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Want to Friend Me?

Awesome! I like meeting new people on LJ. Emphasis on meeting.

You're more than welcome to friend me, but please drop me a comment/e-mail (address in User Info) to let me know you've done so and to introduce yourself. This is because
A) I would like to know who you are and why you've friended me.
B) I would probably like to friend you back.
C) Please note that unless I know you quite well already through friends/communities, A is a prerequisite for B to happen.
You might also want to check out this post regarding filters, defriending and my unapologetically multifandom orientation.

One final thing: You must be 18 or over. This journal contains adult material including fanfic with sex and violence and for that purpose I am trying to keep my f-list adults-only.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you!
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Fanfic and Original Fic by Mistress Kat
For easy access, here's a complete list of my posted fanfic organised by fandom, as well as my original slash fic.

Last Updated: 21 March 2009

Bandom )


Doctor Who & Torchwood )

Firefly )

Green Wing )

House M.D. )

Life on Mars )

Original Fic )

The Professionals )

Robin Hood )

Scrubs )

Stargate Atlantis )

Supernatural )
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Welcome to the rec spam week! I'll be reccing 10 fics per day this week from a great variety of fandoms in an effort to clear some of the backlog.

Rec disclaimer:
If I liked it, it's included. Meaning there are fics here that I liked in a 'aww, that made me smile' way as well as those that made me go 'oh god best thing ever, wish I could write like that'.

So, without further ado...


Harry Potter

A Thousand Beautiful Things
- Draco/Harry, various other pairings. I recently reread this story and fell in love with it all over again (and discovered it has a sequel! though I haven't gotten that far yet). The plot is somewhat meandering and incorporates several different POVs as it charts events from 5th year to after the war. Written before the last books came out so it veers of canon at that point. The curse and the curse breaking are fascinating and work as a way to explore the characters, not just a contrived plot device to bring them together.

Light as Iron, Singed as Pearl - Draco/Harry, d/s. This is a very, very interesting fic from a Dom's pov that effectively captures a lot of the issues to do with control and respect and trust, including trust in yourself as a dominant. I enjoyed this a lot even though as a rule I tend to prefer Draco as a sub.

Hawaii Five-0

All the Girls Out On the Stoop - Danny/Steve. Okay so everyone has read this one already, right? Right? In which Danny's Veela heritage causes some serious havoc to his working life, to say nothing about his partnership... This is just delightful and hilarious. Danny's reactions are perfectly in character while Steve gets increasingly pissed off watching every criminal on the island try to hit on his partner.

Fix Definitely as Desired - Danny/Steve. Steve keeps giving Danny reasons to like Hawaii. A lot of them involve blowjobs. And how Steve kind of moves Danny into his house. Happy warm fuzzies all around as well as steamy sex and bickering.

I Keep Fixing Every Habit That I Break
- Danny/Steve. Steve goes undercover as a rent boy, Danny gets a little, uh, territorial. Mmm... there is nothing but awesome about this fic. Steve all twinked up and eager under Danny's hands. There is a faint yet utterly delicious d/s flavour to this as well that made me very happy. In my pants.

Not Tonight Honey, I Have a Headache
- Danny/Steve. Danny is Steve's 'wife'. It starts as a joke but doesn't stay like that for long. Funny and snarky with a good smattering of h/c. An uncomplicated treat of a fic.

Shall Pass Through Fire and Water
- Danny/Steve. Danny thinks Steve is dead (spoiler: he's wrong). This is a lovely helping angst with a genuine sense of shock and loss at the beginning.

Star Trek XI (Reboot)

Matters of Size  - Spock/Uhura, implied Kirk/McCoy. Heee! Kirk only wants to defend the reputation of the human penis. For some reason no one believes him.

Star Trek XI
(Reboot) RPS

- Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto. I loved the pace and atmosphere of this; quiet and achy and sweet. Not knowing exactly what you are to each other, but knowing that you are something important.


Serial Games - Dean/Sam, AU. This is dark and twisted and contains graphic, extreme and eroticised violence. Winchester family as serial-killers and how Sam comes to want what he never wanted to want. The psychological aspects killing and coming to enjoy killing and the dynamic between the brothers are incredibly (disturbingly) well done.

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I just wrote a shithot paragraph for my thesis conclusions, because I'm just that shithot. Thusly, fic.


Metaphor (Mixtape Part 3/3)
Author: Mistress Kat / [ profile] kat_lair 
Fandom: Lewis
Pairing: Hathaway/Lewis
Rating: PG-13 (barely)
Word count: 1,825
Disclaimer: Not mine, only playing.
Summary: “I thought we talked about the dangers of jumping to conclusions.”

Author notes:
This is a conclusion of the story I began in Deeper Meaning and Significance. Unlike those, this one turned out a respectable fic length and thus received a proper beta from [ profile] baskervwatson who was lovely and incredibly helpful. Thank you also to [ profile] pushkin666  for cheerleading.

Metaphor )


Jul. 7th, 2011 07:46 pm
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Here's a rarity: A decent and balanced (I would even say sympathetic) mainstream article on fanfiction by The TIME.

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So. I just, for the first time ever, did a proper word count of all my thesis chapter drafts. Turns out I have 59,025 out of the required 80,000 words written. And I know for a fact that I have ready written notes, interview quotes and some errand references to still insert to that and a lot of 'joining-up' sentences and paragraphs to write to make it all flow prettily so...

I think this might be cautiously referred to as WIN?

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I have managed to get dressed though. This should be celebrated with a meme, as seen on [ profile] trialia's journal...

• Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.
• Upon request, post a random line or two from any of these you choose.

Oh god, this was a thoroughly depressing exercise. I’m pretty sure some of these will never be finished... However, feel free to ask for extracts or any questions about them...

adam-tommy breathplay.docx
alex-ryland mr floppy.doc
Almost Always.doc
Almost Never.doc
And Sometimes You Cross It Twice.doc
Bandom airlines.doc
BR - continuation.docx
Care In Holding.doc
Cobra GSF.doc
craig-bruno oh god my morals – part trois.docx
george is a rentboy, mitchell is not amused.docx
Happy Birthday pushkin666.doc (for the record, I’m deeply ashamed that this is still on the wip list /o\)
In which Rodney and Radek are witches.doc
it’s not a story, we just made it (up and away).doc
Lost Boys fic.doc
Nate-Victoria puppyplay.docx
no heaven.docx
no oceans left for scavengers like me.docx
otr fic.doc
Patrick-Pete wrist kink ficlet.doc
Primeval ficlet.doc
Taste of maybe - the missing sex scene.doc
The Hour I First Believed.doc
the one where alex and ryland roast gabe.doc
To Cast A Hundred Stones .doc
Totum tibi subdo me.doc
untitled House.doc
Year Abroad.doc
Velvet Revolution.doc
waycest ficlet for laura.docx

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Hello darlings,

RL update maybe like tomorrow. For now  fandom things.

[ profile] eosrose made a Podfic Anthology of Merlin drabbles and ficlets, including two of mine (Standpoint and that's how the light gets in) - you should go check that out, it's most awesome.

Patrick's new song. I am charmed and amused in equal measure. I mean, in addition to the usual fdjklkfadkfadsguuuuuhhhhhhPatrick reaction.

Apparently, Pete is writing a book. This gives me many, many feeeeeeeeeeeelings, oh god.

A massive picspam of The Like. 
I've no idea of their music, but the girls are pretty (thought not really doing much for me personally). However, the main reason I'm linking this is the amazing photographs in it. I really love composition and the 'art photographs' and just... sigh, lovely.

Bandom TFLN
(texts from last night) tumblr has been my happy place for a couple of days now.

For example, it gives me the best illustrations of Gerard's and LynZ's romance I've found everywhere.

This one made me laugh until I cried. This too. Because jizz is always hilarious. This, on the other hand, is funny because it's true. As is probably this.

I would like someone to fic this one immediately. Definitely this one as well (jfc, I need this fic in my life). (This one you don't need to bother with, however, because I'm already sort of writing it.)

Finally, I would like to know why I didn't know this photo existed and point out that I'm more turned on by this than I probably should be.


I've purposefully skipped like the last five love memes that have circulated around the flist, so I thought I'd do this one. For variety.

my thread

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Yeah, I only just watched the film right now. And oh my god I was not expecting it to make me cry. JFC, someone give Eduardo a hug.

Okay so, link me to ALL your reviews, fics, and rec lists, okay? Pretty pretty please?

ps. No, you can't Facebook me about it because I don't have one. And won't.

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Hyvää Juhannusta! Happy Midsummer!

Äidin ja minun tekemät juhannusvihdat. Nyt menee tämä flikka saunaan!
Birch whisks made by mum and I. Off to the sauna!
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Lately, I've been feeling increasingly uncomfortable of posting poems and talking about poetry here. This is for two reasons:
1. I feel like I'm foisting poetry on people who don't care. This isn't about seeking validation, I don't expect people to be interested in everything I post (vice versa is certainly true). I simply wanted to give people who aren't interested the option of not being spammed with it.
2. I have vague plans of submitting stuff in the future, under my real name, which is why I also want a degree of separation between poetry and fandom/personal babble that this journal is for.

So, after some thinking and planning, I've created a new journal exclusively for poetry related things.

I will use this journal for two main purposes:
1. To post my own writing, mostly poetry and lyrics.These entries are friends-locked.
2. To talk about other people's poetry, writing poetry, reading poetry, and possible future forays into submissions and publishing. These entries are open.

This means that from now on all future poetry related content will be posted at [ profile] boneverse and not at [ profile] kat_lair. I have posted (back dated) everything there that was previously posted here, and old stuff can be accessed via the Masterlist. The poetry posts on this journal will be locked private and the old Masterlist of poems deleted.

So, if you want to follow my poetry-related posts, then please friend [ profile] boneverse. I will automatically add back anyone I have also friended on this journal. Lurkers are still welcome, friending the poetry journal certainly doesn't obligate you to comment on the poems, but you might want to drop me a quick note here if we've never spoken before.


May. 29th, 2011 10:03 am
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Woke up to Tricks crashing to the bedside table and the resulting 'from deep sleep to full adrenaline surge' left me almost hyperventilating and sick-to-my-stomach anxious this morning. Awesome.

Have now eaten toast and green tea and watched an episode of Psych, all of which has helped. And then this showed up on the flist and now the world seems like a much softer, friendlier place.


P.S. Does anyone want Dreamwidth invite codes? I have five to give out so drop me a line if you do.

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Have finally reached the 'writing on walls' stage of thesis/general writerdom. Spent some time this afternoon bluetacking paper onto the walls (I do want my deposit back) and scribbling down things... just... needed more room to visualise ideas than computer screen/notebook provided.

Dear people likely to visit me in the near future, I'm sorry for the level of crazy. I promise not to make you wear tinfoil hats or attack you with a meat cleaver.


Heads up on poetry stuff: due to a) personal issues* and b) vague plans of submitting stuff somewhere somewhen, I'm feeling increasingly uncomfortable of posting poetry even under a general friends-lock.

Hence, I'm thinking of creating a new journal, just for posting poems and poetry related stuff. That way people who actually want to read it can friend that journal and I don't feel like I'm foisting stuff on people who don't care when posting here.

So... look out for an announcement about that in the coming weeks, I guess.

* It's not you, it's me etc.

Pimp Post!

May. 22nd, 2011 06:08 pm
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I have spent most of the day writing about the practical and symbolic benefits of instructional abstraction. My head hurts and I have no cake. Time to pimp some fannish things.


Firstly, there is new [ profile] unmarked_place fic out! Written by my lovely co-author - go read it immediately!

Title: in the lights you make
Author: [ profile] pushkin666
Pairing/Characters: Pete/omc, pre-Patrick/Pete, Patrick, Andy
Rating: R
Word count: 3,714
Disclaimer: See Community Introduction Post
Warnings/enticements: BDSM, wax play - see Community Introduction Post for further information.

Summary: Pete knows that it's dangerous when he's like this; there's always the risk that he'll play with the wrong person, but he doesn't care.

in the lights you make


Secondly, this:

A fanworks challenge ran over at [ profile] evilsam_spn that is open for all forms of fan creativity - picture link will take to the main post. Prompt Post has also opened today so go leave some.


Thirdly, a reminder:

Prompt Post for the main challenge closes tomorrow, sign-ups going alive in a week. I know there are Lewis fans on my flist and I would love to see you over there. We are open for all forms of fan creativity, not just fics, so do consider participating. More details at the Introduction Post.


Right, that should keep you lot occupied for a while...

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I've had a week off from teaching/thesis work so actually opening the thesis chapter draft today counts for something, right? Granted, most I've done today is copy-paste some paragraphs around and feel detached about the whole concept of academia. Submitting PhD thesis before Christmas? Pfft, piece of cake. Presenting a conference paper that I haven't yet written in three weeks? Whatever, I'm sure it'll be fine.

This, ladies and gents, is what I like to call happy-go-lucky-denial. It's awesome.

It also leads to rambly updates.

So, I had a very relaxing week off. [ profile] pushkin666 and I spent a rainy weekend in the country, drank wine, ate lots of awesome food, watched the Eurovision (I wanted Moldova to win, but was also hugely fond of Italy), and talked about writing (though did not get much actual writing done). On Monday we came back to Manchester, collected [ profile] dreamersdare from the train station and spent the evening rocking out to Panic! At The Disco.


No, I cannot be bothered to cut, pull your finger out of your arse and scroll past if you're not interested.

Panic @ Manchester Academy, 16th of May

Dude. Duuuuuuuuuuude, it was amazing. Academy's refurbishment has paid off and the venue is so much better now than three years ago when pushkin666 and I first saw the band there.

Speaking of, this was a very... different gig than the one three years ago. A different band, yes, but what really stuck out for me was how different Brendon was. He fucking owned that stage. Yes, part of it is growing up I'm sure, gaining more experience and confidence, but I think it was more than that. Three years ago it felt like Brendon was playing a part in someone else's band. Now, it felt like it really was Brendon on stage, fronting his own band, not a role he put on. And damn, it was hot. I approve the braces and bowtie combo hard.

You know what else was hot? Spencer Smith with a microphone. Throughout the show Brendon kept turning toward Spencer and playing to him, showing off and seeking approval like a good sub which gave me lots of special feelings. Yes it did.

This person had the best quality vids of the show, so have I Write Sins as a taster, beautifully illustrating Brendon's attitude, Spencer's fiersomeness, and Dallon and Ian's willingness to indulge in some delicious stage-gay.

Brendon wants us to sweat together:

You should also check out her/his vids of Mona Lisa and Nine In the Afternoon. (Oh, and filmed by someone else, here's the cover of Billie Jean they did. )

I cannot, however, not post this one. As SPN fans, [ profile] dreamersdare, [ profile] pushkin666 and I were ecstatic that the boys played Carry On My Wayward Son as one of the encores. This is like 6 minutes of guitar porn. Check out also Spencer being hot stuff on the drums, which the rest of the band rightfully acknowledge.

Yeah, it was good for me too, believe it.


On Tuesday I poured [ profile] dreamersdare and [ profile] pushkin666 into their respective trains and then ambled over to the Northern Quarter to meet up with [ profile] neppu and her friend who were in town for a gig. Got to introduce them to one of my favourite places in Manchester, Oklahoma cafe, and give tips of other places worth a visit.

Yesterday was at uni,  spending quality time with Turnitin software (plagiarism detection) and today I have pretended to do some work at home.

Tonight I have a poetry reading again and I'm currently trying to decide which of my old poems to read because haven't written anything new over the last couple of weeks. I've narrowed it down to either in babylon they laugh with broken teeth or Such Mercy, second opinions appreciated.

Right, enough of rambling. Later my beauties!

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Firstly, heads up Lewis fans on my flist! [ profile] lewis_challenge is currently accepting prompts.


People commenting on my drabble Deeper Meaning seemed to be of the opinion that James was being too cynical, that Robbie would indeed set out to decipher what he was trying to say... Hence, a continuation ficlet was born.

Significance – Lewis – hints of Hathaway/Lewis – 250 words – PG

Significance )

Concludes here: Metaphor

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I know I promised more fic rec posts, but 2-5 min fanvids are the extent of my non-thesis attention span right now. Plus there are some real gems here that I can't bear to deprive you of any more.

Vid Recs!

Alone With You (the shared madness) - Bandom, Patrick/Pete. Oh goddddddddd. Remember back in the day when Patrick/Pete was the pairing in the bandom? Remember all the angsty fic where Pere was a mess and Patrick was... the anchor and the leaking liferaft or maybe nothing but a phantom on Pete's fucked-up psyche? Yeah, you remember that? Well, this is all that in a 3-minute video. Set to a song by Brand New (I know for a fact that this is a selling point to at least one of you). What the fuck are you still doing here and not watching this vid?

Strange Days - Being Human, ensemble (canon pairings). I know I ramble about song choices a lot, but these are my recs so I can. This is song I used in a Wincest fanmix eons ago, and a long-time favourite of mine and so perfect for this. Oh show. This is a gorgeous, bittersweet vid with a wonderful use of the supporting characters. Definite tissue-warning for this.

Distance - Glee, Finn/Kurt (could be friendship). Okay, if anyone was going to sell this pairing to me it would be Fabella. The song is one I always associate with one of my favourite Ianto/Jack vids, but damn it's poignant here too. The hazy overlay (idk, there's probably a technical vidder term for it) lends this perfect dreamy quality. Use of colour (and lack of it), the subtle effects... but beyond that, the emotional impact is immense. This vid makes the point the show laboured at, and makes it far better.

White Blank Page (d/l link amidst the comments, ask the vidder) - Glee, Brittany/Santana. Okay so I thought the show itself twisted the knife in my heart with the storyline of these two. But that was like a pin prick compared to the this. Jesus Christ. If you do not choke up from watching you have no soul and I don't think we can hang out any longer. The bleached colours, the overlaid clips, the clear storytelling, the editing that brings to focus the frankly excellent acting... I don't care if you hate Glee, this is beautiful, go watch it now.

Cupid's Chokehold
- Hawaii Five-0, Danny/Steve. Man, I love it when fandoms collide. Here Steve and Danny's meet-cute to the infectious tune of that Gym Class Heroes song you can't get out of your head for five hours after listening (mmm Travie and Patrick). Anyway. This is Nel's vid so quality is guaranteed. This is sweet and light-hearted, perfect antidote for all the angst. (Smile moar, Danny! *gazes*)

Harbors of Our Own - Hawaii Five-0, Danny/Steve. Ah, oldie but goodie (...does a fandom this new even have 'oldies' yet?) Anyway, possibly everyone has seen this already but since I haven't recced it yet... Basically, this is a vid about how inconvenient love can be. It won't ask for permission or schedules or whether or not you'd prefer your working hours explosion free or your pizza without fruit. Such is love. Danny is learning it the hard way. Lovely vid with strong storytelling.

Trouble - Hawaii Five-0, Danny/Steve. . :DDD Pink is one the very few celebrity women I wouldn't mind a little personal playtime with. Um, that wasn't relevant to the vid per se, was it? Anyway. Steve is trouble. Danny pretends to mind. Awesome action vid, uncomplicated fun. Everyone needs some of that.

Ego - Merlin, Arthur/Merlin. Aaaaahahahahaaaahahahaha. Merlin is Beyoncé. Of course he is. It makes perfect sense. Anyway, so okay, here's the thing, Merlin has a big sword cock ego. And he can back it up. And then some. A vid full of phallic symbolism (just like the show!) and a dramatic slash dragon (also, like the show!). You owe yourself to watch this.

Animal (youtube, no d/l link that I could find) - Sherlock, John/Sherlock. Okay, I admit it: I clicked on this vid because I had some hazy hope it was made to NIN's Closer (...seriously, where is the Sherlock vid to that? I need it in my life.) It wasn't. But it was a sill an awesome little lovestory of a vid. There's something oddly romantic and kind of... soft? about this vid that appeals to me. The colouring is gorgeous.

Sherlock: The Musical - Sherlock, some implied John/Sherlock and Moriarty/Sherlock scenes. Okay, so this does what it says in the tin; a medley of songs and clips. This is hilarious, often in a slightly wrong way. Ahahaha, the Mycroft part is maybe my favourite. No, John's theme song. No, everything about Moriarty (Lady Gaga! perfect!). No, maybe... You get the idea.

Sherlock Audio Fun - Sherlock, some implied John/Sherloc, Moriarty/Sherlock, Anderson/Sherlock (no, really) and Sherlock/Mrs. Hudson (ahaha, genius) scenes. So this is done in the same vein as above (medley of songs) but also uses a variety of dialogue clips from other sources. Also moar musicals (Sherlock = Belle, trufax). And Glee (Sherlock does not want to go to rehab!) This vid actually makes me kind of buy both Anderson/Sherlock and Moriarty/Sherlock and even find them, sort of, um hot? My favourite is probably still John asking Sherlock not to turn him on...

Sherlock'd In His Pants - Sherlock, John/Sherlock. So you know the Supernatural vid to this song, right? Right?! Good, so you know what to expect. Ahahaha, what wonders clever editing can do. Many, many hilarious lyric-clip combos, will possibly ruin (improve?) Sherlock's latex gloves for you forever but totally worth it. *dries tears of mirth*

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You (youtube, no d/l link that I could find) - Sherlock, John/Sherlock. Nghgkldsguhhh. Um yeah, it is indeed set to the John Everett song made famous by True Blood and damn but it fits well. I loved the darker edge of this and how predatory Sherlock is portrayed as. Good use of dialogue, which can be a hit and miss, but works well here.

Brokeback Baker Street
(youtube, no d/l link that I could find) - Sherlock, John/Sherlock. Ahahaha, so I am a sucker for these reimaginings. By the same vidder as above, this is Sherlock done like the Brokeback Mountain trailer and I am unashamedly emotional over it. C'mon, who wouldn't watch this movie?

Lucky Ones (vidder's LJ is flocked and I've no idea if there is a d/l link somewhere) - Star Wars Prequels (with a couple clips from the Original Trilogy), Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon. Fine, fine, so I've been on Obi/Qui fic binge over the last two weeks, what of it? It's the power difference thing. Think about it, the whole Jedi order is only one sideways step away from institutionalised bdsm what with all the Masters and training bonds and suggestive weaponry, what was George Lucas thinking?. I cannot resist that shit even when the ratio of purple prose, soul bonds, and release of sexual energy into the ~Living Force~ is alarmingly high. I also cannot resist watching and rewatching this vid and maybe having some serious heartache because of the EPIC AND TRAGIC LOVE. This is not fandom I've seen many decent vids for so to find one is awesome. Sepia-coloured angst that manages to convey the larger than life feel of the Star Wars universe. Well drawn parallels between the Obi/Qui and Anakin/Padme storylines as well.

Runs in the Family
- Stargate Atlantis, Gen ensemble, John pov. I would like to nominate this vid for the 'ingenious song choice' award. The frantic, brassy, bitter anger of the Amanda Palmer song is perfect for John and this fucked-up family of his. Love the Teyla sequence and overall use of the Wraith in the first half, and then, gah, it gets even more twisted and... yeah. Awesome.

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Another prompt fill for [ profile] pushkin666 

Tabula Rasa – Bandom – Pete gen (though with implications of more) – um, slave!AU – 100 words – R for potentially disturbing content
Prompt: memories

Tabula Rasa )

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Another drabble from [ profile] pushkin666's prompt.

ZOOM – Life on Mars – implied Chris/Ray – PG-13 

Prompt: hot summer's day and ice lollies


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Hurrah, I have written some drabbles that are actually drabbles, i.e. 100 words and no more. Thank you to [ profile] pushkin666 or prompts.

Here's the first:

Deeper Meaning – Lewis – hints of Hathaway/Lewis – G

Prompt: musical tastes

Deeper Meaning )

Continued in: Significance


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