a very, very hot, but more importantly interesting and subtle exploration of that, with both guys perfectly in character. Hal can't drink Tom's blood, which makes him a safe substitute to do... everything else with. Right? The sexual tension in these fics is something else and the otherness, the 'not human' aspect of the the characters comes through loud and clear.

Hawaii Five-0

Tell You What (you're gonna do) - Danny/Steve.
I loved the effortless, organic feel of this, and the banter and Danny's internal monologue were just spot on. The sex scene was well balanced between smut and emotional connection, without veering so much on either direction as to leave me bored.  

Lord of the Rings

The Paths of the Living - Aragorn/Boromir, Aragorn/Faramir, Aragorn/Boromir/Faramir.
Boromis survives the Orc attacks and so Aragorn finds himself with two princes of Ithilien to love. The language is gorgeous and the dynamic between the three men believably developed.

Original Fic

The Heart May be Tiny but the World's Enormous - m/m.
Down on his luck goat-thief gets caught in the act by the goat's owner who turns out to be a widowed swordsmith with a young child to look after and a need for a live-in babysitter... This is a wonderful long read, set in a richly drawn world of Imperial China (or something closely reminiscent). Everything is viscerally realistic, from the everyday chores to the characters with their human imperfections to the sex. Highly recced.


The Closet and Dr Caligari - Gus/Shawn.
Oh god, long Gus/Shawn is so rare that I literally squealed from excitement when I stumbled across this 37k fic of awesomeness from an author whom you may recognise from the Life of Mars fandom. This fic reads like a really good episode of the show with a suitably ridiculous case to solve but with a lovely 'from best friends to lovers' development to go with it as both men struggle with their own fears and insecurities. Lovely read, perfectly captures why this pairing is the otp of the show for me.

Sherlock Holmes (2009 movie)

A Perfectly Ordinary Day - Holmes/Watson.
A fic about the day that changed everything, a lovely slow pace and attention to detail.

Observations on Sentinels and Guides in Victorian London - Holmes/Watson, AU. Where Holmes is the Prime Alpha Sentinel of London, without a Guide until one war-weary doctor steps out of the ship. The world-building in this is truly fascinating and the fic hits my possessiveness kink in the best way possible. Interesting secondary characters, details of the society and a case to the boot. Great, long and engrossing read.

Silver Light and Shadow - Holmes/Watson, AU. Summer camp AU, after a fumbling teenage teenaged night fiver years ago the boys are back at the camp, this time as counsellors. A charming story.

Sherlock Holmes (book canon)

What’s in a Name? - Holmes/Watson.
Holmes does some maneouvering to ensure that Watson returns to Baker Street and finds that the domesticity between takes on a new flavour. A lovely getting together fic with warm comfortable inevitability.

Star Trek (Reboot)

Not All Those Who Wander - Gen.
Spock Prime wanders the universe, righting wrongs and being a badass. A certain level of canon knowledge is needed for the whole awesome impact of it, but a true treat to leave any Trekkie grinning.

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Ahahaha yes, I know it’s like over three months into the new year and everyone and their gerbil did this meme way back when, but I spent most of January in thesis and marking fugue and then work and more thesis stuff happened so... You get it now. Because I’ve done this pretty much every year and traditions are important. Well, some of them. The ones where I get to talk about my writing in a way that feels vaguely masturbatory.


Fic by Fandom: )

Meme questions: )
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I'm finishing this round with a mixed bag of stories. Hope you've enjoyed the recs and be a better reader than I am and leave authors some feedback.


It's All Over My Face - Frank/Mikey. I could literally read dozens of these room mates getting together fics. As always with Des' writing, boys are dirty, rude, awkward, obnoxious boys, which makes the feelings part all the more effective. This is both realistic and sweet, great character voices and dialogue.

Lock and Key - Frank/Mikey, college AU. They're college room mates (yes, yes, dozens, I said). Mikey keeps buying sex toys and one day comes home with a chastity belt. Frank finds it hard to keep to the platonic friends. The ust is delicious. Plus, who can resist Mikey Way with his cock in a cage? Not me.

Tints 'Verse - Bob/Gerard, Frank/Mikey, AU. Ray runs a gardening firm with Frank and Bob, and one day they end doing a job for the Way brothers, who are in need of help with more than just their lawn. This is lovely story about friendship and a painful one about living with depression. Heart-warming, realistic and ultimately hopeful. Highly recced.


When Life Gives You Apples - Gen.
Communication technology comes to Lance and the witches make it their own. Death too. This was written as a part of the [livejournal.com profile] pod_together challenge and so I encourage you to both read and listen to it. The author has the style and voices spot-on and the reading and special effects add to the experiences. Very funny.

Hawaii Five-0

The Good Ones - Danny/Steve, AU.
Steve is, well, Steve, and Danny is  his highly overworked Guardian not-Angel. Danny's rant are not diminished by his demise, and the fic gives glimpses of how Steve could be without his partner's mellowing effect. Enjoyable read.  


Slave Me - John/Sherlock.
Mmm, I do so enjoy a good slave fic. John wins (with some inside help) Sherlock at a card game. The process of setting him free is long and fraught with things unsaid and urges unfollowed. Angsty and filthy in all the right places.

The High Tide series - John/Sherlock. John is being wooed. Sherlock finds himself choking on jealousy. Once the misunderstandings are all sorted, the main story is followed by two sensuous and romantic love scenes which are an absolute treat to read.

Star Trek XI (Reboot)

Renovation - Kirk/McCoy.
Hilarious crack in which alien ray makes Kirk go into a full on domestic nesting mode and he keeps decorating and buying furniture all the while hating himself. I almost peed my pants laughing. The trip to space!IKEA is hysterical.

Safeword - Kirk/McCoy. Kirk needs something to quiet his doubts and thoughts, and goes looking for it in the wrong places. Luckily, McCoy is there for him, in a way Kirk never expected. Lovely exploration of pain and control, and Kirk is deliciously broken in this.

The Care and Feeding of Your Starship Captain - Kirk/McCoy. Kirk needs release in a safe environment. McCoy is used to making snap decisions. Guh, guh, the discipline scene and Leonard's pov is handled so well here; the certainty, the shock, the deep care and devotion... Both guys are perfectly in character.

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British Actor/Comedian (QI) RPF

Deconstruction - Alan Davies/Stephen Fry. Yes, yes you did read that right. Okay, so their QI personas are very slashable and this is a short, rather clever, classy and subtle exploration of the potential relationship.


The Model Minority (Stereotype A) - Mike/Tina.
This is an excellent look at Mike and life with and beyond stereotypes. Written back before the show gave anything approaching backstory or characterisation to Mikey, this fic did it better thant what we eventually got.

Harry Potter

Souvenirs and Lost Luggage - pre-Petunia/OFC, Dudley/Piers.
One of the wonderful things about fanfic is how it can flesh out the minor characters canon ignores or caricatures. This is exactly what this story does to Petunia Dursley, or Petunia Evans as she is once more known after leaving Vernon. A wonderful and painfully human story about owning up to your mistakes and faults, and finding the strenght and courage to change.

Hawaii Five-0

How to Ruin Your Life in One Easy Step - Danny/Steve.
Jealousy + rimming = winning combination. Guh.

In These Arms - Danny/Steve. A sweet future fic in which drunken Grace tells Steve some home truths.

Play a Strong Hand - Danny/Steve, Jenna/Kono. This is a coda for the season 1 finale. Steve is in hiding while his team works to clear his name. Intriguing plot with great interactions between everyone.

Tooth and Clawl - Danny/Steve, AU. In which the whole team are supernatural creatures of some kind, keeping Hawaii's criminal vampire gangs under control. The detail to the science/mythos behind the various supernatural mutations is well thought out. I really enjoyed the world the author has created, though some warning about werewolf sex whilst actually in wolf form would have been appreciated...

How I Met Your Mother

A Series of Completely Unrelated Events - Barney/Ted.
I wish there was more fic for this pairing, I really do. Both character voices are spot on and everything feels like it almost could happen in the show...


The Theory Of Narrative Causality - John/Sherlock, AU.
Oh man, I do love fandom meta fics. In this Sherlock and John are BNFs in, erm, the Sherlock Holmes fandom. This is hilarious and oh so very true to reality of LJ fandoms.

Sherlock Holmes (2009 Movie)

Things on Fire, Things That Fall - Holmes/Watson.
A rather classic style and thorougly enjoyable case-fic with hurt-comfort and reveal of feelings.

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Yes, I'm doing it again. Validating my habit of procrastinating with porn reading fanfic when I could be writing it doing thesis.




50 bucks buys a lot of weed - Frank/Gerard, college!AU. An adorable little fic where Gerard bribes the stoner next door to pretend to be his boyfriend.

asking to be born - Patrick/Pete, mpreg. Oh my god guys. So, this is an older fic but it was new to me. I'm mostly neutral about mpreg but it's not my first choice which may explain why I bypassed this fic during my first trip around the Bandom block. Anyway. I read it now and... I think I teared up no less than five times during it because of all the feeeeeeeeelings. *clutches heart* Gorgeous, painful, utterly, utterly beautiful fic. Don't read it when hormonal though. Trust me.

Everything's Another Excuse (To Keep From Doing From What We Want To) - Ryan/Spencer, Brendon/Jon. Post-break up fix-it fic. I loved the characterisation of everyone in this, but especially Brendon from whose pov the story is told.

Find Out What It Means - Patrick/Pete, hooker-fic. Ah yes, I am on a bit of oldies kick. I recently re-read this and well, it remains one of my all time favourite hooker-fics. Canon compliant except for how Patrick sometimes has sex with guys for money, no big deal. Pete is not a responsible adult in this, but there's a happy ending anyway, eventually. The fic does an excellent job at addressing the reasons and consequences, the psychological effects something like this might have, without becoming preachy or making anyone into a victim. Great, great read.

Hawaii Five-0

Kauoha ("to order or command") - Danny/Steve. Author tells me this is an Ella Enchanted fusion, which is a film I haven't seen, but it matters not because the concept is intriguing: Danny is cursed with obedience. You would expect this to go to the kinky place, but it doesn't (well it does a little in the middle there), instead it's actually a rather interesting exploration of free will and lack of it and what a curse like this might mean for a man in Danny's position.


All The Little Things - Carlton/Juliet.
There is such sensuality to this fic. Subtle look at the dynamic as well; Juliet really is the brave one.

Snuggle Time - Gus/Shawn. Does what it says on the tin. Gus and Shawn and some sweet snuggles. Adorbs.

The Apothecary and the Augur - Gus/Shawn, Victorian!AU. There are not many AUs in this fandom so this was such a treat. Setting is fictional Victoriana/bodice-ripper/magical realism. Shawn ["augur, investigator (and on occasional weekends, purveyor of an imported fruit as strong as the pine but delicious as the apple)"] and Gus ["official apothecary to the London Constabulary, part-time investigator and full-time caretaker of one wayward Shawn Spencer"] are brought into to consult in the case of, you guessed it, Jack the Ripper. And that obviously necessitates Gus going undercover as a lady of the night. The language in this caused a severe case of writer's envy and heart-eyes while the dialogue made me weep with hilarity. If you like the show even a little bit, you will love this fic. Highly, so very highly recced. Go read it already. And do check out the deleted scenes for some utterly delightful crossovers, linked at the end.

The Year Under - Carlton/Juliet. The partners are forced to go into hiding for a year in order to avoid the attentions of a gang leader with a grudge. The plot may stretch the limits of believability, but the writing and characterisation are just lovely. There's a wonderful dream-like quality to this, reflecting the 'seperate from the real world' setting perfectly.

When The Hammer Drops - Gen, Lassiter centric. A case goes wrong and then just keeps on doing that. Lassiter is put throug an emotional wringer but luckily he has his partner and some good friends to help him. This is a long and satisfying read with a well-plotted and believable case. I really liked the take on Carlton and Juliet's partnership.

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For [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666, who gave me the pairing, the prompt, and came up with the title too!


This is post 2.04 coda but also includes vague spoilers for 2.05.
In Your Eyes, the Valleys – Hawaii Five-0 (2010) – implied Chin/Kono (mild) – PG – 337 words
Prompt: memory revisited

In Your Eyes, the Valleys )

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- version 2 of thesis chapter 3 sent to supervisors.

- Behind my house is a church hall, used as a practice space by a wide variety of bands and music groups, meaning in the evenings I tend to hear anything from hymns to some pretty decent sounding punk rock. At the moment, however, there is a band/orchestra heavy on the horns and they're playing a completely awesome cover of Hey Jude. <3_______<3

- [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666 has donated me more paid LJ time and icons, apparently so that she doesn't have to listen me whine. I don't know whether to be grateful or affronted... :D Regardless, I will now go  find and upload shitload shiny new icons, wheeeeeeeeeee

- Gerard Way = Dr. Franke-n-furter's lovechild, pictorial evidence.

- I've mainlined season 6 of Supernatural, including the finale, over the last week.It gave me feelings )

- I also watched new Hawaii Five-0.It also gave me feelings. )

- I have nothing spoilery to say about Doctor Who, but yes, SO MANY FEELINGS THERE TOO. Also TEARS.

- I'm thinking of making a berry tart tomorrow. [livejournal.com profile] trialia, how do you feel about that for dessert on Fri?
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Final rec day of this round. Hope you've enjoyed the recs. I do plan on doing round 3 at some point in the future but not for a while...


Hawaii Five-0

A Poem Yet - Danny/Steve, college!AU. They are all English Lit students taking a poetry class. This is sweet and also includes some pretty darn decent poetry, which is a massive plus for me.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
- Danny/Steve, merpeople!AU. Oh man, this was awesome. An AU where Danny is a merman, who ends up bonding with a human... The author has put some real thought into building up this world where homo pisces are an acknowledged if not entirely intergrated minority. The mythology and society building are fascinating, and the love story at the heart of it made me very happy as well. Wonderful read.

Starting a Thing - Jenna/Kono. You see, what this fandom needs is more femslash. This feels very realistic considering the two characters and there is also a wonderful scene that portrays the friendship between Kono and Danny.

How I Met Your Mother

The Legendary Five Way - Barney/Lily/Marshall/Robin/Ted. Completely in character, completely believable, and ridiculously hot. Oh my god, you think something shouldn't work and then it really really does and you are, like, heartbroken that it didn't actually happen. And by you I mean me. But also you after you've read this. Because, wow.

The Social Network

A Stormy Kind of Love - Eduardo/Mark. Five times of almost kissing in the rain and one of finally getting it right. There is such a tangible, achy feel of missed chances to this fic it made my chest hurt. The ending is lovely and makes everything better as well. Bonus Natalie Portman being wise and awesome.

a submission to reason (and to you)
- Eduardo/Mark. When I get into a new fandom I usually avoid the d/s fics to start with because I need to acclimitise first without very overt power play being thrown into the mix. Hence, I knew I wanted to read this fic as soon as it was recced to me but I waited a while before actually doing it and I'm glad I did because for all its brilliance it was not an easy read. What it is, is one the most interesting portrayals of a 24/7 d/s relationship that I've seen; there's a strong sense of learning and compromise and how difficult it can be to accept some things about yourself. This was an equal amounts of painful and amazing, with some scenes that hit me right in the solar plexus. Highly recommended, especially if you have interest in d/s themes. 

Something Only Those with Eyes Can See
- Eduardo/Mark. This is a sweet little fic about how Eduardo treats Mark like his boyfriend. Everyone else notices it even if Mark doesn't. Made me smile a little wistfully.

The Birthday of My Life
- Eduardo/Mark. 5(+1) birthday presents Mark gave Eduardo. I loved this; a whole relationship told through a few select gestures. Funny, adorable and painful in the right places.

The Social Network RPF

my new old favorite everything - Andrew/Jesse, high school!AU. This is adorable and requires absolutely no knowledge of the fandom. I really liked the disjointed, staccato rhythm of the dialogue; everyone sounded like an awkward teenager.

Ten Cups of Coffee (A Love Story)
- Andrew/Jesse, college!AU. Again, no knowledge of people required, read as a lovely original fic if you so want. Jesse is on the final stretch of finishing his doctoral thesis (can you tell already why I loved this fic?) and receives unexpected support from a cute Starbucks barista. Adorable and funny and gave me hope that at the end of my thesis there would be sweet coffee-tasting kisses for me too. Well, I can dream.

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The last two posts of Round 2, as promised. One today, one tomorrow. Happy reading.



A Life Less Ordinary - Brendon/Spencer, AU. 'Pretending to be a couple' is totally one of my favourite clichés. This is an 'easy read' fic, which absolutely is a compliment; funny, sweet and with faily looserish boys trying to pass a 'young professional couple' in order to get a decent apartment.

Alternatives to a Panic Button - Brendon/Spencer. Another pretend boyfriends fic (I do so love that there is a fest going on at the moment on this theme) this time keeping with the canon. Brendon has an unfortunate tendency to attract creeps in bars, Spencer helps chase them away. Mmm jealousy and just a smattering of angst.

Count Sheep, Count Heartbeats - pre-Patrick/Pete. I love how the author writes Pete's insomnia, the sensory details are excellent and overall there's that wonderful messed up, slightly disjointed feel typical of earlier fics for this pairing. Great read.


Danny Williams and the Case Of The Consulting Detective - Hawaii Five-0 & Sherlock, Danny/Steve, implied John/Sherlock. Look, I'm pretty iffy about crossovers. They just... usually don't appeal to me all that much. But this... this had me grinning like a loon about two paragraphs in and just wouldn't let go. The fic is from Danny's pov and his and the rest of H50's reactions to Sherlock and John are delightful. Also, I would very much like to see John and Steve bond over war experiences. Awesome, awesome fic.


Endgame - pre-Blaine/Kurt. How Blaine meets the guys from New Directions. This is both hilarious and touching. The author writes humour well and all the characters are completely recognisable (the first part with the Finn especially had me howling with laughter).

Nosebleed Section - Blaine/Kurt. A fun five times fic of Warblers sneaking into auditoriums (and finally getting invited). I liked the different povs, the music links, and how all of this felt like it absolutely could be an episode of the show.

One Stitch At A Time - Blaine/Kurt. Oh this was lovely; told from Carole's pov as she teaches her new stepson to knit and in the process gets to know him better. I love Carole's character and this did her justice. Heart-warming.

Tell Mama - Blaine/Kurt. And continuing on a parental theme, this is from the pov of Blaine's mama (an OC) and it is wonderful. Blaine's mom knows her son, good and bad. Happy sigh.

that was then, he is now - Blaine/Kurt. How Blaine changes things and people around him. This had great characterisation of everyone, and the part with Puck was hilarious and spot on.

to boldly go
- Blaine/Kurt, Star Trek!AU. Look, you have to understand what a ginormous ST:TNG fangirl I was as a teenager to really appreciate just how loudly I squealed when Kurt's "secret" was revealed (answer: very) <3______<3 My fluffy hearttttttt.

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I still have two more rec posts to do for this round, but they are going to hav e to wait until next week I'm afraid as I won't be online that much this weekend.



A Handholding Song - Bob/Joe, Brendon/Spencer, Frank/Gerard plus some more background pairings, AU. It's [livejournal.com profile] skoosiepants so when she describes the fic as "uber schmoopy meet-cute" you know it's accurate. Rom-com shenanigans, hilarity and general adorableness. All the pairings are interesting and there's a lovely ensemble feel to this.

Here At The Right Time - Brendon/Spencer. This is one of the two fics that I've read that manages to sell Brendon as Dom to me. Spencer as a submissive is much trickier but that's nothing to do with the author's (considerable) talent, and more to do with my own view of him as the toppiest top of topsville. This is an excellent exploration of bdsm as a learning process, something that the couple has to go through together and something that they will also fuck up occasionally. It is also over 51,000 words of very hot sex with a strong emotional connection and reading it I was not bored once. A very good read, especially if bdsm themes do it for you.

Hawaii Five-0

It Ain't Me Babe (Nah), It Ain't Me You're Looking For (Babe)
- Danny/Steve. Danny makes lists and tries to cling to his heterosexuality. But Steve is like a homo-ninja so it doesn't work out well. Although it kind of does. The Danny voice is great in this; snarky and smart and funny. The author has an awesome sense of timing and language when it comes to humou, and I giggled my way through the whole fic. Also, Kono pwns everything in this.

The Blood and Love Theory - Danny/Steve. This, this right here *points*. An excellent exploration of knife/blood/pain-play from the pov of the partner whose kink this isn't. To begin with. But as it happens, Danny learns to love what he does to Steve, first because Steve loves it, and then... then because he wants it too. And that's fucking scary. I say now, I wish there was more bdsm fic that explored things from this side of the coin and did it this well. Spot on.


Homemaking - Gen John & Sherlock (could be read as pre-slash too). Does what it says in the tin: John and Sherlock are nesting, with variable success. he comes home to find Sherlock's changed all the locks on him, which would have been even more irritating if John didn't know how to kick down a door like a pro. The betrayed look and accusation of, "Fucking Afghanistan," Sherlock gives him on the other side is pretty fantastic. This is sharply witty and wonderful and made me laugh.

Just a Minor Peerage
- Gen Mycroft & Sherlock, implied John/Sherlock. A cold war reigns over an unwanted title. Heee, the Holmes brothers are endlessly amusing.

maybe then i could sleep at night
- John/Sherlock (so mild I'd say Gen). John has trouble sleeping after the incident at the pool. Sherlock helps, mostly by just being there and being himself. A nice character piece of John with a plausible glimpse of his time in Afghanistan,

The Aim of Waking
- John/Sherlock. Nightmares, revelations and affirmations. The mood in this is slow as is suited to the early morning setting. A very pleasurable read.

Winter's Delights - John/Sherlock. Another one of those 'Sherlock invites John to spend Christmas with him and his family' stories both the fandom and I are incredibly fond of. This one features some great original characters as the author takes time to make each member of Sherlock's family a rounded and interesting individual... convinced that John and Sherlock are a couple. Well, they won't be wrong by the end of the holiday. The get together is delicious and tense.


Break the lock if it don't fit - Dean/Sam. Soul-bonding! Dean does not handle it well, but Sam won't let him run forever, not now that Dean finally can't hide anything from him. Oh, oh the delicious Dean angst. His issues are just so tasty. As is this fic.

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Welcome to Kat Recs All The Fics, Round 2 - another week wherein I post 10 fic recs per day in a variety of fandoms. And still somehow manage to make headway with my thesis. Trufax.



American Idol

Save Tonight
- Adam/Kris, AU. Kris is a detective, Adam is a FBI-agent, they work together on an undercover operation that almost ends in tragedy. Oh my, this has lot of my favourite things including a genuinely tense 'oh god how will he get out of this?' situation. Bonus points for the GPS tracker location...

Starstruck - Adam/Kris, AU. This is amazing and deliciously long. Adam is a rock diva, Kris is his personal assistant. Told half in the present where Adam has disappeared and Kris is called back (after he resigned) to find him, and half as flashbacks charting their relationship, this is both hysterically funny and a wonderful lovestory. Look up rom-com in your fandom dictionary, and there's a link there to this fic. Go read now.

Harry Potter (yes, so I saw the film and now I basically want to read/re-read ALL the Draco/Harry in the world. Also umpteen fics about Neville kicking ass. Feel free to drop me recs of your own)

Cerulean Blue - Draco/Harry (also includes a sort-of-but-not-really Draco/Harry/Snape scene). I'm usually pretty iffy about amnesia fics, but this one managed to draw me in. Draco (now a Potions Master at Hogwarts) has a bit of an accident in the lab and loses the last four years of his life. It's up to Harry and Snape's portrait to sort him out... The magic in this was fascinating as was the trip through Draco's psyche.

Master Work
- Draco/Harry. Draco is determined to repay Harry for saving his life and so he pledges to 'protect and serve' him for ten months. At which point my whole face split into a giant shit-eating grin, because hello there my favourite kinks all wrapped in a sexy little package of power dynamics and dependence and sacrifice and mutual dislike morphing into something quite else. Happy sigh of contentment.

On a Clear Day - Draco/Harry. Draco works for the War Orphans Trust. Harry won't attend their annual Charity Gala. Steps must be taken. This was just delightful in every way; slow relationship development, plenty of UST, great OCs and boys helping each other to deal with their issues. Also includes one of the best drunken almost-sex scenes ever (no really, it was beautiful and left me aching, you'll see. But it was okay because the actual sex scene made everything all better. Guh.)

Hawaii Five-0

Ending one minute at a time - Danny/Steve. Boys are kidnapped and Steve is forced to go to some extremes to protect his partner. Guys, there's cagefighting! What more do you need? Okay, well, there's also an awesome h/c element and a realistic look at violence and effects of it.

- Danny/Steve. Danny has a thing about tattoos. So does Steve. Funny that. Guh.

Sympathy for the werewolf - Danny/Steve, AU. Werewolf!fic but with a twist. I wanted a little more exploration of the government conspiracy plot but all in all this was an extremely entertaining read and interesting take on the myth. 

you in the sea - Danny/Steve. There's a sharp shooter killing people in downtown Honolulu and it seems he's doing it for no other reason than to get Steve's attention. Interesting case fic and the getting together at the end has a warm feel of inevitability.


Fading - Owen/Tosh. This is one of my favourite het pairings and while the canon broke my heart, this fic healed it, at least temporarily. This is beautiful and bittersweet, and Tosh here is exactly as she is in my head; brave and self-contained.

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Whee LJ is working again and I can post. Thusly, various things collected via flist and wider internets, that have made me happy this week.

- First, I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation to my subconscious that last night gave me a very vivid dream about making out with Adam Lambert. Despite my fandom consumption I very rarely get fandom related dreams so thank you for that subconscious, keep it up.

- This very interesting blog post about sadism.

- If Harry Potter was an anime

- Tom Felton shares his feelings about Voldemort

- New Doctor who trailer )

- PATD's The Overture. Yes, I only recently watched it. Bandom people on my flist, You are all FIRED for not telling me about it sooner. )

- In other PATD news, Jon recently posted some new-old pics from his Panic days.

This one made me ache with how much I want Ryan/Spencer fic, oh god.  )

Also this one, totally Manchester Piccadilly station. )

- Patrick Stump, get in my pants. )

- These gifs about the Way Brothers. )

- [livejournal.com profile] me_maneuver's harp covers of MCR's Disenchanted, PATD's Mona Lisa, and Mumford and Sons' Weep, Little Lion Man. I've basically played them all several times over the last few days and they don't get any less beautiful.

- Hawaii Five-0 Brokeback Mountain. )

- A Swedish folk song )

- Benedict Cumberbatch reads Jabberwocky )

- Finally, something G-rated. Baaaaaaaby chimpanzees. )

- Right. Now I'm going to make some experimental bread. Stay awesome, my pretties.

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All In - Brendon/Jon/Ryan/Spencer. Whilst cooped up in the cabin, supposedly writing an album, the boys play a game to pass the time... So many kinks on this and they are all handled really well, with attention to the psychological aspect of things.

(drip, drip, drop) little april shower
- Patrick/Pete. This is wingfic, but it's also so much more. Pete is in a limbo, drifting between people with a ring no one wants. Or maybe he just hasn't offered it to the right person yet... Oh, and somewhere along there Patrick gets his wings. I loved the atmosphere of this, the not-quite-there magical realism coupled with Pete's own unique world view. 

Skeleton Paws
- Mikey/Frank/Alicia, AU. Okay so... petplay. Not a huge personal kink of mine so I rarely go looking for it, but this fic does an excellent job with it. Frank runs a petsitting business and Alicia hires him to look after her pets, one of which is slightly unusual. I loved Frank's reaction and the sex at the end is pretty damn hot as well.

The Only Difference Between Advocacy and Rabble-Rousing Is Press Coverage (and newsboy caps)
- Ryan/Spencer, high school AU. Working late on the school news paper with your bff... things can happen. Adorable.

When the Road Disappears
- Mikey/Pete. Mikey has a cock, Pete is a little freaked out but determined. This is funny and quite hot, though I have to say my favourite part is the interaction between Patrick and Mikey at the beginning.

Hawaii Five-0

А constant satellite оf your blazing sun - Danny/Steve. Ah, another appearance from jealous!Steve, this time due to a handsome FBI agent from Danny's past. I'm a big fan of 'Danny's cases from Jersey come back to haunt him' trope in this fandom and the author gives a believable case fic on top of the lovely get-together story.

Curving Like the Ocean Toward You
- Danny/Steve. Okay, so this is curtain!fic. But it's so very well done. Danny helps Steve redecorate his house so he can rent it out and move somewhere else, except, well... in the end it isn't really about the house. If it ever was. This is such a wonderful, happy-making story story, I couldn't stop smiling.

Down the Shore Everything's All Right
- Danny/Steve. Mmm, h/c. Danny getting injured leads to Steve making some unilateral decisions. Happy grin.

If It's Not with You
- Danny/Steve. Drunken hookups would be so much easier if there weren't feelings involved. Danny and Steve fail to talk about things which makes for some hugely entertaining reading.

When All of New York City Misses You
- Danny/Steve. Steve is called back to active duty. Danny... copes. With a lot of help. This is an absolutely gorgeous and painful exploration of a relationship that develops despite a prolonged separation. The sense of family is tangible and the whole thing just pulls you in until you're just grasping your heart and aching with emotion. Wonderful read.

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American Idol

A Sure Thing - Adam/Kris, hooker!AU. You had me at hooker!AU. I will read all hooker!AUs happily, greedily, and with slurping noises. Um. Anyway. Kris is high class prostitute! There is angst and misunderstandings and also feeeeeeeeeeeeeelings. *rolls around in the fic* This is most, most awesome.

i'm game if you are
- Adam/Kris, AU. oh uhm nngghh? It's like 5,000 words of sex. Or, well, foreplay and then sex. Kris thinks he's bad at it, Adam tries to convince him otherwise.

Inconvenient Crush or, How Kris Allen Tried to Get Over his Roommate and Failed Like Geraldo at Capone's Vault - Adam/Kris, College AU. You had me at College AU. I will read all... .... yeah, okay, you know how this goes. Oh but look, they're room mates and there are love notes. MORE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS. Anyway, this fic? Adorable. Too damn short.


Made for Sunny Days - Mercedes/Sam. Loved the sultry summer feel of this and Mercedes so happy and knowing. Left me with a huge smile on my face.

Hawaii Five-0

All My Guards Away
- Danny/Steve. A wonderful, heart-wrenching post 1.18 story that deals with the fallout of Danny's brother in a way that hurts in all the right places. I love what the writer does with Rachel and Matt and Danny's whole family (the one from Jersey and the one he's found himself in Hawaii) and despite the grief and tragedy, there's a tangible feel of warmth and human connection to this fic.

Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No - Danny/Steve. Okay, so the Steve characterisation here is taken to the deliberate extreme (Steve + emotions = panic attack) but it is hilarious. Danny is sending some mixed signals. With a flower. And the hibiscus is totally a metaphor for their big gay love, okay.

Hears All Things - Danny/Steve. Jealous!Steve. Danny has a new lady friend and Steve is less that thrilled about it. But it's okay, things get sorted out in the end...

The Vertical Challenge  - Danny/Steve. Five times Danny's height (or, erm, lack of it) was an issue... This is long and satisfying (pun... totally intended) and all kinds of awesome; great banter and delicious, delicious ust.


A Partner Thing  - Carlton/Juliet. Yes, actually, I am all over this het ship. surprised? Probably not as much as I am. Anyway, this fic manages to be unexpectedly hot (like 'fuck, I need a cigarette now' hot, and it's been eons I've read het fic I've found genuinely sexy) even though there is no actual sex. Also, very, very interesting power dynamics. Highly recced.

Stargate Atlantis

Rock, Paper (No Scissors) - McKay/Sheppard. Ah epistolary fic, my favourite. John and Rodney exchange notes in prison and things get discussed that usually don't. This is just utterly delightful; I do some enjoy reading about John's issues.

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Hawaii Five-0

Jaws - Danny/Steve, shapeshifter AU. This is such an awesome piece of crack fic that actually starts to build some really interesting mythology about this version of shifters... Would have happily read a lot more in the 'verse.

Let's Dance Like We Used To
- Danny/Steve. Rachel and Stan move back to the mainland, taking Grace with them. And where Grace goes, Danny goes. And, it turns out that where Danny goes, Steve goes. Eventually. Oh, oh, my heart, just the warmth and family feeling of this toward the end, my heart expanded at least three sizes. Wonderful read.

Sounds Like Love - Danny/Steve. Ngl, I could read a thousand of these 'undercover as a couple' fics and not get bored. Mmm ust.

Sugar Rush - Danny/Steve. N'aaww this is such a cute little story. Includes chocolate pastry. Delicious!

We Believe in the Sum of Ourselves - Danny/Steve. Coda for 1.16. Danny is a little worked up and Steve has problems compartmentalising. Ranting and hot sex :D


Concatenation - Gus/Shawn. This is, I think, hands down, my favourite fic for this pairing. Possibly because it matches so well my own take on the dynamic... Because of course this is something Shawn needs and of course he would go looking for it in the wrong places at times. Gus' pov is perfect; patience, uncertainty and sense inevitability and rightness.


Let You Kiss Me (So Sweet and So Soft)
- John/Sherlock. Sherlock keeps kissing John, who is not entirely sure as to why. This is a lovely story with good characterisation, especially when it comes to Sherlock's plans and reasoning.

The Velveteen Doctor
- John/Sherlock. Gradually, John becomes real for Sherlock. Such a lovely premise and even lovelier execution. Includes one of the best first kiss scenes I've read in a long time. Gorgeous piece.

The Professionals

- Bodie/Doyle. I actually have a feeling I've recced this already but I can't find the post on my lj so it's likely that I did that only in my head. Anyway. This is a fascinating casefic with a supernatural element and a well researched locale. Bodie and Doyle are sent to Germany to consult on an unusual case and whilst there end up dealing with some personal revelations... Thoroughly enjoyable.

The Spell
- Bodie/Doyle. An entirely charming tale full of arms dealers and self-analysis and just a little bit of magic...


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